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the life of Stella sorvino, an immortal who fights boredom at every turn.
First time writing, decided to give it a go, please read and tell me what you think. I appreciate all observations, good or bad.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Soulless

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



\"Stella, Stella,\" she thought to herself as she walked the streets of the city she had loved, New Orleans. It was the richest city on Earth as far as she was concerned, the food, the people, most especially the people, had a flavor unlike anything else in the world. A pity it was such a young city, a mere 300 years old, none of the nobility or history of others she had visited. Perhaps that waswhy it was her favorite. \"You have walked this Earth for more years than even old Nabu himself could remember, its time for you to find something that will amuse you for more than a few years\" She always spoke to herself this way, it gave the feeling of not being alone. Over the years she had had thousands of hobbies and even jobs, but each one she perfected the more bored she became. As the world became more modern and 'civilized', she began to build empires. Starting as a small hole in the wall business and build it until it was bigger than all the others. When it reached its peak she would leave it to someone completely incapable of handling it and she would revel in its failure without her. Doing this for so many years with so many things eventually became as boring as everything else. Now here she was in modern day, or night as it was in the wee hours of the morning that she was walking. thinking of something else to amuse herself until the next big thing. Up ahead of her she heard someone walking. \"Now what fool has crossed my path at this time of night\"  She mused to herself. Quickening her pace to catch up with him she saw that it was a man who was very intoxicated. Turning as he heard the click of her heels, he smiled as he saw her lithe figure, and sharp, beautiful face. \" Care for some company this night, beautiful? \", he said walking unevenly in her direction. \"Only if you're certain you will survive the night\", she said, flashing him a smile that would have frozen the blood in his veins were he sober. Thinking he was the luckiest man alive, he slipped his arm about her waist and tugged her into the alley in front of them. There he started tugging at her clothes and kissing her, only realizing the error in his choice of companion when he felt her nails digging into the flesh of his throat. As he sank to the ground he looked up and saw that the lovely woman of moments before was gone, replaced by a creature with large white eyes and a gaping mouth filled with teeth that would be more at home in the mouth of a barracuda. His last thought as she ripped the flesh from his throat was that he had forgotten to feed his cat.

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