Save The Last Dance

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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[A/n: hello guys i know its been a long time since i updated a chapter, sorry i have just been really busy and even right now i am out of town yet i updated so that you readers can enjoy, one more thing chapter isnt edited so im sorry for the spelling mistakes i will edit it as soon as possible. lots of love, Chantelle. Leave comments :) ]

Chapter 7

[Jason’s Pro]

“What’s happening to her? I asked again as I watched Megan fall into Sean’s arms and the three of her friends looked so tense.

“Guys make some place” Boggie says

“Jason can you carry her?” Boggie asks

“Yeah sure” I say lifter her up into my arms

“Thank you so much take her to the nurses room” Boggie says “I have to go to the Dean’s office” he says

I dint understand what was going on Sean and Avril excused themselves to go inform the teachers and also to give the house a call but I dint understand what was going on she just fainted suddenly and they were all worried.

I walked up to the nurses room and asked her to check up on Megan.

“What is wrong with her?” the nurse asks

“Ma’am I have no idea she just fainted” I tell her

“Oh not again, just lie her down here and you may wait out” she tells me, what did she just say not again, I couldn’t figure out what was going on around here and all the people knew but not me just before I could ask more questions she shut the room door and left me standing alone in the waiting area.

In the mean time Sean and Avril returned with a notice and Boggie rushed behind them

“We got permission if we –“Not now” Sean says cutting off his sentence, just in time for the nurse to call them in, Boogie and Avril went it while Sean waited out with me.

“Is she going to be fine?” I ask him

“There is nothing to worry, you should go to class” Sean says

“I am not going till I know she is fine” I tell him

“Listen Jason I know you care and all but you should go back to class we can handle this” Sean says

“Not going to happen you—“Ah finally” he says looking behind me, I turned to see a guy who had the same hair as Sasha and a few of her features he dint look over 22 which meant he was a collage student too, that had to be Max.

“Sean where is she?” Max asks barely even looking at me

“We need to talk first” Sean says guiding him out of the waiting room, I leaned in to hear what they were talking I needed to know what was going on and this was the best I could get to knowing.

“Whats this about?” Max asks

“Sasha hasn’t come home has she?” Sean asks

“She said she is at Tyler’s” there was concern in Max’s voice.

“No she isn’t because Tyler isn’t even here” Sean says

“What the hell do you mean?”

“Tyler has been out of town since the next day of the funeral” Sean says “And that is what triggered the fainting and its bad that’s what Avril texted me”

“Who is the boy in the room?” Max asks

“Jason Evans” Sean says

“The new guy?” Max asks. So he heard about me but from where?

“How do you know him?” Sean asks

“He took Meg for coffee the next day of the funeral” Max says “I just know things” he adds

“okay— but before I could hear futher I heard the door to the room open so I sat down in the waiting area it was  Boggie and Avril, they looked tensed, but before I could ask anything Max walked in with Sean by his side.

“How is she?” Max asks

“We have to take her” Avril says

“Not again” Sean says.

I couldn’t understand what was going on but I tried to figure it out, I watched Max walk into the room where Megan lay unconscious and he picked her up in his arms bridle style before carrying her out and walking out of the room.

“Where is he going with her?” I asked

“Jason, thanks a lot for your help but we can handle this” Sean says

“But—“ Bro” Boggie says “Come with me to class, they will manage” he pulls me out of the room I watch as Avril and Sean walk catching up with Max.

“What is going on?” I ask after we were far from them.

“I wish I could tell you but I cant, you leave it to Megan to explain it out to you.” Boggie says while we enter our third class. We had already missed two classes, I sat in class watching a cluster of dancers pulling of new dance we had to learn by the end of next week.

Even though I was present in class my mind was far from present over there, I was worried about my new friend. What had happened was beyond my understanding, I couldn’t understand the things happening in front of me all morning. Sooner then I knew the class was over and I had to just go home. The one place I do not like being at, as I was walking out of the class my phone rang, the one person I was waiting for.

