Apocalyspe the Protector

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Ever since she was little, Riya has been able to see visions. Though they helped save many peoples lives, a Christian group called Salem still think her visions are for the greater evil. Terrified for herself, Riya flees to a near by swamp. Eight years later, a group of teenagers meet up with Scarlet Night, who investigates Biblical happenings around the world, and together they investigate the same swamp Riya disappeared into. Now an Apocalypse grows near, but is it because of God's will? Or is it protecting something...?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Apocalyspe the Protector

Submitted: March 04, 2011

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Submitted: March 04, 2011



Chapter one

Riya was five when it first happened. Her very first vision was that of a little girl who was wandering around at the park, towards the trees. There, waiting just above in the branches, was a man. John Potts, who had been seen several times in magezines for the most sadistic rapist in history, sitting right there, watching for his latest victim. Riya knew she had to do something.

She ran and told her mother, who was making dinner that day. "Honey," she had said, putting down the cutting knife and bending so that she was face to face with Riya. "How would you even know about that stuff?"

"I saw it, Mama," Riya said, touvhing her mothers cheek. And she saw it, too. The man jumping from the trees and grabbing the girl by her neck. Riya's mom's mouth fell open, her body tensing up. Riya soothingly rubbed her hand back and forth against her mothers cheek, trying to calm her down. "Mama," she whispered. "We have to call the police."

So they did.

The next day, little Riya was all over the news, reaching from California to Florida. People didn't stop talking about her for months. No one on Earth had ever witnessed something as incredible as this. Only at five was this girl already a phenomenon. When she started school, a whole lot of professional people wanted to hear how her day went. On her sixth birthday, everyone in America celebrated. But it was a week after the this new finally reached a big, powerful Christian group in Geogia. The leader, Raphael, was not pleased.

"Visions are a power only God can posess! This is an outrage," he told all his co-workers.

"Sir," Lois, co-manager or the group, interjected. "We could send a few troops down. Get them to round up the girl and bring her here gor her greater good."

Doug shook his head. "No. I guess Harlow and I can go check it out." And they did. They called Leonardo and told him they would be going to Louisiana to investigate the psychic child. Though he wanted to objec and tell them she was just a little girl, he had to do what they said, and he set up a flight.

Riya was outside, intentivly watching a butterfly go from one flower to another, with her older brother, Drake. "Dre," she said, using his nick-name. "How do you think the flowers feel?"

Drake looked at her, slightly confused. "What?" he asked.

Riya turned her head and pointed at the flowers. "How do they feel when they think the butterfly will choose them as a home, and then it leaves?"

Drake shrugged. "I guess they'll just have to suck it up. Life it unfair, you know."

Riya nodded yp at him, and then turned back to watching the butterfly hurt all the flowers. She looked out over the beautiful, charming marsh lands of the swamp just a few ways away from their house. She liked watching the frogs jump from rock to rock. She liked watching the fish jump out of the water to catch a fly. She was facinated by the birds that could dive throuygh the waster and come back out inharmed, with a fish in their mouths. Suddenly, she heard her mother screaming from the kitchen, and the sound of the glass door crashing to the ground. Riya fell to the ground when Drake got up abruptly. "Go!" he shouted at Riya.

She didn't move and inch. Not when she saw the big man with the scary gun.

"Riya, go! They'll hurt you!" Drake shouted, louder this time.

The man started stluking towards Drake. "No child of Satab diserves to live thorough this world. We do God's bidding." he hissed.

Before the man could get any closer, Drake turned back to Riya and grabbed her by the shoulders, looking intl her eyes very seriously. "Riya, you need to go."

Riya was confused. "Why--"

Drake put a hanf over her mouth. "Just listen to me, OK. You have to go, or mom will get hurt, and dad, and even I will get hurt, do you understand. We'll all get hurt, like the flowers and the butterflys who left them, only worse."

Riya didn't know what to say. She just nodded, and very slowly turned her back to Drake, who had already released her shoulders. Where would she go? What would she do to live? She had the first one figured out already. The swamp. She walked faster, eager to get there.

The man was behind Drake, and he pointed his gun just over Drake's shoulder, and shot.

"No!" Riya coud hear Drake scream. She turned. The bullet was coming right at her. Then something miraculous happened. Just before Drake could stop it, before her mother could release herself from the man on top of her and run out the back door, the bullet stopped. Right there. Stopped right in front of Riya eyes, just between them. And then it fell before her.

"Riya," Drake shouted one last time. "Run!"

Her eyes widened in fear when the big man pointed his gun again. She turned and ran. The last thing she could hear was the gun being shot, her mother screaming, and the sound of russtling clothes and limps when her brother's body met the ground

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