Save The Last Dance

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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[A/N: i am sorry if this chapter is rather to short, but i barely get time to write because of Uni and Projects. Sorry that i took lots of time, But enjoy reading and leave comments]

Chapter 6

The morning was brighter than the rest and today had to be a good day since it was a new start to a lot of things, I walked to Uni, dint wanna trouble any one back at home. Suddenly I felt a car by my side this scared the shit out of me. I kept walking dint bother to turn and look who it was, don’t wanna start any trouble.

“Meg” the guy who was driving the car called out my name his voice did sound familiar so I turned just in time to see it was none other than Jason. Oh gosh was I scared for nothing.  

“Hey” I call back and halt from my walking. “What you doing here?”

“I live down the street, he said pointing towards the posh area of Miami’s beach side residence “Get in”

“Umm no I can walk”

“Meg, we go to the same Uni get in” he says

“Okay” I say he did have a point and I was already tired walking. I opened the passenger door and sat down next to him in his monster truck looking car.

“Why were you walking?” he asks

“Umm, Sasha took the car and she said she would not come home as Uni is closer from Tyler’s place. So I was left to fend for myself and I dint wanna wake the boys” I tell him

“Boys eh? Plural?”

“Yep, Sasha has three brothers” I let him know

“Well, well better not mess with you or Sash then” he says laughing at his own sarcastic comment.

“Only if you want to be left boneless” I smile back at him.

“Oh, no no” he shakes his head mocking refusal.

“So what classes today?” I ask him

“The usual” he says “You know street and salsa is done for last week so just my usual classes”

“Good. Have you thought anything for next Saturday’s Dance-Off?” I ask him

“Not even though if I should register for it”

“Umm, Jason its 30 marks of our years score” I let him know that this is not to be taken lightly

“Well then I might as well start thinking” he says “here we are”

We parked and started to walk towards the front entrance when Boogie came up from behind and scared the shit out of me.  “Booggss” I yell “Don’t do that”

“Meg, what is up with you?” he asks “Why all jumpy?”


“Hello Jason” Boogie says

“Yo, sup” Jason mimics Boogie’s accent.

“You don’t wanna do that bro” Boogie teases

“But actually I do” Jason says

And there started a new fun boy on boy game of mimicking each other, no one could really deal with these two they bonded so freaking fast.

“Avril” I call out when I see her walking hand in hand with Sean “Hey” I say

“Hey” she says

“Seen Sash?”

“No Meg” she got a bit worried “I haven’t heard from her since the funeral”

“She has been staying with Tyler” I let her know

“Meg are you sure?” Sean asks

“What yeah she told me.” I tell him why would he ask me something like this

“Meg, Tyler hasn't’t been in town since the funeral he is out on some paper work that his dad hadn't’t finished” Sean says

“What are you saying if that’s so there where is Sasha?” I start to get worried she had come home yesterday but she dint seem like in any trouble thought her face was very guarded all time and she seemed in a lot of hurry.

“I have no idea” Sean says. Oh god this is not happening , what if he is back, what if he  is back what if he found out where I am living what if – “Meg?” Sean calls out but I couldn’t answer in I was going into a panic attack again.

“Meg snap out of it” that was Avril’s voice.

“Meg” Boogie called

“What’s happening to her?” someone I couldn’t see or clearly asked about me, the voice around got stronger but I couldn’t hear or see anything more I was blacking out.

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