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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2: Danger can happen anytime

Submitted: February 26, 2014

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Submitted: February 26, 2014



Chapter 2: 
After a few years that Mariel is with the company of her soul g, weird but magical things happen in her life. But Mariel does not believe in her soul g, for her she really would not believe a thing looking like a ghost to say unbelievable facts to her. She just ignored it and moved on with her life. When Mariel grew up with her parents, her mother always give her advises especially when she's all alone. Not to talk to strangers, be mindful of places they are going to go, and to be extra careful. And since she was just a teenager that time she doesn't understand and take her mother's advises seriously. But this time she indeed learned why, she needed to listen to her parents. Mariel was the eldest among them siblings with Arianne. She saw how her parents struggle with their expenses and still manage to feed her and Arianne. She even hears her parents arguing at night because of financial problem. which makes her decide she needed to do something about it. Next day she and arianne went out to find a job, Arianne was that first one to land a job and Mariel was hired as a waitress in a 24 hours restaurant. Mariel was given an afternoon shift in a restaurant where she was hired and she would be out at 12 in the morning. In order to save money she decided to just walk across the bridge despite the long distance from her work to the teminal in going home. Despite the dark road and what was just reflecting are lights from the crossing vehicles. When Mariel reached the bridge going to the terminal, she saw a person coming her way. She felt nervous when she saw that guy, so she kept a distance a bit far from the guy, and walked at the side of the street avoiding the bridge along with that guy. Mariel caught the guy's attention and asked her. "You might get hit with the vehicles why dont't you step here in the bridge instead", smiling at Mariel. "No, thank you, said Mariel, remembering what was advised to her by her mother, not to talk to strangers. After that the next night Mariel had an acquiantance in the restaurant a waitress just like her, her name is Carmela and found out that she is also going to the terminal in going home and agreed to accompany Mariel. Same time 12 in the morning Mariel and Carmela walked going to the terminal and saw two guys coming their way. When the two guys were already near them, one of the guys spoke, "Hi miss, can I ask you a question?", All of a sudden Carmela panicked, and raised her hand "Do not come close"! Carmela thew the cigarette butt in the two guys, then she looked at Mariel and ran. Mariel gazed at her friend running and going back to the restaurant's direction. Mariel looked back at the two guys in front of her wondering why her friend suddenly panicked. Then Mariel got shocked when she saw two icepick pointing to her belly and demanding her to give them her celphone. Mariel got scared and her eyes burst into tears when she saw and felt two icepick on her belly. Mariel just immediately did what the holdapers demands so she opened her bag and try to search for her celphone, unfortunately it is under her things. Mariel, due to fear kept mentioning her friend's name, thinking it would be the end while her tears continue to fall. Mariel saw the accomplice of the holdaper, a bit hesistating seeing the scenario. All of a sudden her soul g, just beside her said, "please stop", looking at the car going to the bridge. The driver of the car also said, "Please stop and headed where Mariel is. The girlfriend of the driver heard what her boyfriend said and asked, "W-What did you say Pablo?" Her soul g now looked at the accomplice of the holdaper, and said to him "Look behind you a car is coming, run!" The accomplice did look, and saw the car going to their direction so he asked his holdaper friend to escape. The holdaper slapped his friend's arm to let him go, anger can be seen in its eyes and saw the car coming so they both escaped. Mariel even saw the holdaper shouting at his accomplice while they are running away. The car stopped in front of Mariel, and was asked by the driver to ride in his car to be sent to the police station for further reporting. She saw, as well that the girlfriend of the driver beside him seems proud of the good deed that his boyfriend had done to Mariel. Mariel declined the driver's offer due to fear and said she'd rather walk going home. Mariel ran going back to work, and rode the bus going home. When she got home she remembered the first time she went to the bridge and a guy talked to her and remembered his voice. Which is the same guy who tried to holdup her with accomplice, he was planning it the whole time and was waiting for her to come back. In Mariel's room, her soul g hugged her, "There, there your alright.. If your already ok, you need to report this to the police alright?" said her soul g. And so Mariel did. 


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