Johnny "Boy" Geovanni

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Johnny moved to the town of Richdale with his mom and his rich step father. He hates all the preppy kids at his school until he bumps into Vince. Vince offers him a chance to join his greaser gang and the offer is too great to refuse. But will being in this biker gang be as fun as he thought?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Just Like Dad

Submitted: June 26, 2014

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Submitted: June 26, 2014



CHAPTER 1-The Greaser


Johnny crossed his arms and exhaled as goose bumps began to form on his tanned skin. He looked up at the huge school building as he dropped his hands onto his notebook which was gently placed on his lap. Johnny looked down at his math homework that he had yet to finish, and probably never would. "What the fuck happened to you?" He rolled his eyes as he looked at the culprit.


Alex McCussley was a 5"11 grade 10 preppy boy. He had dead grey eyes and slicked back blond hair. Johnny stood up and wiped his sweaty hands on his blue jeans before he picked up his note book and side bag.


"What the fuck do you want?" Johnny said as Alex looked at him in disgust. Johnny was sick and tired of being walked over by Alex and his preppy little friends. All because he used to be poor didn't give them the right to dig their golden plated claws into him.


"Wow you really are a stupid greaser aren't you?" Alex said as he backed him into the spruce tree he had been sitting under. The look of disgust not fading the slightest from his face. Johnny sighed as Alex looked down on him. Sadly Johnny's new attire hadn't kept Alex away.




Over March break, Johnny's mother, Tracie Jeovanni had taken him to get a makeover. "It will make you feel a little more confident" Tracie said as she ushered him into the mall.


"Mom do I seriously have to get a makeover today?" Johnny said as he dug his heels into the squeaky clean surface of the glistening mall.


"Johnny, grow a pair will ya?" Tracie said as she went back to smacking her bubble gum between her pearly whites. "Oh look at this store, Max's Premium!" The boys overly excited mother said as she ran as fast as she could in her big red high heels. Johnny rolled his eyes as he followed his mother into the men’s clothing store.


"How about this?" Johnny asked as he held up a gray hoodie. His mother rolled her eyes as she chewed her gum louder in annoyance.


"Do you want to stand out as the poor kid in school?" She asked as she picked up a preppy polo shirt. "We're over that Johnny. Your new father takes care of us now" before Tracie had married her new husband, Leonard Francis. Both Tracie and Johnny were living pay check to pay check. But when Johnny's mom married that old looking fart, he didn't complain or dare to mess this up for them. He knew his mom had only married the man for his money but that didn't bother him. It was a win-win situation in Johnny's opinion. The old man got to keep from being lonely while him and his mom got an unlimited flow of money and a big house to live in.


"How about this one?" Johnny turned around and walked away. "Okay, fine Mr. Picky go find something yourself!" His mother yelled as her jersey accent thickened. "I'll be at the salon. Here, take my card and spend as much as you want" Tracie said as she threw the card to Johnny. "Have fun Johnny boy!" His mom yelled as she walked out of the store.


Johnny sighed as he walked aimlessly around the store. He quickly came to a stop when he saw a cool black leather jacket. Basically like the one his deceased dad used to wear back in Jersey. Johnny slipped it on and walked over to the mirror near the changing rooms.


"Now this is what I call a makeover" The boy said as he smiled.


By the end of the day Johnny had gotten into the whole make over spirit. Before he went to go get his mom he stopped by a tiny Italian barber shop. "Lookin good Johnny boy!" A bald white muscular man said as he slapped him on the back of his neck.


"Thanks Uncle Pete" Johnny said as his uncle ushered him to one of the barber seats. Pete cleared his throat as he picked up the razor.


"How you want it cut kid?" His asked.


"Just a little off the sides. Slick it back will ya" uncle Pete grew a huge grin as he nodded.


"My pleasure" he said as he took a little off the sides. His uncle applied gel to his hair and slicked it back. "There ya go Johnny boy!" Pete yelled as he gave him a barber slap. Johnny waved goodbye as he left the shop in search of his mother.


When he found Pat's Beauty Salon he waved at Pat and told her to be quite as he snuck up on his mom that was getting her nails done. "Hey ma" Johnny said as he walked up to Tracie who was facing a mirror. "It’s not too much is it?" Johnny smirked as his moms eyes widened.


"Oh Johnny boy!" Tracie yelled as she grasped her sons face. "You look so much like your father" she said. Johnny wiped away her tears and kissed her on the cheek.


"I guess I do" Johnny said as he tightly embraced his mother.

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