Infatuated with Love (Book #1)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Beverly- The New Nerd

Submitted: October 27, 2012

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Submitted: October 27, 2012




I walked into my house and was instantly attacked by my little brother Dyllon.

"Hey! What did I do to you!?" I yelled.

"Nothing, I was just practicing."

Dyllon was a weird kid. I'm so glad I'm not biologically related to him. I'm not biologicallyrelated to any of my six- yes, six - siblings. I was the oldest at 17, then was my sister Sammi who would be 16 inthree months, Dyllon, 13, Marie, 8, Tiera, 6, and last were the twins Harry and Drew who were 3. Inluding my mom that waseight people living under one roof. It got pretty hectic sometimes.

"What were you practicing for?"

"Wrestling; I'm gonna wrestle the butts off those other guys, right?"

Yeah. Sure. "Yes. You're gonna have to practice your own butt off a lot before you can wrestle someone else's off though, kid."

"I know." Dyllon puffed out his chest and put on his tough guy face. I had to cough to cover up my laughter.

"Is Sammi home yet?" I looked around the living and dining room since that was all I could see from the doorway I was still standing in.

Dyllon nodded. "Yeah, she's in her room. Mom walked out right as Sammi walked in."

Our mom worked the night shift at the nursing home down the street so that during the day she could take care of Harry and Drew while the rest of us were at school. I've told her a thousand time to take them to daycare and work the day shift so she can be home at night with us but I always get told the same thing. "Bev, you have to pay for daycare. How am I suppose to pay with no money? Look, once they start school with the rest of you, I'll work the day shift."

Only the twins wouldn't be starting full day school for another three years. And I knew she wouldn't start the day shift until they were in a full day of school setting.

"Hey Beverly, after dinner can you teach me that tackle move thing you do?"

Tackle move thing? "You're going to have to be more specific."

"Well don't know what it's called!"

"Is it like this?" I put him in a half nelson and pulled him to the ground then pinned him. One point Beverly, no points Dyllon.

"Hey! That's not wrestling! That's just mean, man!"

I laughed at him. "Keep thinking that." I got off him and went upstairs to find Sammi. She was in her room like Dyllon said with her music blasting. That girl was going to be deaf before she was thirty.

"Hey!" I hollared.

"Hi!" She called back.

"Turn it down! I need to talk to you!"

She paused the music and looked at me. "What?"

"Do you know Alexa Gregor?"

She shrugged. "We have fitness together but it's only our second week being at school so I'm not best friends with her or anything."

I guess I should've seen that coming. We had only been in school a week and two days. If I didn't know much about Alexa, how would Sammi have?

"All right. Thanks." I started to walk away but stopped when Sammi asked why. "I think she's flirting with me."

"Ooooh. Someone's got a wittle cwush!" she said in a mocking type voice.

"No because I'm really not intersting. I mean we just moved here a week ago. I'm still trying to find my way around that stupid school. Last thing I need is some girl I barely know hitting on me."

"Hey I'd take it as a compliment. Someone finally likes you!"

I gave her the bird.

"You're so mean to me." she hit play on her stereo and the music started blasting again. I covered my ears and walked out, closing the door behind myself.

I walked back downstairs and into the kitchen where Marie sat at the bar doing her homework. I missed third grade homework. It was so easy. Plus they didn't have the alphebet in there. Just plain, boring numbers.

Marie looked up at me as I dug around the fridge looking for something to cook for dinner. "Mom said she put some hambuger in there to thaw this moring so you could make Sloppy Joes."

Just as she said that I found the package of meat and pulled it out. It was big and kind of heavy but what do you expect when you have to feed seven mouths and still have some leftover for the eighth mouth when she got home? "Yep. I know." I set the package on the counter and opened the freezer where we kept the frozen veggie bags. "What veggies do you want?"

"Corn." She always wanted corn.

"We already ate the bag of corn. Pick something else."

She pouted. "Broccoli in cheese sauce."

I pulled it out, put it in the microwave and pushed start. Then I started the Sloppy Joes and Marie finished her homework. "Can you set the table for me Marie?"

"I set it Monday night."

"Then tell Tiera to do it and help her so she doesn't drop anything."

Dinner was the most hectic part of the day. It made me miss the cafeteria at school. Our dining room table wasn't big enough for seven people so the youngest ones, Marie, Tiera and the twins, sat at it and the older ones sat in the living room, me, Sammi and Dyllon. And then things got crazy.

Tonight, Tiera decided she didn't like broccoli in cheese sauce and refused to eat it. Harry dumped a bunch of his sloppy joe into his lap and I had to clean him up. Marie whined the whole time about being stuck with the little kids, which she did every night so it was really nothing new. And to top it all off, Dyllon was in charge of the remote for the night so we got stuck watching some stupid show Dyllon loved. Plus, after I got done cleaning Harry up, my food was cold.

Gotta love family.

Later that night, after putting the young ones to bed, Sammi, Dyllon and I stayed up and watched TV. Well, I actually got on my computer and looked up Alexa. Her status on Facebook said she was single even though when I checked this morning, it said in a relationship. And no, I wasn't stalking her. I was just wondering what she was all about, besides being a hopeless flirt.

She seemed normal-ish on Facebook, but something told me there was a whole different story to her real life.

Maybe if I found out that story she'd stop flirting with me. Or I'd make it worse and she'd flirt even more. But I knew that I had to try no matter what.

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