“Jonny” I say

“Jason” he says

“Wad up brother?”

“I am outside your uni, lets go smoke” he says

Just what I wanted “In two” I told him cutting of the calling walking out to find my best friend standing next to my car, when he saw me he beemed up. Its been a long time since I got to smoke with him. I walked to the car gave him a bear hug and then jumped into the car he took his seat and pulled out two ciggrates.

“I have been dieing to get out of that shit hole” I told him lighting my ciggrate before pulling out of the drive way

“It cant be that bad” he says “You haven’t been to my place yet” he says

“You have no idea, a kid who keeps changing my ringtone and a yeller for a mother , who yells so loud I swear you’d die” I grumble about my foster family.

“Well then I must say mine is a tad bit better, one loving younger sister and a over caring mother and father” he says

We had moved here to a new foster family but that wasn’t all we had a long secrect that no one knew but the people back at home, the thougs of home were coming back but suddenly I was snapped back to reality when Jonny yelled, I noticed I had almost bashed us into the tree.

“Shit” I said

“Dude are you fine?” he asks “I dint put any weed in the ciggrate” he adds

“Dude I am sorry I was lost in the thought of home.”

“That isn’t home” he said rudely “This is home” he adds

“Sorry” was all I managed to say before paying all attention to driving

“Its okay” he adds “Chillax man” 

The rest of the day we spent at the beach at the smoking section, the amount of pot we smoked that day was unbelievable but felt so good, until I spotted a girl who looked a lot like Sasha, but she wasn’t with Tyler, the guy she was with was different he looked older and she looked scared, like as if he had her under his control. Who was that guy?


1 week later

It has been a week since I saw Sasha with that boy and a week since she has come home, every one was worried, I told Boggie about the other day but he said it couldn’t be her, they dint wanna believe what I said and more over dint wanna agree with me at all. It was like as if they were hiding something from me, I decided to go and confront them about this because from a week Megan was gone, she has been missing class and whenever I asked the others they would tell me she has gone out of town for something, but I felt that too fishy.

As I was walking I heard someone mention her name so I hide to hear the conversation.

“Megan is stable now but they said the thought of what could have happened to Sasha triggered the black out again, they say because she has been of medication she was in a worse condition, she should wake up in a day or two once the medication wears off.” I guessed that was Sean.

“Jason has been asking about her” that had to be Boggie

“What did you tell him?” Sean asks

“Nothing, I wouldn’t risk telling him about you know who” Boggie says

“Do you think he knows anything about her?” another guy asks at first I couldn’t figure out the voice but then I recorgnised it to be Tyler’s which meant he was back.

“Ty, if he did know something he wouldn’t have been so clueless about the black out” Sean says

“Do you think Sasha is faking her kidnapping?” Boggie asks

Kiddnaping when did this happen? I though she was missing but now they said kidnapping this gets weirder day by day.

“Boggs, you know what Sasha is capable for a lot of things but not tautring Meg” Sean says

“She loves her more than her brothers” Tyler says “And even if she took my name and dissappred she must have a good reason and I don’t even think its kidnapping, I think you know who found out about Megan, but you also know that you know who cant come around her so Sasha was the second best option. That is why keeping  Megan away from here is the best option, and as long as Max is with her she is safe. He loves that girl beyond any measures, its as if that is his own blood.” Tyler says.

So that’s why she has been missing class she isn’t even in town. I figured out if I stood there any longer it would get weirder so I decided to walk into the boys restroom just to make them tense.

As soon as I walk in they all freeze and look at me, I could make out from their faces that they were scared. “Guys” I say acting all normal “What are you’ll doing standing around in the restroom” I say acting all cool that’s when they cool down thinking I haven’t over heard their conversation. But little did they know, I know all about their little plan but I wanted to know about the ‘you know who’ character.

I nod wash my face up and walk back out acting like I dint know what was going on in there I decide to skip class and find out what was exactly going on in this group. 

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