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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3 soul g a great adviser

Submitted: April 19, 2014

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Submitted: April 19, 2014



Chapter 3


After the incident, Mariel failed to meet the performance the manager of the restaurant is for in a waitress during her 1 month training and she was not hired by that company.  But Mariel believed fully that if one door closes another opens. So instead of quitting she decided to look for another job and after a few days of looking for a job, she was called for an interview as a receptionist, which she definitely passed with flying colors. Mariel was excited in her first day of work, and she was welcomed by Elmer, a receptionist just like is her. They are both working under the same company and after a week of being a receptionist, Mariel loved the company of Elmer and she admires his personality. Most of the time Mariel asks Elmer about himself, which Elmer describes himself as a religious person wherein Mariel believed and admired. Elmer has a great sense of humor which Mariel liked and sometimes Mariel even feels like Elmer puts a word in her mouth even though her sentence was incomplete and she definitely adored it. Mariel’s day is incomplete if she does not see Elmer especially when he is away or absent. But there is also a guy linked to Mariel his name is Jared a cook in their canteen. Which was heard that asked Mariel’s name when he saw her. Jared is popular in the company since he was known as a runner up in a popular cooking show in tv, and due to his tv exposure  is being invited to cook for them in a number of known companies. Mariel was teased and asked by her friends if she liked Jared to be her boyfriend but Mariel clearly said “No”, which Jared heard. Mariel is just a newbie at work, and sometimes she takes people’s word seriously and can easily be offended. This time she did not expect her soul g would be a great adviser. 12 in the afternoon, It’s time for Mariel’s lunch, she even told Elmer about it. When Mariel went to the restroom and inside the cubicle, she had something in mind and told her soul g about it. “Soul g, you know what, I think I like Elmer and I like to be with him and I think he’s my soulmate, What do you think”, said Mariel while blushing. “I’m sorry I don’t like him for you” said her soul g. “What, why?” asked Mariel, shocked on soul g’s answer. “I don’t know, for me , he is just good with mingling with other people, what I like for you is the cook”, said her soul g. “What? I don’t like him, he’s so quiet and does not have a sense of humor at all” said Mariel. “Think of it this way if you will be with him, you will just be at home, be a housewife, you don’t need to work and you will have a great future ahead of you, that is because he is hardworking..” said her soul g. “I don’t think so, for me even though we don’t have all the money in the world as long as we’re happy, its perfect” said Mariel. “Ok.?” said her soul g. After a few weeks, Mariel was invited to go to a bar along with some of her co workmates  and was advised that Jared is treating them for a night out. Mariel was with Elmer and Jared in table in a bar, with singers on stage.  Mariel got amazed with the voice of the performers and enjoyed the food and drinks. When the bar went quiet for a while, Jared made an announcement, “Guys this is my last day of work, I’m resigning as a cook in our canteen” said Jared. “But why? We love your company?” asked Elmer. “Actually I owe it all to you, because of you I wouldn’t  know how to cook great foods, because of your comments I learned to cook even better than before. Now I have saved enough money for me to start my own restaurant” said Jared. “Cheers to that” said Elmer raising his bottle and everyone congratulate Jared. Mariel upon hearing it, smiled and thought that she will definitely miss the delicious foods being cooked by Jared. After a few hours, Jared paid the bill upon hearing the last call request of the waiter and said that he needed to go. Mariel had not noticed the time and has almost consumed half bucket of liquor and got drunk. “You take care Jared thank you for the treat” Mariel said and smiled. Elmer also told everyone that he needed to go and upon hearing it Mariel rushed and said that she wants to accompany Elmer in going to the nearest terminal because she knows that he is heading there also. Elmer agreed and they both ride in a tricycle. Mariel, due to feeling dizzy and hot due to the liquor she drank, leaned her head on Elmer’s shoulder and hugged it while inside the tricycle . Elmer did not like what Mariel did, and said to her “You are not yet drunk Mariel”. All of a sudden Mariel vomit in the tricycle and had some of it in Elmer’s clothes. Elmer got angry and said to Mariel “Look at what you did, I’m leaving you” said Elmer. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to” said Mariel. Elmer paid the tricycle and headed home. Mariel tried to catch up with Elmer but he is walking fast and had already crossed the highway. Mariel stopped at the side of the street feeling dizzy and what she can only see are small lights from the vehicles. Her soul g beside her said “Are you ok? Can you still cross this street?” “I’m fine I just need to wait until I’m already ok” said Mariel. A few minutes have passed and then her soul g spoke. “Alright, on my signal cross the street ok?” “Ok..?” answered Mariel. Mariel is looking at the street and saw that the lights from the vehicles had faded. “Go” said her soul g and so she did, cross the street. Another street to cross so Mariel stopped at the middle. “Alright raise your hand so they would see you” said her soul g touching Mariel’s right arm. So Mariel raised her right hand as a signal for the vehicles to stop, even though Mariel is crossing the street slowly, the vehicles seems patient at Mariel and did not complain after that Mariel had crossed the busy highway safely  in the middle of the night, while her soul g is just looking at her. That night Mariel arrived home safely and when she felt the comfort of her bed she had slept quickly. The day after, Mariel went to work and she had noticed her crush Elmer kept distance from her and saw that he is talking to  someone else in the office. After a busy day Mariel went to the restroom to think, and washed her face. “Oh I think I want to be with him, I think he is my soulmate” said her soul g said teasing Mariel. Mariel was just speechless. “Listen Mariel you can never tell that a person is kind or whatever in just a month or two you knew him, it should be years remember that!” advised by her soul g. “1 year?” asked Mariel. “No, more than of course” said her soul g. 

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