The Potters: Book 1

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 24, 2011



Chapter 18

Christmas Presents

It was late at night when Harry had finally finished his story. Early on Christmas morning. Nobody looked like they wanted to go to sleep, not after what they had just found out.
Lily sat in a corner, looking down. Her brothers and Teddy had all been quiet as they were told the story. Teddy had even gone white.
Harry gave out a sign just as Ginny came in with a freshly made batch of Christmas cookies.
"So, that's that." Harry said as he leaned back in his chair. Only Lily moved forward to get a cookie. There was another awkward silence.
"Look, I'm sorry I kept it from you. I just thought you were too young to know." He said.
"And I'm sorry too." Lily said from her little seat by the fire. Everyone turned and looked at her. "I should have showed you the book when I found it."
"No, you're not to blame, Lily." Teddy said. He got up and sat on her chairs arm rest. "It's not like they were your life secrets."
"Ted, please." Ginny said.
"I mean I knew about you a little but what about my parents?" He said. "My dad was a werewolf..."
"And there's nothing bad about that!" Ginny said before he could go on. "Your parents were wonderful people and you shouldn't be ashamed."
"Lucky I didn't catch it off of him." He whispered. Ginny frowned.
"It makes sense now." Albus suddenly piped up. They all looked round at him. "The Chocolate Frogs. Dad didn't want us to have them because he would be on one of the cards." Teddy sniggered.
"I think I'll go to bed." James then said. "It's Christmas tomorrow."
"Yeah." Ginny agreed. "You should all be in bed."
"Alright, night mum." Lily got off the chair and gave Ginny a hug then walked up the stairs, not a word to her dad.

It was five in the morning when Lily woke up. It was still pitched black and snow flakes drifted past the window. Lily shivered slightly but that didn't stop the smile on her face as she felt the presents at the bottom of her bed.
She quickly jumped out of bed, the floor cool on her feet, and switched the light on by her door. Her room was a good size and was a nice shade of purple. The curtains hung loosely at the window but that didn't matter. It was beautiful out side.
The was a book case on the other side of the room with all of her favourite books, muggle and wizard alike. She even had The Tales Of Beedle The Bard from when she was little. There was a box full of teddy bears as well and Lily felt safe with them there.
Her gaze then went to the pile of presents at the bottom of the bed. She sat next to them and picked one up, shaking it to hear what was inside.
"Now honey, can't you wait three more hours until you open you presents?"
Lily turned to see Harry standing at the door. She hadn't heard it open and she quickly put the present down.
"I wasn't going to open them." She said, smiling away.
"I just had to make sure." He sat down on her bed, leaning against the headboard with his feet up. He patted the space next to him, telling Lily to do the same. She snuggled against her dad.
"I'm glad you found out." He said and Lily was a little surprised. "It's time you found out."
"Don't worry, Daddy. They will get over the shock soon." She told him. He let out a sign and hugged her closer.
"I still should have told them." They sat there for a few more silent minutes before Harry stuck his hand into a pocket in his dressing gown and took out a small package.
"What's that?"
"It's an early Christmas present." Harry told her. She smiled and took the object out of his hand. It was a little soft but then hard at other places.
"Open it." He commanded.
She quickly took of the paper to reveal an eye in a metal holder. It was electric blue and kept looking around the place. Lily stared at it, open mouthed.
"I knew you would be shocked." Said Harry before laughing. "It's an eye like Mad-Eyes." He took the eye and holder and put it on her head. There was a strap that wrapped round her head and the eye sat just above her own right one. It was the most weirdest thing she had ever seen. She had gone X-Ray-eyed. She could se through walls, her bed, her wardrobe, even her hand!
"Wow." Was all she could say. Harry laughed again.
"It's the one I got from the Ministry." He said as she looked around in wonder. "We must have lost it in Hermione's bag."
"This is the best present ever!" Lily said as se hugged her dad really hard.
"I'm glad you think so."
They lay there together for the rest of the night. Lily still had the eye on as she fell asleep. But even in the sleeping world you couldn't run from secrets.
This was the only thought she had as she faced the green flash again.

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