A game of Starvation

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A psycho has been released after ten years of living in the mental hospital. However, he was on the verge of playing a new game with the five victims. And all of them were skinny girls.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A game of Starvation

Submitted: April 18, 2014

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Submitted: April 18, 2014




Huh? Where am I? Why is it so dark? 

My hands...they are stuck! I can't seem to free them in any way I struggle.  

'Dennis?''Is anyone out there?' was what I tried to say but all I could manage was muffles. I felt my hands and legs being wrapped by  a thick rope and I was in a sitting position. The atmosphere was cold however, my surroundings were warm. It felt like I was not alone. 

I started to panic and let out muffles of cries. However, no attention was given to me. 

Am I being kidnapped? How long has it been? 

I remember I was sheltering myself with my gray umbrella that I've brought from the convenience store the other day because the rain was heavy. I couldn't see anything in front of me and thus I was walking really slowly in order to prevent myself from slipping. There wasn't anyone around the street because they were all covering up at home from the rain. But when I was crossing the road, headlights from a vehicle was shone towards me and I gave way for the driver and walked towards the sidelines. 

However, it stopped and two men came out of the vehicle and headed straight for me. As I was confused and couldn't react fast, the next minute I knew I was already kidnapped to this dark place which I couldn't figure out. Not with my mouth blocked and my eyesight covered.

I heard muffling from behind me and I thought of replying back. The muffler only got even more nerve wrecked and started shaking. I hear the thumping of the chair and more cries. 

I am not alone. 

1 muffle, 2 muffles, 3 muffles, 4 muffles....

There were four other victims. All of us were stuggling to break free from the tight ropes and tears were streaming down my cheeks. I had goosebumps and all I could think of was Dennis and Mum. Suddenly, a loud screech echoed throughout the whole area and my eardrums hurt.

"Relax." A robotic voice speaks. 

The five of us instantly kept quiet and listened, hoping help was here.

"Let us play a game. It's called, Starvation." The robotic voice continued. "The rules of the game are very simple. Until the cops find us, you shall starve. No food, no water." And it ended with a horrendous laugh.

What? No food and water? Is this some kind of joke?

'Let us out you bastard!' I tried to shout but to no appeal. The other girls seemed to be thinking the same as me and we all focused on breaking free. 

"Yes...Yes...use up all the strength now and you shall lose. I hope you had a heavy last meal." The man behind the voice speaks in an amusing tone. There was something about his voice. He sounded really calm and it felt like those scary psychos in a movie who tries to soothe you over.  

I instantly kept quiet and swallowed my saliva. I realised we were being watched. Our every movement, our condition. Some of the girls were still making sounds and I really wonder who they were. I know I am quite petite and skinny as compared to my friends. At least that's what my friends comment about me. They said I was too skinny and that I should eat more in order to look good. My fitness teacher also told me to eat regularly in order to grow properly as I'm slightly underweight.

I guess there is no choice but to wait for help then. This man is sick! I really hope that Dennis could find help quickly and that my last meal, which was Astons, could keep me alive for three days at least. 

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