Save The Last Dance

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 04, 2013





“Why have you brought us here?” Sasha asks Terry. I was hiding with the others and the room was in darkness, even in the middle of day the Games Room was in darkness.  “What was so important?” she asks, so much of inquisitiveness and confusion in her voice.

“I was told that Megan fainted here” Terry says, wow what a great actress but seriously fainted? Why do they make me sound so week. Irritation was what I felt.

“What the hell and you telling us now?” Tyler was furious

“Yeah” Lyala acts as if she dint know anything, I motioned for everyone to get out before the situation gets tense and suddenly we all screamed “Surprise” and turned on the lights. Sasha was so stunned and Tyler stood looking at all of us in confusion. Ha perfect surprise.

“Fuck” Sasha says holding her hands over her heart, something one would do when they were scared.

“You guys” Tyler looks around “Thank you so much”

“Don’t thank us, it was all Megan’s idea” Sean says

“Awww… babe I love you” Sasha comes and gives me a hug.

“Haha love you more honey” I pull her into a warm hug “Congratulation Sash and Tyler” I wish them and followed by me the others did the same.

“But seriously, you guys there wasn’t any need for this” Sasha says

“There was” Avril says “Six months is a big deal” she adds

“Okay now, no getting all sentimental, let’s cut the cake” Lucas says.

Max and Sam got the cake table in the center under the heart balloon and we all sang the congratulations before they cut the cake and Jason burst the balloon over them, this happy moment would remain forever in my life. My friends, my only family and the best one anyone could ever have. The room was filled with joy. That joy people get at wedding or at a new born baby celebration, for me this was what mattered. The Confetti's fell on Tyler and Sasha’s head and they looked up before meeting eachother’s eyes the love I saw in their eyes, made my heart jump. That’s the kind of love I wanted, suddenly my eyes drifted to Jason who was staring at me, when our eyes met he smiled and looked away, why did he do that? Why was I always catching him staring at me?

“First you” Sasha’s voice distracted me I looked to see she held a piece of cake for me to bite on

“Thank you” I say after taking a bite. She moves to give Lucas, Sam and Max before she gave the others.

“This was an amazing surprise you guys” Sasha says “I dint even know you’ll remembered the date”

“Megan did” Terry says

“And she planned all of this today morning” Lyala says

“Oh guys without you all this wouldn’t be possible” I say smiling at each one of them, but my eyes stopped only at Jason, why was this happening to me?

“Music time” Boggie yelled from the other side and he played We cant stop b y Miley Cyrus, that was one of her best songs. We swayed to the beats, I was enjoying myself and I loved each moment.


“Ms. Pierce” my boss called out as I walked into Starbucks, for my shift and I was fifteen minutes late. But I am always on time, so why was he asking to meet me?

“Yes” I say walking up to him

“A minute in my office” he says and walks in and I follow behind him.

“Is there a problem, Sir?” I started to panic, I could not afford to loose this job.

“Please sit down” he says “See, you are doing a great job, but we have to cut down on some staff and Ms Pierce, we know you have school, so when I spoke to the other staff they said, you just do a part time and I am sorry to say but you will have to leave the job.” I stare at him, why me? I always did all my work, so what if I could be there eight full hours?

“Sir, I really need this job” I plead

“Ms Pierce we understand, you have your reasons, but its recession and we really don’t need much staff” he says “I am sorry, but may I have your batch and apron” this was a rude way to cut someone off when he hasn’t even paid me for this month.

“May I have my payment for the days I have worked” I say

“You will get only half the amount as you have worked less number of hours and days lately” he says and places my payment envelope, I place my apron and batch. I turn and as I was walking out he called out “Ms Pierce, the uniform too” he says

Okay now this pissed me off. I walked off to the washroom and changed into normal attire and went and gave him the cloths and got the hell away from that place, just because other staff said I work less, he threw me out, but in that less time I did more amount of work that any of the others.

When I walked silently down the street, I saw kids playing around in the nearby park and one kid was throwing a ball towards a guy who looked a lot like Jason, I stopped in my part and kept staring, suddenly that guy turned, oh boy was I right and as if he saw me he waved out and asked me to come towards him, so I did, suddenly even though I dint want to go, my legs walked towards him.

I smiled as I approached him “Hey” I say

“Hey” he says “I thought you were at work”

“I was” but I got fired, I heard my conscience attacking my head.

“Then, left early?” he asks but before I could answer him, that little kid came running up to him with the ball.

“Hi, I am Nick” he says shyly to me

“Hello Nick, I am Meg” I tell him

“Would you like to play with me and Jase?” he asks

“Sure thing” this was the only way I could avoid the question.

We walked to three different parts of the play ground and Nick threw the ball to me and I was supposed to throw it to Jason. That kid was cute, he must have been Jason’s sisters son. After some time I saw a women walk towards us and Nick screamed mom and ran to her, I watched as she hugged him and smiled at Jason.

“Jason, honey who is your friend?” she asks

“Umm.. this is Megan, from my school” Jason says

“Oh hello Megan, I am Jason’s—“Sister” Jason cuts in, how rude of him!

“Yes, that’s who I am” she says a bit stunned

“Its nice to meet you umm” I dint know what to say, because she dint tell me her name, but she got my hesitation

“Rosette” she smiles “Call me Rosette”

“Nice to meet you, Rosette” I exchange a warm handshake.

