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 When I got to math class, everyone stared at me and started to whisper, I payed no mind and smiled as I went up to my seat at the back off class. "Why is that freak smiling," said a girl. "Maybe she found a boyfriend," said another girl they laughed. But it didn't matter to me, I was way to happy, then I remembered the note, I pulled it out and read it. It said:  "Emily, I hope your day has been good. Do you like the bracelet? I made it myself. I hope you have a good day now cause soon I will be with you. waiting and hoping, . A Friend.

The note made me smile, someone actually wanted to be my friend. I was happy for the rest of the day. Later it was time to leave, I went to my locker to pick up my books, then the cheerleaders and jocks came up to me. "...What is it now?" I said a little irritated. "Dont get cocky bitch," said Miley. "It seems you already did, with everyone you whore," I said. " it seems some little bitch has gotten tough," said brad. "I got you in the stomach, did I not," I said mocking. He grabbed my arm and threw me to the locker. I kneed him in the crotch and punched Miley in her face, and I ran before anyone caught me, I ran so fast I beat the boys, I ran all the way home. I quickly flew in my house, "there you are you little brat," said betty. Damn it, not now. "Where the hell were you?" she yelled. "Avoiding all of you," I said. "What did you say to me you brat," she said as she slapped me. I quickly went into tears and ran to my room. I slammed the door and screamed. "I'M YOUR DAUGHTER, IF YOU DIDN'T WANT ME WHY DID YOU HAVE SEX IN THE FIRST PLACE WITH THE OTHER DUMBASS BASTERD MIKE, BOTH OF YOU AREN'T MY PARENTS YOUR MONSTERS," I yelled. I quickly cried into my pillow. "Why is my life so bad," i said. I looked at the bracelet, 'Where are you if you want to protect me so much' i thought to myself and fell asleep.

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