Fallen Angel (A New Start)

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The Angel Of Night Fell For The Sins He Created.. What Could Be Any Worse?

But Is That All?


This is just a start... ;)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fallen Angel (A New Start)

Submitted: May 31, 2013

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Submitted: May 31, 2013



[A/N : This chapter has been edited]



My 16th birthday. Yea… Finally Stella has turned sweet sixteen. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Stella is me. I am a slim brunette who is the head cheerleader of my high school and I am known as a very wealthy girl.

After yawing and rolling all over my bed, I still was very sleepy and I dint want to go back to sleep, but it is not possible in my world. Giving up, I got off the bed to go see my gifts from my adopted parents – Lilly and Simon. I look at each huge gift and don’t even go and open any one of them. I just go and pick up the letter. I walk to my bed and am thinking of reading it. Every year ever since I was four there is a letter left for me, not that I really can read the old ones. I didn’t even read my first letter which I received when I was ten.

I am always keen on knowing more about my biological mom. Lilly had three sons but she has always wanted a daughter so when my real mom died she decided to adopt me. I was about four at that time.

As for my brother’s they are the best in the world but the most bugging. The eldest works as a manager in Dad’s company and his name is Terence and then there is Josh and Mike. My dad is the CEO of his iron and steel company which was established back when my dad was 18. I know early days right? But that’s the talent he had and now that talent is visible in Terrence. He was Twenty- Four years when he joined dad’s business and they both have been working really hard and making the business flourish. As for Mom she is a fashion designer for Gucci, she has been working with that brand since she graduated from Fashion School. Mom always designs my best outfits and her line of work is the most glamorous. Josh is in collage and Mike and I are in high school; Mike is a year older to me. High school always rocks. Mike and I go to Malabo’s High which is more like East High in High School Musical, you know that movie based on teenager’s who sing and dance.

I really want to read but today’s my birthday and being “Miss Popular” makes me want to rush. I am about to walk into my walk-in closet when Mom come bursting into my room, all ready to cuddle me.

‘Happy Birthday honey,’ she said and gives me a bear hug.

‘Aww... Mom thanks so much.’ I said hugging her back. I hated to be cuddled but with Mom it is a different story and I really didn’t mind.

I thought she was never going to stop hugging me until my phone saved me. It gives a loud beep saying I have a text message. I open to see who it was from when I saw the name Shelby. I guessed I was screwed today.

She wrote 3 words: GT RDY ASAP!

I decided to text her back: B DER IN A MIN!

‘Mom, I really need to get ready and get going. Shelby is boiling that I am late and we may even have squad practice for the home coming game.’ I tell her. She gives me a sweet pea kiss and leaves me alone in my room.

What to wear? The ultimate question. It always takes me forever to decide what to wear and when I have my eyes on my outfit, I pick them happily. I choose a black off sleeved top that goes well with my Gucci skirt and my usual bag that saves my day. I am staring at myself in the mirror when the stupid IPhone beeps again.

It is Shelby and this time she replies: I SAID ASAP!

I decide not to text her back this time, I stare at myself once more, today had to be perfect, after all it was my birthday, I loved how the blush on my cheeks matched my lips and how my eye makeup brought out the beauty of my eyes, but what I loved the most was the way my brunette hair fell straight all the way down to my waist, it’s really hard to manage long hair. But I loved mine and mom always said never cut this beautiful hair.

Once I was done staring at myself and making sure everything was perfect, I walked out of my room and down to the common hall where Dad and Terence are discussing about the meeting next weekend. They had been planning for this meeting ever since they got to know about the offer up in Manhattan. Dad wouldn’t leave a chance of increasing business and he believed it was time, Terrence had his own branch in iron and steel industries and Mom and Mike are in the kitchen grumbling about how many waffles he had for breakfast, one thing about mike, he was a big eater. It was hard to find food after Mike entered the kitchen, while Josh is nowhere to be found. I start walking towards the door, hopefully I can get away before anyone gives me anymore cuddles.

“Happy birthday Princess!” Mike calls out.

Everyone starts running over to me and after lots of hugs I finally got out of the house walking towards my sexy black Ferrari. She is a beauty and when I drive off to school I feel confident and wonder how bad my birthday can be.

Reaching the school ground I park in my usual spot and before I get out of my beauty I look at my beeping phone and there are 27 texts and 5 miss calls, all from Shelby. Why can’t that girl let me live for once, it was my birthday and an occasion like that came only once a year.

