a tale of two thrones

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its a fantasy type story, witches and dragons and shapeshifting, kings and queens, and magick,

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the arrival

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Damien sat listening to what sounded like something in his mind a woman’s voice, he quickly looks behind himself thinking she was behind him, it was a whisper now and he thought it was the neighbors talking, shaking it off and going about his business snap out of it! a voice said, that woman’s voice rang in his head, there it was again that voice so soft so serene and dreamy with a lullaby-like beauty, he turned to the open bedroom door taking a few steps to peer around the corner into the hallway of the empty house,
I’m the only one here he thought to himself, I know..that voice rang in his mind, Damien walks out into the hallway and into the front room the music was going still, it was just instrumentals playing he thought again, looking around considering that the house was locked up and no one else was there with him, he went to the glass sliding door and turned the curtain and peered out into the grey sheet of fog, eerie he thought to himself, he drew a blank and waited maybe for that woman’s voice to speak again, he had heard stories of things about people who heard voices, scary he thought to himself, how so? Rang the woman’s voice this time not so soft and beautiful but like a concerned tone kind of offended,
 here she said, Damien whipped around from the sliding door thinking she was there this time, remembering he himself had done this before rendering himself invisible in an instant, what a great trick he thought, he could move around the empty house unseen, smart the voice said in his mind he stood still looking towards the sliding door where he was just standing a moment before was a woman stepping forward like appearing from a shadow, a witch the king thought, reaching out with his mind took hold of her and bound her to the spot and position she was standing holding her with his mind as if a giant hand had grasped her in place, a quick jab to a light like shield around her mind she was no match for the power of the  royals mind, what is your business here witch! he talked into her mind and she remained held by his grasp, how are you doing this human she replied with her own mind, its you he thought to her, the story about the hearts its you..you were telling me how the hearts work, yes she thought how are you holding me here human and where do you hide, you cant hide from me human, ahh but i can he thought you entered the wrong domain witch..ill lock you in one if those containers for this, only a royal has that power a thought came from her mind, show yourself she thought again and let me go human your mind must be getting tired of trying to keep me here like this, you cant hold me forever it takes mental and physical energy to use this kind of magick, some mortals are capable of minor use but you..how are you staying hidden again only the royals have the power to bind someone like this she said with her voice a thought went to her, like i said you entered the wrong domain witch! state your business witch!
 a voice came over the air a voice with no body to come from, she froze that voice i know that voice but it sounds..younger she thought, stop doing that a boy appeared out of thin air stop talking into my mind! what are you doing here witch, how did you find me? who are you? speak witch..still bound in place she stares at the boy standing before her, my majesty she said in faint whisper ive found you, he sat down on the couch and looked at her still bound in place. and what do you know about that! talk now! his voice rang with authority, my majesty she said again my name is day star standing bear im..one of the three shining stars,
 he cut her off,
 yes she said the locket she said you have it dont you, its time she said to Damien its time to take up the throne my king, what are you even talking about Damien said what are you saying? look at me  im a kid, im nineteen years old he said to day star, wow really! she replied me too..batting her eyes at him he shook his head and looked down at the coffee cup, my king her voice rang in his mind, he stood up and walked up to her where she stood bound by his mind still, if i let you go you tell me whats going on, why cant i remember you but your voice he said i remember that voice like from a dream he sat back on the couch putting his face in his hands that voice has haunted me for what seems like years, who are you he stood up again, talk witch! and the grip that grasped the witch tightened and she gave a squeek ok she said, let me go and ill tell you, the grip still quite tight she spoke into his mind again,
 my majesty..please..he looked up at her from where he sat on the couch, he released her, my apologies he said who are you he said calmly to her, she looked at him in awe my king whats happened to you she puts her hands on his cheeks looking at him, amazing.. it worked she said quietly, what he interupted her inspection of him, who are you he said again getting up and moving away from her she sat apologeticly looking down im sorry my king, some thought sprang of a woman in a white bandana, the queen he though and looked at day star you look like the queen he said, yes she said are you..here on business she said yes if you are who i think you are she said to Damien, then its time to seek out those hearts four only this time, he looked at her in confusion the hearts he said, you mean they're real..of course they are my king, stop calling me that im not this king or whatever, whats your name she said, Damien he replied Damien dark child, she sat quiet for a second so its true a thought rang into his mind again,
 stop that he said again, thats getting very annoying, whats true?
 he asked her tell me why you are here who are you, she looked into his eyes its true that back then you went by a different name or you really have a first name, dont we all he replied to her, not you she said to him you went by just dark child before..after umm..lets start from where you can grasp a better idea on what i am about to tell you uhh Damien,
in the past your past you were a king, along with..a beautiful long haired queen he said cutting her off again, yes she said, was that you? he asked her, no she said back, then why do you take her form than how is it that you look like her, ive seen her he said to day star, ive seen her in dreams he sat down beside her again, gazing out as if seeing one of those dreams, they're not dreams day star spoke into his mind, he looked over at her, then what he asked, memories she said to him memories of your.. well future self, you see im a witch and ive been looking for you my king, the old kings last order was to have his array broken and time of the darkness set back to before the redd king even ruled, you mean red sky he said out loud, my brother,
 younger brother red sky becomes a king, he disappeared a long time ago when i was..thirty five she said to him, he looked at her again you knew my brother where is he have you seen him he said, he..left day star told him he faded away thats how you came to be..crazy his thought rang loud into day stars mind, you're not crazy dark child she said out loud, he rose up off the couch and looked down at her dont call me that he said..dont ever call me that and the bind that held her before was holding her again and it lifted her up off the couch and pulled her to float in front of Damien he looked into her eyes you better start makin sense witch! and she she squirmed in the hold, who are you she said into his mind, maybe something like you he replied taking a step closer to look into her eyes,
so..what do we have here Damien? it spoke out and she floated frozen looking at him, demon she said begone..if red star finds you here she'll.. red star is the one who sent me the demon spoke cutting her off, into the king she thought, and then suddenly like a flicker of light the demon changed and there before a still floating day star stood lord Azraeal, demon she spat again whats your business here, where is the king what have you done with him, and then there was a wave and and two other women had appeared the demon knocked back by the blast of the witchs sudden appearance into the room, dawn star and red star had burst into the room like a gust of wind, demon red star stepped forward has he come yet?
 no my lady, Azraeal said to red star looking at day star, she said nothing of the matter, but red star asked her what she was thinking, you could have told me the demon was here! momentarily she replied back and she turned to Azraeal and raised a hand and he began to fade away always a pleasure serving you my lady he said before he was nothing, the hearts the pieces are they here dawn star can you sense them? yes said dawn star they're in that room she pointed at the wall, simoultaniously the three of them faded away.


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