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Ms Mariel is an ordinary person with a pure heart. One day a soul guarded her for her life. Why? what is the reason this soul and what is the stone means to her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Soul Guardian novel

Submitted: February 24, 2014

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Submitted: February 24, 2014



Soul Guardian (english version)

I am writing this because someone lost a life because of dangers in life. I thought of someone, someone could be guarding us.
That is why I created a fiction story to give hope to everyday life because we need to cherish it every single time.

Chapter One: Who am I?
Once upon a time there was a girl named Mariel Mendoza, she is fifteen years old, thin,tan, and has a long hair. Her appearance is just like any other students, a normal girl. Her mother is a vendor in their store and her father is a welder in their own welding shop both of their parents were self employed. Mariel has one sibling and her name is Arianne, which was thirteen years old. They are both studying in a school, with a church that focuses in religion and values education. Mariel is a type of a daughter that just say wholeheartedly what she thinks is wrong especially when she and her mother had a misunderstanding, with that, without pausing, she and her mother almost had an argument and she was called a black sheep by her mother in front of Arianne, which Mariel took seriously.
Meanwhile in Egypt, a group of archeologist found a mummy wearing a gold neclase and inside its locket embedded is a red stone. When the archeologist took the neclase from the mummy a sudden wind gushed and a white shadow appeared and then dissapeared. They sent the neclase to the lab for research, they found out that the neclase is pure gold but the red stone is just an ordinary stone, weird knowing it came from a mummy. The researcher then removed the red stone from the neclase, they put it inside 2 boxes and then they carried it to their private plane going to their country for further research. While the plane is above air, the system suddenly malfunctioned and displayed an error "overload". Which was then relayed by the pilot to the people inside. "We need to loose some cargo guys, otherwise we cant get to where were going"said by the pilot. The researcher and the archeologist went to the cargo bay. The archeologist threw boxes outside the plane that they think is not necessary. The researcher shouted seeing the archeologist. "No, not that one!" But the box already fell outside the plane. All of a sudden the system went back to normal. "Everything's alright, back to normal flight guys" said by the pilot then he closed the cargo lane. The cargo dropped in a province, and was then mulled by the people, the red stone inside the box rolled in front of a girl and when the girl saw the stone she immediately took it and sent it home. The girl gave the red stone to her mother who is a neclase maker, due to the unique glow of the red stone they made it a beautiful neclase and tried to sell it in the market. After a few hours, an old woman in the market looked at the neclase the girl is selling and wanted to buy it all. The girl got overwhelmed and sold it. The old woman bought all the neclase they're selling and tried to sell it in a church in the city. That sunday afternoon Mariel went to the church and she already has the money she saved, for almost a year and wanting to buy the latest gadget celphone. She is so excited just thinking about it, she planned to buy it after the mass. After the church mass, Mariel headed outside to wait for a cab going to the Mall when she heard a fight. She saw a man throwing all the neclase of the vendor, at the side of the street and shouting at her. "You better pay for your debt or else!" then left.. Mariel went to help the vendor organize. "Thank you child", said the vendor while crying. "How much was your debt to him, if you dont mind me asking"? said Mariel. "USD230, Well I cant pay him as of the moment since I have three children, and I am the only one who supports them. I promised I would pay him if the bussiness is good then this happened">said the vendor. "Oh I see, well.. you be careful, next time alright?"said Mariel. After Mariel finished organizing the neclase, she walked going to the terminal preparing to ride a cab. All of a sudden a woman went to the vendor and said "Maring, Damian went to our house demanding that you pay your debt as soon as possible or else he wont stop bothering you".said the woman. The old woman cried and tried to explain to her friend. When Mariel heard it she approached them, "Ahmm is Maring your name mam?"asked Mariel. "Yes answered the vendor. "Here is the...  USD230, please pay that person before something bad happens."said Mariel handing the money to the vendor. "No I cant"said the vendor. "No I insist please take it"said Mariel. "Bless you child,"answered the vendor, while accepting the money. "Youre welcome"said Mariel and walked going to the terminal home. "Child, good child wait"said by the vendor trying to catch up with Mariel. "I would like to give this to you, this is the most beautiful neclase I'm selling right now and this came from a very far province. Please... take it",said the vendor. Mariel accepted the neclase and said, "it is preety, thank you", said Mariel. Later that night, in Mariel's room she suddenly was awaken, when she heard someone calling her name. "Mariel, Mariel!" When Mariel opened her eyes, she was surpised to see a white looking like a ghost in her room. "Whoa, w-who are you?" asked Mariel. "Me?, well I am the guardian of the neclase your wearing". "Are you a ghost?"asked Mariel. Mariel tried to touch it but her hands are just passing through. "Not really but you could say it like that because I dont have a body" it answered. "What do you want with this neclase, this was just given to me" said Mariel. "This neclase came from a very very far place to find you Mariel, and this neclase would only stay to a person with a good heart. I see you were emotional most of the times, you've been called a black sheep by you mom? Well for me you are not, because people do change, and people can change if the have the will and dedication to it."It said. Mariel smiled and said. "Oh alright, what's your name?" asked Mariel. "I don't have a name, but you could call me soul g, I'm your guardian angel and I am here to guard that neclase". Then he held the right hand of Mariel and kissed it. Mariel took back her hand and said, "Well at least I don't need to pay for your fare or anything because you are definetely invinsible. And if I tell anyone about you, they'll put me on straight jacket. W-wait what is this neclase for and why are you guarding it?" asked Mariel. "When time comes you'll definetely know, now if you don't mind I'll be here by your side from now on ok?"said by her soul g. 

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