“Like wise” she gives me a flashy smile, here light blue eyes sparkled and her blonde up-tide hair looked so perfect. Nick looked a lot like her but Jason dint, I wonder why?

“Megan I am sorry but I guess I have to get home, should I drop you?” Jason’s question stopped my inquisitive mind.

“Oh no I can manage” I say smiling

“You sure, we can drop you” Rosette says

“Thanks a lot, but I have a few things to do first” I tell her

“Okay take care, nice meeting you again” she says before walking off

“So I will see you in school tomorrow then?” Jason says it sounded more like a question

“Yes and also after school, we have to start with this Saturdays Dance Off as its already Wednesday” I tell him

“Yes” he says “Bye” he waves me a bye before disappearing behind the bushes in the park which lead to the parking area. I decided to spend a little time in the park and clear off my mind before going back home. This way I wouldn’t have to tell anyone, I lost my job.




Today Megan was acting so weird I wonder whats wrong with her?

“Jason” Rosette calls out

“Yes” I say from the sofa. I haven’t budged from there since we got home, there was no way I was going to get up and do anything till I completed this level in ‘Call of Duty’ my favorite video game.

“Honey come help me set the dinner table” she says. Wait a minute dinner table? Since when did we start living like a family?

“Whats the occasion?” I ask wondering why she wanted me to help her with family dinner and all that bullshit.

“Jason, I am your mother and you cannot question me like this” her voice was harsh and it was like she was ordering me

“Mrs Evans, I really don’t have time for bullshit” she was pissing me off

“Jason, I dint mean to sound rude, but someone is coming over and you have to pretend to be our son” she says.

So this is why she forced me so much to make this house look like a family, I got up to help her just in time for my supposed father Mr Evans to walk in, he seemed moody

“They are not coming, so drop the act” Mr Evans says

“Why did they cancel?” Mrs Evans asks

“Because they found out about your little act with that Willington” his voice was fierce and it seemed this was going to go on, I decided to skip away from this husband and wife fights.

“Don’t blame me Walter” Rosette screams at him “You are responsible for this, you want to get a better business and you started this, you asked me to sleep with the guy you hated so that you could take over his company and it went on and on till I finally decided to do it without you forcing me and then you tell me I am responsible. When you were away this time, you emailed me and told me the Willington’s were in town and you even sent that Willington boy home and now you blame me, so what if I am your wife just so you could get my father’s property and so that Nick could have a father, doesn’t mean I am your personal prostitute I am so done following your orders” she was sobbing, after I heard her say what she just did I couldn’t move away I froze in my place, this was all Walter’s idea?

“You better shut your mouth now” Walter caught her hand and I thought he was going to hit her but she pulled her hand out of his grip and slapped him.

“Walter one thing you forgot, you only have one company on your name the rest is on Nick’s name even this house is on my name, so get the fuck out right now, I have had enough of your games” that’s the woman I never knew, that’s the protective mother I had seen.

“You dare throw me out—“You get out or I will call the police” she yells Walter was taken back by this change and so he just gave up and walked out of the house with the one bag he traveled in. As soon as he was out of sight, Rose fell to the ground and started crying, I walked up to her and helped her till the sofa, it was good that Nick was at Rosette’s best friends place tonight.

“Sorry you had to see that” she says between the sobs

“Its okay Rose” I say “I understand this situation”

“Jason, do you know how old I am?” she asks

Why this sudden question?

“No ma’am” I reply

“I am Twenty-Seven years old” she says “I had Nick when I was seventeen and my boy friend left me when he found out I was pregnant, Walter Evans was my father’s best friend and he offered to marry me. I dint have a choice, I couldn’t say no because my parents were disgraced by me” she sobs some more “You’re like my younger brother and I always feel good around you, earlier with Megan I was going to say I am your sister only, I wouldn't tell anyone I'm your foster mom.” I smile not knowing what to say.

“Thanks Rose” was all I could say

“Do you like her?” she asks

“What?” I was a bit stunned with her question

“Do you like Megan Pierce?” she asks again

“I guess so, but I am not supposed to fall in love, you know the reason” I leave out most of the explanation because she already knows my secret.

“Don’t worry, it will all work out” she says before getting up and “I must sleep, it’s a long day tomorrow, I have to get the divorce done with Walt and secondly, I must let the world know I wasn’t a desperate house wife” she says before walking off.

That’s true she was a woman who did what she did because she had too and I respect her. She was an amazing mother and a wonderful friend, Walter Evans could go to hell. I sat back on the sofa, dinner went down the drain and I dint feel hungry anymore, I decided to play Call of Duty all over again when my phone beeped telling that there was a new message






I wondered what Carl wanted from me and how he kept changing his mobile number’s. I picked up my keys and jacket from the side table and drove to the dead end we called Offside road. There waiting was a navy blue SUV I turned off my headlights and walked out to that car and jumped into the passenger seat.

“Jason” Carl's voice sounded terrified

“Why call me here?” I asked

“Marcus was spotted” he says

“Where?” now I was terrified

“Three towns away, but I don’t know whether he is coming in or has past out” Carl says “Jason stop hanging around that girl”

But all I could think about was keeping her safe but how would I do it without telling her? How was I going to protect the girl I am falling for from her own past? I dint care how, I just had to do it. I stepped out of the car with no explanation and got into mine, I had to go right away, I am not going to risk it this time.

[Authors Note: hello reader, what do you think? what will he do to protect her? any guesses, thank you for reading :) XoXo ]

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