Apocalyspe the Protector

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: April 04, 2011

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Submitted: April 04, 2011



Chapter 3

She arrived Friday mourning, her blond hair windblow as her head hung out the window. Everyone stared as the car passed, but she just waved. It was a perfect day for a perfect investigationg that she knew would blow over soon. She had it so played out in her head, she made a to-do list: Take some samples of the water. No Biblical happening. Algae bloom turned the water red. Everyone will be fine. Short, she thought as she reread it, but accurate.

"Scar," Raze said from the drivers seat, taking his eyes off the road for a brief second as he looked at her. "You OK? Got your head in the clouds, or something?" The look in his eyes told her he was dead serious and worried, but she couldn't help it. she felt like she'd drank a whole bottle of tequila. High, but happy.

She laughed. "Oh, Raze, i'm just fine. Don't worry 'bout it. Just..." she pursed her lips, searching for the right word, until finally she just laughed again and slapped his arm playfully. "Just keep you eyes on the road and your head on you shoulders."

Raze sighed, his eyes widening, but he didn't press it. "OK, ok," he said and, a little lower, head said, "Whatever you say..."

She rolled her eyes, and unzipped her backpack, pulled out the map, and let her eyes fall from one point to another. "Just a couple more stop signs and we're in Haven... Oh, Raze, look!" she squealed suddenly, and yanked Raze's arm. Surprised, he slammed his foot on the break.

"God dammit, Scar! you could've..." then he say her face. How the colored drained, leaving her cheeks white as chalk. How the triupm left her eyes as she across him, to the trees... and he saw, too. The red water. "My god..." he said, astonished as she opened her door and jumped out. "Oh, wait, Scar!"

She took small, cautious steps towards the river, and slowly she slid down the dirt hill between the road and the water. Slowly, she bent and dipped her hand in. Raze came behind her. She took her hand out, covered in deep red goo. "It's a lot thicker than i thought it would be," she murmured, and Raze wasn't sure if he was meant to hear it. Then she lifted her hand to her lips, and sniffed. If Raze hadn't been watching that mere second, he wouldn't have caught the slite terror in her eyes. "It smells wrong."

Wow, Raze thought. That's a first. Suddenly, she flew up, keeping her eyes on the fround, her head low, as she stepped past Raze and began to climb back up the small hill. "C'mon, Raze, we gotta get to Haven before six."

Again, so different, Raze thought, he eyebrows pulling together. This is the first i've seen her like this. And that's the moment Scarlet Night's life would change.

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