Save The Last Dance

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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[A/N: i have edited it to the best if you still find any spelling mistakes let me know i am sorry but i type in a hurry and sometimes i do make mistakes. Human after all :P Enjoy Reading :D]





“Aha, from where?” she asks me and I was biting my tongue not wanting to bring up this topic but since I had already seen her smoking pot the other day, I thought I just get straight and tell her what I know. I could make out there was a bit of nervousness on her face and so I lowered my voice as I answered her.

“Rehab” I say looking straight into her eyes, she became blank, not just by facially reactions but it was as if she had seen a ghost all the colours from her face were gone. I waited patiently for her response I dint want to rush her into a mental break down.

“Its not possible” she says after some time of silence. “You couldnt have seen me there, you are a transfer student” she still seemed shit scared, nor did she deny her presence at rehab, but it just caught my mind that I just let out a secret I wasnt supposed to talk about. Damn I am a transfer student here, shit what did I just do.

“Yes I am a transfer student” I say “But I umm- you know- was like umm- visiting a friend” damn did I stutter.

Suddenly her face lightened up and she let out a deep sigh and then slouched, god did this girl do, that often, this must have been her third sigh in 2 minutes. I watched as her reflexes twitched and un-twitched with her each precise movement.

“Jason” she seemed to start a sentence but suddenly facing the loss of words shut her mouth and sighed yet again. “What I am going to tell you next shall not be repeated by you to anyone or I swear I will hunt you and kill you” she says, I know this little miss perfect cant spoil anything of mine yet I acted to be scared, by faking ‘ohh I am scaredd’ she shrugs at me and sighs again before continuing what she was actually saying. “Yes I was in Rehab” she says

Oh my god she admitted it, Rehab for drugs, I knew it was her who I saw but she has improved alot from the time I spotted a skinny blond with blue eyes digging in the backyard of the institute.

“I knew it” I say with out realizing the tone I spoke in a few people around us turned giving me a stare I mutter sorries and look back at her. She was shaking her head and giving me a smirk.

“So as I was saying, I was in rehab for a year” she says then runs her hand to her lovely blond hair “But I finished my treatment and so I got out, havent smoked since forever, yes I did smoke the day of the Sundance Beach party. But that was just a one time thing I do not do drugs anymore.” I dint get a chance to ask her anything she rushed with her answer and then before I could speak up her phone burst into the loud ringtone of “Escape” by Enrique.

“Hello” she spoke into the phone, I couldnt make out who she was talking to but I tried listening into the conversation. “No, I am out” she continues on the line with an irritated look “Yes I will get it” she sighs, yet again “I know I havent forgotten” he tone got irritating which proved the person on the other side had to be one of her relatives. “Max I am not a kid anymore, I told you I will get your damn burger so shut the hell up and let me live” she says before swearing and cutting the line.

“Sorry about that” she looks at me giving me half a smile.

“No issues younger brothers tend to get irritating” I say

“Umm, wasnt younger and wasnt my brother” she says

“Oh umm sorry, I should have asked you before making conclusions” I say

“Thats Max Rose, Sasha’s older brother” she says

“Your boyfriend?” I dont know why on earth I asked her that question but I just did.

“Max and me, oh no way he is too fatherly to be a boyfriend I think her other brothers are somewhere better” she says laughing at my question, I dint quite understand this girl.

“ if you arent dating him and he sure isnt your brother, why are you taking a burger for him?” I ask him now curious about her even more than before.

“Because I live with them” she casually says “And if I dont get home in twenty, Max wont stop calling me, so can we leave the questions for later?”

“Yeah no issues, go ahead” I tell her.

“Today was a good day, but please dont mention about Rehab to anyone” she says before waving me buy and skipping off to the nearby Fast Food joint. I really had nothing to do now so I walked back to my apartment.


I woke up with the ridiculous ringtone, who the hell changed my ring tone again. I searched for my phone to find it in the drawing room but the ringing dint stop “Hello” I say, I knew my voice sounded hoarse and my hair must have been a mess

“Umm...Jason” damn it had to be him, I barely thought he finally gave me some time to breath but then again he made this call.

“What is it now?” I ask him in the rudest tone I knew

“I thought it would be good to check up on you” he says

“Dave, I appreciate the care and concern but we both know I'm not a kid anymore I am 20 freaking years old” I tell me parole officer as he had clearly not understood the agreement made by the Marshals.

“Jason, I know I am supposed to call you just once in a month and I have called you three times this week, but we both know who is walking the streets and we dont want him messing with you again.” He says

“Dave, I really appreciate it, but you see I got to go right now, I cannot talk at the moment so catch you later buddy” I say cutting down the phone not wanting to talk anymore about the past, I am Jason Evans a transfer student and I have come to learn dance so no more shit from my past. I glanced at the watch, you got to be fucking kidding me, it was almost 10 and I had the night shift in 20 minutes. Shit I am doomed if I am late today.


Megan’s Prov

This was my strangest day ever I told Jason Evans about my drug addiction and me being in Rehab, which I never knew I would and he doubted about me dating Max.
Oh god Max out of all people, this was really never going to happen, once I got home that evening I picked a burger for Max and myself, Sasha had come home to get changed and was going back to spend the night with Tyler.

She just told me he was better than before now, that he was recovering from his broken heart. Where as our Dead decided to start collage tomorrow itself, so I had to get to bed soon.

I thought about my conversation with Jason, it wasn't that bad after all atleast we made it through the small talk, I just hope he doesn't tell anyone about me being a rehab patient. That would suck.

Well there wasn't much to do, I turned of the lights in my room and dumped myself to sleep. Tomorrow would be one long day.


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