Beatrix & Borolox

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(This is a short story but I'm going chapter by chapter)
A village, trapped by their religious efforts, is blinded by the false reality they created for themselves. The elders created a false sense of security so that nobody would leave Velcorsia and over turn the elder's power. One boy though decides that this lie must not go on. He then goes out to find the truth and encounters much trouble in doing so.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beatrix & Borolox

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013




??As young as the days were, so were the people of Velcorsia. A village filled with spirited folks, young and old - though the elders of the village could of been mistaken for the younger generations. The environment around this "immortal" village contained emerald trees to which gave - not only the purest oxygen - life. Some would say that the legends of Velcorsia was found by a ancient wizard or a dark vampire from the days of old. 
??The gift of the youthful complexions continued with the people of Velcorsia for ages and even though the elders do not like to agree with the thoughts of an evil manifesting immortality. One boy of the village thought differently and his ideas of a vampiric line would bring people the knowledge of the evil that surrounded Velcorsia. This boy knew that if they could turn what was evil into good, then surely there would be hope for surviving a lot longer then they have for seen.
??Borolox, the thinker of the village, always knew that the people of Velcorsia were a fearful group of intellects. He researched their instinctive ways and found that they commonly used their youth and knowledge to be safer. Trying to use their safety to keep with drawn from the darkness -that was the reality outside of their village- rather than facing their fears and becoming more than just intelligent. Borolox would even argue that the elders of Velcorsia created an idol that kept them in this religious bubble. Forcing all the Velcorians to stay in the world they knew that was in front of them and away from what really existed. 
??Thus, the young boy broke through the midst of the lies and deceit that had been holding him back from the truth. He decided to grab his gear, which included a small sword, food, water, and miscellanist objects that he somehow knew would be of help. Borolox held onto his bold theory that not one person knew but he knew that he would keep it because it drove the passion that was in his heart. 
??"Borolox! Why are you leaving into the darkness?" A high pitch feminine voice came piercing through his heart. Borolox winced at the suddenness the voice made and turned around towards where it came from. Only to face eye to eye with the young lady he was destined to marry and live a long life with. Soon in fact, but Borolox knew that he couldn't live in a life that was surrounded by things that they thought were true when indeed they were living a lie. 
??"My dearest! I am on a quest to find truth." 
??"Truth? What truth! This is the only truth here!" Pointing towards the ground and gripping her hands together like she was begging Borolox to stay here, with her. He knew that his love was going to be tainted by the chasm in which the elders of Velcorsia created. Worshiping the idea which kept them in closed. Beatrix was a lovely young lady, Borolox nobody could resist such beauty in the village. A line of priestly-hood and royalty in which because of this high standard of life, she knew that whatever "religion" befallen them was forced upon her life because all royal villagers and priest were called to follow the religion that was created. Eventually, so too were the villagers of Velcorsia pulled into this life style and not that anything changed as far as value for the people but they were given blessings to be apart of religion. 
??Borolox couldn't help but to be sunk into her deep blue eyes, and added by the sunshine's vibrant yellow that made Beatrix's hair bright. His love for her at this moment would be the death of his beliefs and compassion to seek the reality that there is only one truth in this life. Sometimes Borolox wondered how in the world did a royal daughter come to fall in love with the servant of her father? His undeserved merit for earning her love was far beyond that of anyone  rights to be loved by royalty. 
??"Beatrix, there is but one truth that everyone is depending upon in their lives. I don't know that I believe this truth in Velcorsia is it."
??"How can you say that!" Beatrix was trembling because of the rising frustration that shook her body. Borolox began to come closer to the presence of Beatrix's lively hood as she continued to tremble in fear that this boy she had fallen for was becoming something that her lifestyle could not contest with. 
??"It's in my heart but I will have to show you at another time."
??Borolox closed his eyes and leaned forward as he lightly pressed his lips against his love's. Holding her in his arms as she trembled and felt the sudden cold tears that dripped onto his arms, leaving her silent upon the soft - evergreen - grass. Running away now as he left her unconscious would be his best goal in the thought that the elders of Velcorsia could smell any delinquency that their people committed. He knew that the idea of touching a royal daughter would consider death. Borolox sprinted off into the looming shadows that the forest created in its vast landscape, hoping to leave the lies behind him in order to find the truth and bring it back to Beatrix. 

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