Save The Last Dance

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 18, 2013



[A/N: Hey, i hope you readers are enjoying the chapter's, hope you like this one too, because the first half of a secret is out. Enjoy :D ]


Chapter 3

I practically ran to class, since I totally forgot about detention. Damn, by the time I reached the class room the teacher had already arrived and was giving me a sour look. I said my sorry when I spotted Sasha she was sitting with an irritated look on her face, I sat behind her. Since this was detention and I couldn't’t talk to her so I decided to write it on a piece of paper and pass it to her.

I scribbled what’s wrong?

She took awhile to pass the chit back but then when she did it was one long message leave it to Sasha to gabber, I sighed before reading

It’s Tyler, I asked him to get us out of detention as you had work and I had stuff but he just refused to even try it and now we are stuck in this detention class and add to that, I have a doubt he is seeing someone. Argh!!!!

I thought I would kill myself then and there, dating someone, they haven’t been going out for long and she was worried about him cheating on her, as if that could be possible. Cheating on Sasha meant getting beaten up by her 3 brothers. Lucas, Sam and Max, leaving with Sasha and her brothers was tough but fun too. I thought of giving one of my smart ass comments

Oh honey, sometimes I wonder whether I should be worried about you or just pity your choices. Hence, the no dating rule babe.

I knew that was a bit mean but really I think she should just chillax a bit and live life. Too much of boy stuff she was getting herself into. I rolled my eyes as I pass the chit to her. But to my surprise she comes up with something better

Oh Fine. I’ll just date myself then ;) What say?

I couldn't’t believe my eyes and I stared at the paper for a whole long minute before I could reply to her, first time did I see Sasha using sarcasm. But this was going to be fun to watch. That’s it I found the perfect words to make us life a better life. I decided to text it back to her but the bell rang which meant detention was over, oh my god, we both survived one hour of detention. I jumped up before anyone else and I pulled Sasha as fast possible to get out of there and feel the freedom I wanted to feel right now.

“Oh god Meg, you’re insane” she says

“Oh honey, I don’t surfer from insanity, I cherish each moment of it” I say winking at her “Now let’s go” I tell her pulling her arm and practically running out of the university. It was my freedom time and I wanted to feel the summer sun on my skin. I wanted to sun dance.

“Where are we going?” Sasha suddenly asks

“Sun Dance” I tell her and she gives me this look, that clearly states why dint you think of it before. “Haha babe it’s time to get crazy” I hoot and start my engine to a roar while we drive to the Sun Dance party, well this wasn't’t planned but Boogie was a Deejay over there today and so I already had the passes.

“But,” she says

“What?” I ask her

“I don’t want to go in this” she says looking down at her outfit, I turn to look at her and she was almost like a disaster, full jeans a shirt pulled over a black bunged, so not Sasha party wear.

“Don’t worry”

“What do you mean?” she seemed confused

“Look at the back seat babe” I tell her surprising her with the summer wear I picked for both of us, I wants planning for sun dance but I did plan was the Sun Down Rave party in three days so bought this for then but now we will rock today’s party too.

“Oh my god” she squeals “they are so cute” holding out the short halter dresses which were filled with flowers and everything that stated summer.

She climbed into the back seat and changed into her dress, I dint have to do that as I was wearing my shorts and a black tank top I had my sunglasses in the back and my flip-flops. I pulled up in the parking lot before taking the back gate in; we could hear the loud progressive tracks playing while we entered and the crazy crowd dancing, with a glass of beer in their hands. Living in Miami had a benefit, the beach parties. We walked to the drinks counter and showed our passes and got the shots down.

I looked around to spot any of my classmates or any of our friends but I guess they were in, the sun was perfect and I wanted to dance. I pulled Sasha onto the dance floor grooving to the beats of the amazing electronic track.

Suddenly the song changed and the new one was “Drinking from the bottle” by Calvin Harris, I started jumping on the beats, suddenly feeling so much energy in my body. The music was so insane and the crowd was mad, Sasha was saying something but I could barely hear her. Then she pointed towards the side line, Sean was there with a few of the boys so she said we should go talk to them. I agreed and walked over with her Sean spotted us half way and waved a big way, the boys were doing something but I couldn't’t make out what it was. But as I got closer I saw what they actually were doing, they were rolling a joint. I walked over to Sean and gave him a hug before waving to all his bunch of friends.

“When did you two come?” he asks

“Just sometime back” I say “Sean?”

“Yeah?” he seemed stoned already but he still was in his mild senses

“Roll one for me” I say “It’s been ages and I want one”

“Meg” Sasha gives me the worried look

“I am fine” I tell her “I just want one, not more”

“You remember the last time you said just one?” she tries to jog my memory over the last time we partied and I went overboard with the marijuana that I passed out for 3 days.

“Yeah, I do” I inform her “But I can control now” I assure her

“Okay then” Sean says “here you go” he offers me the big joint he just rolled. “You be the one to fire start it” he says handing me the lighter and I do as he said putting the joint to my lips and firing it. Oh it felt good, the feel of smoke on my lips and in my troth, it had been 7 months since I touched a cigarette let aside a joint, I only drank occasionally. But this time I had to promise myself not to go overboard because after all I was a drug addict who just got out of rehab.

“Easy girl” one of Sean’s friend said.

“Easy Razor” Sean gives him this weird look “don’t scare her”

“Then baby girl shouldn't’t do it” Razor says.

Before Sean and he could get into an argument I handed Razor the joint “I am fine, thanks for your concern” I mock him

He doesn’t say anything just takes the join and smokes it before passing to the other guys, once we were done, Sean joined Sasha and me to the dance floor and we were dancing to the tunes of Avicii. Damn I was enjoying ourselves till we spotted Max. Oh no this was not going to be good, he dint have a problem with us drinking but right now I was stoned badly and Sasha was partially gone.

“Sash” I say “Max” I point towards her brother before I felt Sean griping my arm and pulling us in the other direction.

“Damn that was close” Sasha says

“Yeah, dead meat close” I give my sarcastic comment before settling down on the side walk seat of the beach, hell the music was driving me crazy and I was enjoying each moment of it. Perfect Insanity, to the freaking fullest, this entire Sun Dance was going to be one epic day, whatever was left of it I mean. As the beat comes closer I shake my hands up high moving every limb of my body to the beats of the songs.

I was having fun, but I felt as if someone was watching me so I turned to see and there he was Jason Evans staring at me, which truly meant I was horribly stoned and he noticed it. Shit.


[A/n: woah did anyone see this coming? Nah!! i dont think so. Wait for the next chapter :P ]

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