Save The Last Dance

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: September 29, 2013

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Submitted: September 29, 2013



Chapter 11

[Megan’s POV]

“Sam, you should have messaged me first.” I hit him on his arm as soon as we were out of sight of the others. Today was Sasha and Tyler’s anniversary and I really wanted to surprise them with a small set up in the games room. Sam asked for permission from the Dean which wasn’t hard as Tyler was her son. As for the set up, Max and Lucas were already waiting in the games room for us.  You must be wondering when this discussion took place. And I must say even though it was last minute I knew this had to be the best.

2 hours back

After I read Max’s text I saw the date on the watch, shit today was the 14th which meant it was Sasha and Tyler’s 6 month anniversary and I had to plan something for my sister/ best friend. So after plotting a few things in my head I sent a broadcast message to everyone leaving out Sasha and Tyler.

Group Message To:

Sam; Max; Lucas; Avril; Sean; Boggs; Terry; Lyala

2day is the fourteenth,  Sash and Ty’s 6th month anni. Needa plan a surprise. Idea’s?


After sending the text I got up and washed my pate Lucas had already left for work and Sam was just clearing everything up before leaving, I waited for Sasha to get ready, we had uni in— “Shit” I glanced at the clock we were late.

“Sasha” I yelled “We are late get your lazy ass done here and lets get going now” I scream so that she could hear me, meanwhile I got everything ready and waited by the car after some time I saw Sasha practically running out of the house with one shoe on.

“Sorry” she mutter wearing the other shoe and jumps into the car. I take shot gun and ride with her, on the way I heard my phone beep. So I took it out to see who the message was from

1 New Group Message

Sam: How about I ask Mrs James if she can lend us the games room, for our little surprise?

Me: Great idea. Anyone Else??

I had to wait sometime for any of the others to reply, but while we were pulling up in school grounds my phone beeped again, I put it on silent and we ran to our first lecture. English the most boring lecture, anyways I got the last bench to sit on so I decided to text while our professor was teaching us the theory of criticism. I mean where was this going to help me anywhere, if I wanted to be a dancer? Never mind I pulled out my phone and saw

6 New Group Messages

Max: I spoke to Lucas. He says he can take a half day if we get the games room.

Avril: Balloons and Confetti's.

Terry: Good idea Av, Lyala and I think we can distract Sasha and Ty all the time.

Sean: How are we going to arrange all this before break?

Boggs: Cake. And I can be the DJ.

Lyala: Isnt that obvious Bogg.


These people were discussing all the upper crust what if the place only doesn’t set.

Me: Guys place first. Sam?

Lucas: I am in the middle of a meeting this is disturbing me, I am leaving, Sam and Max can fill me in on the plan. After an hour, bye.

Lucas Left Group

Me: Okay now back to original plan. Sam?

Sean: Damn it Sam reply.

Max: Argh!! I will get the Balloons and the Cake, Place and Time? Personal Message Me. I am in my lecture, leaving group.

Max Left Group

Me: Sam?

Sam: Stop pestering me Megan. I made the call Mrs James gave us the permission for the old games room.

Avril: That is great. Now what all is needed?

Me: Cake. Confetti. Balloons. Music.

Boggs: Music done.

Sean: Cake, Con and Balloons done.

Terry: Distraction Done.

Lyala: Ditto twin. :)

Sam: Cool so everything is set, now whats the plan Meg?

Me: Okay, get Max and Lucas to come to the game’s in 2 hours and start setting up, during the break you come get me and I will leave with you. Once break is done, Avril and Sean can come to the games room. While Terry and Lyala can distract the couple, Boggs when do Proxie Class?

Boggs: After this one I am free.

Me: Then you go and set up the music, today is party time :P

Boggs: Done. Bye

Boggs Left Group

Sean: Done. Bye

Sean Left Group

Avril: Done. Ciao

Avril Left Group

Terry: Yes Boss

 Lyala Left Group

Terry Left Group

Sam: Cya

Sam Left Group

Group Deleted


Once the group discussion was done I looked up to see what was going on in class I got so involved in my cell phone that I had no idea what was being taught. Our Prof was still discussing the fact of how one must take criticism positively and not let it effect our target. My phone vibrated and I looked down to see who messaged me.

1 New Message

Max: I got the itinerary for today from Sam, will get my share of the work done. Xx

Me: Okay. Xx

Max: Xx

Once all the planning for the day was done, I sat sleepily in class waiting for the lecture to end and I go for my salsa class.


Back To Present Time

“You asked me to come and get you, not call you first” Sam argues

“Isnt that common sense” I argue back

“Okay I am sorry” Sam say giving up on the argument.

“Much better” I say walking into the Old Games Room where most of the balloons were blown and ready to be put up the center table was set the cake was already kept and there was a heart balloon over it, which said Congratulations. My brother’s could be creative, there was this smile of success on my face when I saw how good the room was looking. Boggie was sitting with his laptop setting the music and Lucas was busy setting up the ribbons, wait a minute I never mentioned ribbons to them, wow nice choice.

“So what do you think?” Max asks me

“Amazing” I sounded so excited, just then I heard the bell ring and I knew lunch was over, Sean and Avril would be here soon, suddenly there was a strong vibrating sensation from my bag, argh my phone. I pulled it out. It flashed Jason Evans calling

“Hello” I say receiving the call

“What’s going on?” Jason asks “You left, Sasha seemed worried” he says

“Jason, I am so sorry” shit I forgot to add him in the group chat, damn it. “Actually can you come alone to the Old Games room, if you know where it is” I say

“Oh yeah, I do, okay will be there” he says and cuts the line.

“Who was it?” Max asks, inquisitive as always

“It was Jason” I say

“Hmmm” is all he said and walked off to help Lucas, I saw the door open and Jason walked in.

I walk up to him, he seemed surprised and confused at the same time “I forgot to tell you” I say “Today is Sasha and Tyler’s Six month anniversary and so I thought of planning a small surprise for them”

“Okay, so this is why you just walked off?” he asks


“Megan, you do remember you have work after university?” he asks

“Yeah, so I will be going direct to work from here” I let him know

“Cool, so where should I help” he asks.

“Here” Sam says holding up a few balloons “We need to put these up” he tells Jason, so that’s that, Jason walks up to Sam and they start working on the balloons when I see Sean and Avril walk in.

“Finally” I run up to them “What do you think?” I ask them

“The Boys are amazing” Avril says “Great Job Fellows” she calls out to all the boys working around.

“So what next Meg?” Sean asks

“Let’s prepare a small you know photo presentation”  I say

“Where are we going to get their picture’s?” Sean asks

“I have them” Avril tells us

“Wow great lets begin” I tell her

After a long look through the million photographs they had and setting them in order of the time and date we made a whole presentation on there 6 months, it stared of with a small quote

“When we first met I honestly had no idea, you would be so important to me”

Through out the slide show there were small saying’s about their love, it was believed that 6 months of a relationship was a big deal. Once we watched the slide show to check if it was perfect or if anything was missing, I asked them to text Terry and tell her to get them here making some excuse or another. This had to be the best surprise anyone ever planned, I looked around at all my friends, this was my family and everything about them was just perfect, I love them so much. I smiled thinking of how complete I felt right now.













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