I shake my head and get out of my car but not for long when I hear Shelby’s voice.

‘Fuck you! You’re slower that a fat kid on crutches.’ She said walking up to me. Shelby is wearing a pink tank dress and her favorite stilettos. She is the same height with me and she has long straight black hair that falls till her lower back and amazingly light blue eyes, her makeup always brought about the beauty of her eyes. She is the second in charge of my cheerleading squad. She comes up to me and pulls me into an air hug.

‘BDW happy birthday Stel,’ she wishes me then gets back to texting one thing she could not live without was her cell phone. Oh and if you’re wondering what’s BDW it is the texting language for By the way, I never understood why she always used her sms language while talking in person. I thought I heard her say ‘target arrived’ so I decided to ask her, because it made no sense to me.

‘Huh?’ I ask, confused. ‘What target?’ She just smiles.

‘What do you mean?’ She answers my question with a question.

‘Shelby, please don’t act up if you don’t want to tell me. Don’t worry about it, just drop it.’ I say in annoyance and start walking off towards the class.

On the way to class we meet a lot of people and they keep wishing me ‘happy birthday’. That is another reason of being Miss Popular, everyone knows when is your birthday. Shelby and I are laughing and talking until we hear Erin shouts out, ‘Oh my, gosh! I am so goddamn if David Parker is studying with us!’

“No way!” There goes Shelby walking over to Erin who is with Lindsey – another girl from our squad.

Erin is a post below Shelby and me but she is a cool cheerleader. She is a little taller than Shelby and I and her hair color is opposite of Shelby, Erin has long blond curls and a small face which makes her look cute. As for Lindsey she is a brunette like me but she shorter than us. She is wearing her blank tank top and full jeans today.

I am so not interested in David talks or say any boy talks. They never are right with me and though David is an actor and a really hot one but he doesn’t take my heart like he does for the others when he takes off his shirt. Actually no one can really impress me, not that I didn’t like actors or someone young and handsome like Taylor Lautner but for me things are just different, I have never found the interest in dating and plus being in high school, where kissing or making out of school grounds was strictly prohibited and if even a rumor passed by that anyone was seen making out, one week suspension was bound to be given.

‘Erin, you’re too far. Shelby, nothing is left of you. Lindsey, I didn’t know you are obsessed with him too.’ I say shaking my head wondering why did everyone have to be so obsessed with a guy and go all giggly and get all tickled pink. Argh!! I found it gross.

‘Oh please, you’re just jealous because no boy hits on you like they do to us.’ I hear Erin shout and

‘Not true!’ I shout back ‘I’m not obsessed with boys like you guys are.’ I add and start walking away from there, trying to avoid further argument with Erin. I start walking to the cafeteria where I will meet my BFF Frida.

‘Hey Frida,’ I say, walking over to my best friend and also a team mate of mine. She is skinny and tall like me but fairer and with golden straight hair.

‘Hey, did you hear anything about David arriving?’ She asks me.

‘Yea, I just got news from Erin and Lindsey and you know how obsessed they are with him taking his shirt off. Anyway, you don’t look that happy why?’ I ask her, because normally she is mad over David since he has begun acting. Not mad the way Shelby and the others are but she has this huge crush on him. Like as if he was that boy, who would turn around and kiss you just because he thought it was cool. David was an actor and every other teenager had a crush on him, sometimes I thought she was obsessed with him. But then it wouldn’t sound right, actually with Frida it was different, there was this one time incident she faced with David when they ended up in the same lift. She was visiting her cousin who was staying in the same hotel as David. And they kind of bonded in the mater of 15 minutes. Her words not mine, so since then she has been obsessively crushing on him.

‘Not like that. I just can’t think that he will start talking with me and I bet you he won’t even remember me let alone know that I am crazy over him with so many girls around him every day.’ Frida says.

‘Well… I don’t know what to say to that,’ I drop the topic there and ask her to come and sit with me in Drama class because I know that the others will be giggling about David throughout the whole class and I am trying to avoid that as much as possible. Drama class is the only class I have with all my other team mates while the rest of the class only consist of a few of my team mates.

A funny start to my birthday, knowing that David Parker will be studying with us and Frida is going to be nervous all the time, I am lucky I have never thought of love, because love makes life so much more complicated.



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