Wages of Chaos - Terra

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A captain of the Almitroph military may have her last chance in showing what it means to be a leader.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Wages of Chaos - Terra

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013




Chapter 1 - 
Almitroph. A continent known for it’s troubled causes. The military was built upon the foundation of the chaos that spread through out this land though the rest of the Earth seemed to be at peace. Captain Terra always was confused by this reality of her’s. Why was it that she lived in a place that always kept their guards up? Ever since her childhood, parents and older friends always on alert, fighting the dangers that came their way and threatened the ones they loved. As a child, she never knew why the fighting had to happen. All Terra ever knew was the seclusion that somehow kept her safe and yet sane at the same time. Not till Terra was 15, that she really ever lived on the surface of the great continent of Almitroph.
Since her father always protected her in her youth, Terra decided to repay him for all the years he put his life in danger for the sake of her salvation. In having this motivation, she searched for meanings of the life that would put Terra in the right direction. Her need for answers was important otherwise she would stop searching. 
On the journey she decided to take, Terra was unexpectedly crossed by what looked like a captain and five other men. A symbol on the captain’s shoulder was that of an abstract “A” with slashes on each side. His outfit was rimmed with a golden glow. Shades of blue kept him hidden in the shadows beneath the many trees that enveloped the road.  Was this the military of Almitroph? 
“Ma’am, are you lost?” Asking Terra with concern and politeness. The soldier saw maybe a shade of confusion in her eyes. 
“No sir. Thank you though.”
Terra looked away, breaking eye contact with the seemingly enough general. She wasn’t sure his rank though but due to his patches. Her assumptions would probably not be farfetched. The man noticed her eye contact breaking towards his patches. 
“Ma’am, what do you know about the military?” Terra gulped. Her responses were limited at this point and the feeling of nervousness began to eat away at her soul. 
“My father was once in the Almitroph Military, but I never saw his uniform.”
“Well, this is it. Interested?”
It’s like he knows what I want to do! “I thought about it sir, but was never sure.” Terra was shocked at the fact that it was all over her face. Being excited or girlish would probably denounce any sign of strength. She kept her cool. The man reached on the inside of his coat pocket, handing Terra a silver colored card. The material was bright, reflecting the sun’s light right into Terra’s eyes. She blinked quick and took the card with ease. 
“If you are sure of your choices. This is where we are located.” The both of them nodded, then Terra saluted towards the high ranked soldier and to the rest of his men. Leaving her in the shade of the trees. Terra stared the soldiers with fear in her eyes. If I do this . . . Please be proud father. . . The farther the soldiers got from Terra, the tighter the darkness from the tree’s shadows came closing in. It’s as if all of Terra’s life depended on this moment. 

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