Save The Last Dance

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 22, 2013




[Sorry it has taken me forever to upload, but i have just been so tied down with Uni and stuff.

Hope you enjoy reading this chapter :)  ]


Chapter 4

I couldn’t get my ass out of bed the next day and being a Sunday I dint bother to until Sasha’s brother Max storms into our room. I barely opened an eye, I dint bother to ask him what he wanted cause I was used to Max storming in and out of the room I stayed in. Sasha asked me to move in with her when I got out of rehab so she could take care of me and she really wanted another girl in the house of guys. Sasha’s parents passed away 5 years back and Lucas being the eldest was looking after his family. Lucky for Sasha though I shouldn’t say this, they were rich and they dint face any problems with living, Lucas forced Sasha to get me home, when she shared my drug addict story.

“Meg” Max pondered around me and now it was getting a bit bugging.

“What?” I manage to ask him

“Your smoking again” Max asks angrily when I shoot up into an upright position did he see me yesterday? Or do I still look stoned?

“Now why would you ask me that?” I tried to act innocent her only started tapping his foot and gave me an angry stare

“Wait till Lucas is back” Max was now trying to push some button to get me to tip of the secret but I wasn’t going to do that. I only smirked at him and went back to lying down. I suddenly felt the bed sink to the side which meant he sat on the bed. Max and I had a bond way more than the others in the house, he understood me and I enjoyed his company, but I even believed he had feelings for me and that I dint want so I kept my distance.

“Max, I don’t know what’s got into you but seriously I have not started smoking” I clear cut lie to him “Where is Sash?” I ask changing the topic; I slide towards the bed side table to get my phone. Shit! It was 2:30 pm I had really slept in and I was going to be late for work. I dint bother to look at Max and I jumped of my bed and rushed into the closet grabbed a pair of jeans and my Starbucks employees t-shirt and into the washroom.

“Meg, I don’t know what you up too. But just to warn you, I saw you smoking a joint yesterday at the Sundance and I even asked Sash and you know how she never can lie to me. She told me you had it under control so I won’t do anything about it, but please be careful this time. Sash is at Tyler’s and I think you need to get there as soon as your work is over, Tyler’s dad passed away” Max says I froze at the words ‘passed away’ now that is why he must have been acting weird.

“Yeah I will” I called out from the bathroom after I finished brushing my teeth and showering I pulled on my cloths and brushed my hair, when I walked out of the bathroom, Max wasn’t in my room, I felt so relieved. But I am surely going to kill Sasha for ratting me out, but that for later, first work and then to Tyler’s place which was more important. I walked out onto the street grabbing my bag and my bus pass. The boys insisted I got a car for myself but I refused. I wasn’t in that much need I liked traveling by bus, more public so I was safer there.


Work was boring today, not much of crowd because of the Sundance yesterday most of the youth for sure was recovering from hangovers. I however did the cashier today and finished fast with all the accounts, once I was done with my shift I caught the bus to Tyler’s place. I had to pay my respects after all he was a guy from our group.

Tyler’s house is really large, I walked up to the front room where many of Chance University students sat, paying respects to Late Cornell James. Mrs. Valeria James our dean sat on the couch next to her husband’s body weeping. I went to give my condolences and then walked in further to find Sasha and the rest of my friends.

I walked a little further to find a huge table of the wake food and a few more people and student scattered around, as I walked ahead I found Sasha in one corner but no Tyler. This was strange, I walked up to Sasha and sat down next to her, she was weeping.

“Sash, what’s wrong?” I ask her, I know stupid question at such a time, but Sasha wasn’t the type to cry at someone else relatives funeral.

“He doesn’t want to talk to anyone, not even me.” She says looking straight in my eye. He mascara was all spread and it looked like she was crying for hours, but what was she telling me, before I could ask her she spoke again “Tyler has locked himself in the room and is not moving out or talking to anyone.” Tears roll down her eyes. I let out a deep sigh; there was nothing anyone could really do. But I thought I’d give it a try I walked up to Tyler’s room and knocked a few times, suddenly the door opened and he stepped out, looking like hell, he gives me a fake smile and walks up to Sasha. I watch the too as she lifts her head to meet his eyes, he doesn’t say anything just smiles at her before picking her of the chair. I knew this was my cue, I turned to go find the others if I could.

