Save The Last Dance

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 29, 2013



[A/N: Hey I know I am uploading after a really long time but i had a writers block and i couldnt understand what to upload :(
But now i am back and i have everything planned :D
Enjoying reading this chapter :)
XX ]


Chapter 8

[Megan’s Prov]

I wake up feeling like I haven’t had water in ages, it’s so weird it was like just yesterday I was in uni and now in this weird bed with all beeping sounds around me, what had happened? I look around searching for a glass of water when suddenly someone holds out the glass to me; I look up to find Max smiling down at me with the glass of water

“Finally you’re back from the dead” Max jokes

“What do you mean?” I say my voice all horse and barely audible, it was weird.

“Sweetheart you don’t remember blacking out do you?” he says

“Blacking out, I thought those stopped once I recovered what is going on Max” I say

“Calm down” is all he says then sighs deeply before telling me what happen the entire week I was out and what caused it.

“So you think, he is back?” I ask shivering from the thought from the one person I can’t stand.

“No” Max says “But still we have to be careful” he tells me “So I got you here and not to the other hospital closer to home”

“How long do I have to be monitored, because I want to go find Sasha” I tell him

“You don’t have to do anything the others are doing the job for you” he tells me

“But—“No buts you rest and after a week we shall go back home by then we should find her and then we will know what the really story is” he cuts me off, I wasn’t convinced because if this was because of me then I must save my best friend.

But arguing with Max was like banging into your head into a concrete wall so I gave up and huffed back into the bed.


[Jason’s Prov]

I decided to visit my encyclopedia even though I was supposed to stay away from the people who could get me into trouble, I don’t think it would be dangerous for me to just meet this guy and find out what he knew about Megan Pierce and Sasha Rose, because there was something fishy. I walked into the place he called his home and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” the man from inside the house asked.

“A customer” I say

He walks to the door and opens it I could see shock on his face when he sees me.

“Jason” he says “Long time” he invites me in the man I saw 6 months back was a bit younger, he has aged so fast in a matter of few months.

“Carl” I greet him “How are you doing?” I ask

“Jason, are you here to know how I am doing or to know about the worry that is all over your face” he says

“Okay down to business as you please” I say showing him a picture of Megan first. “I want to know everything you know about her” I tell him

“How do you know her?” he asks there was worry all over his face

“You know something about her?” I ask

“Jason, you shouldn’t be hanging around this girl” he tells me

“What do you know?” I keep asking

“Her name is Amelia Ray Pierce she is from Texas, she is supposedly to be missing and she isn’t a blonde, was a brunette before she has been missing over the period of 3 years from Texas, her family already believe her to be dead, she ran away because her ex Marcus tried to force himself onto her and she reported it but no one did anything and far her family blamed her and got her engaged with the boy, since he was the richest gangster from Mexico living in Texas. No one tries to mess with him and so the family being scared allowed him to take the girl away. He abused her beat her and she was horrible hurt when she ran away with a huge amount of cash and marijuana. He has been looking for her since then but hasn’t found her it’s like as if all her tracks have been erased and she is nowhere to be found.” He says and then looks at me “Don’t ask anyone outside your current world about her, you can get yourself in trouble.”

“How do you know all this?” I ask him

“Told you I know a lot and if I am not wrong he is still looking for her and if he find’s this girl he will kill her” Carl says before giving a picture of Megan in beautiful brunette hair she looked so pretty before and it was like he tortured this beautiful girl a lot before she ran away, I decided I had to find her and I dint care about anything anymore I just had to find her.

“Thanks Carl” I say

“Jason if you want to be safe just keeps away from her” Carl says.

“Yeah” I said but still decided to go find her and the best was giving her a call. I dilled her number.

“Hello” a boy said

“Is Megan there?” I ask

“Jason is it?” he asks

“Yes you are?”

“Sam, Sasha brother “ he says “Megan is sleeping but I can ask her to call you back once— he suddenly paused “Hello” this was a fait voice but had to be Megan’s voice

“Meg” I say

“Jason” she says softly “I will be back soon, just manage things in school for me please” she tells me and I couldn’t find myself to say no

“Yes sure” I say “How are you?”

“Feeling better” is all she said then there was a little argument behind and the line got cut. I knew Max was the one who entered last before the phone cut but thanks to my tracking device I found out that she was two towns away in a hospital.

This was all I needed to find her but for now I think its best I get back to my life so I drove back home and walked in on my foster mom having sex in the living room.

“Oh gosh” I say before walking back out. Soon I was followed by her

“I am so sorry you had to walk into that” she says

“Mrs. Evans” I say “It’s okay just please choose a room next time, where is Nick?” I ask her about my foster brother.

“School, could you pick him up today?” she asks me

“Sure” I say. Even though Nick was a spazz and not a small but a big one he was my brother and I really liked him. Even if we dint share the same blood. A Foster family for me was like a really family, being a transfer student into a very rich house only where my supposed mother used to play a Desperate Housewife on a daily base, sometimes I would wake up to her screaming sex noises early morning, lucky for little Nick he was in school all the days his mother fucked rich men. My supposed father was not even in town he was always on business meetings.

I walked to the car and drove to pick up my little brother who was crazy over me since I stepped into their house.


[Megan’s Prov]

“Why did you do that?” Sam yelled at Max I was getting tired of watching the two boys fight over everything. Keeping me locked up was not helping in any way but they dint listen. If he was here, he would have found me already.

“Enough” I yell with a half audible voice. “I am fed up with your bickering, I am well now I feel well” I say “I want out of this hospital. The machines are out and now I can walk about I am not sitting in this room with you two eating each others troths. First Max u are not allowed to cut my phone and Sam you got to stop defending me, I can defend myself.” I yell at them before getting up to get changed. I was done with this hospital I am out and if they were not taking me back then I would take myself back.

“Meg” he says

But I bang shut the bathroom door and get changed as soon as I was done I walk out and start packing my bags. “No I am not going to hear anything, either you take me home or I take the bus” I say

They in defeat nod their heads and sit down waiting for me to get ready to leave, once I am done I pick up my stuff and open the door and freeze. This cannot be happening. I stop in the door way staring back at the person in the door.


[A/N: ohh no a cliff hanger. hehe. Anyways comment and leave your thoughts. XX ] 

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