On my search I bump into the most unexpected person. “Sorry... umm... Jason” I say realizing who I bumped into.

“Watch where you going?” he says rudely then realizes who it was “oh umm... Megan... umm sorry I had no idea it was you” he stammers and his voice suddenly gets soft.

“I am truly sorry I wasn’t looking” I say hoping he wouldn’t start asking questions about yesterday.

“Ah, umm yeah its okay” he says “It's sad, isn’t it the way his father past away” he says

“Yeah I know” I just stammer and my thoughts wonder to the sight of Tyler’s face.

“Umm, Megan, Can I ask you something?” he says, the tension starts building up inside me. Oh god please don’t ask it

“Yeah” I manage to say

“Would you like to go grab a cup of coffee some time?” He says. Wait what I wasn’t expecting this, fuff I am safe.

“Umm yeah sure” I say “When?”

“Today after the funeral” he says

“Umm today is a bad time, uni is closed tomorrow. How about tomorrow after work?” I say trying to sound as normal as possible.

“Okay. Deal” he says before bringing his hand forward indicating a hand shake. I took his hand and shook it before walking away from there saying a small bye.

“What did he want?” Sean asks pointing towards Jason.

“Nothing really just casual” I lie; I wasn’t going to tell my friends I was going out with him for a coffee tomorrow. I dint know why he wanted to meet me or even go on a coffee with me but I just hope he doesn’t ask me about the other day.

The rest of the time I spend with Tyler’s family at the wake, then with my friends and finally with Sasha’s family, Max told me she decided to stay over at Tyler’s place so I had the room to myself tonight. I climbed into bed tired from the day’s event. Letting out a big yawn I pulled the blanket up and drifted into a sound sleep.


Next morning was all a rush since I woke up late, I had an early shift at the cafe and Sasha wasn’t back yet. So I just got dressed into my Starbucks uniform and rushed to the cafe for my morning shift. Today after work I had to meet Jason at the Costa Cafe, I personally thought this was not a good idea but I had no option so I quietly played along.

Work was as usual boring with a few customers coming in and out and the cashier business at the end. Once my shift was complete I dragged myself to the washroom to get changed. I pulled on a mini dress and my pink matching slippers. I wasn’t much of a fashion freak. I re-checked myself in the mirror before walking out and walking down to Costa’s. Just as I am approaching I spot Jason, damn can that boy get any hotter. The Jacket and jeans looked so perfect over his body and the sexy white t-shirt he wore and oh his eyes were a die for, he was leaning against his car and as he spotted me, he walked up to me and did a little hand shake with me, he dint hug me after the first time when I reacted so bad. Stupid me

“How are you today?” he asks

“Doing good, you?” this was a good normal conversation I guess

“Fine, how are Sasha and the rest holding up?”

“I haven’t really spoken to her she stayed over at Tyler’s” I let him know while he guides me into the coffee bar and chooses a spot at the far end.

“Oh that is good, for Tyler I mean” he says

“Yeah everyone thought so” so we talk about almost everything under the sun, from music to studies, boys to crushes, ex’s to heartbreaks, love to flings. We laughed allot and enjoyed every minute.

“So I just have one more question” Jason says as he puts down his cup of coffee.

“Umm...hmm what?” I ask him sipping on my own coffee.

“I thought I recognized you” he suddenly says and I stare at him blankly, not getting what he meant.

“What do you mean?” I ask him

“The first time I saw you, I thought I recognized you” he says

“Aha, from where?” my answers were casual wondering if I had ever seen this guy before, but I wasn’t really recalling anything.

“Rehab” he says, it took me a while to register what he just said, I stared at him with utter shock on my face, did he just say Rehab, how could he have, he is supposed to be a transfer student. Then how?

I was scared and more over tensed and worried, because he just mentioned my worst nightmare, “Rehab”. 


[Woah where did this come from? any one thought that he would have seen her before. Rest in Peace Tyler's dad :(
Wait for the next chapter it surely has a lot of suspense in it :D



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