Save The Last Dance

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: September 10, 2013

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Submitted: September 10, 2013



“Holy Shit” Sam says, but I couldn’t speak a word, this was a shock and a surprise together, damn did things get any better.

“Sash” I yell falling into her with a huge hug. I dint care where I was, my best friend was safe and that’s all I wanted.

“Hey” is all she says

“Hey, don’t hey me bitch” I say but Max slaps the back of my head.

“Language” he grunts. With Max around you dint need a parent or a grandparent he was them both, the perfect father figure.

“I am so sorry” Sasha says before Max and I got into an argument “I should have informed but situations were such” she says

“What do you mean?” Sam asks

“Do you know how much we had to lie to Lucas so that he doesn’t call the police” Max says

“And also Megan’s health dropped because of you” Sam argues.

“Yeah and—“Guys stop let her explain” I say

“Thank you” she says sighing, it looked like she hadent slept in days and she looked weak. “I saw Marcus” that name brough tension in the room I froze and next to me so did the boys. “And I sent him away”

“You what?” Max was stunned by her reply and to be frank so was I

“What did you do Sash?” I ask her

“He came out of no where the other day when I was heading back home from Tyler’s place and was asking about the women in a picture he showed me, said it was his fiancé and that she left him because of a fight a few days back and that he loved her and wanted her back, when I looked at the image I froze, it was you Meg, with the original hair colour and eyes and everything you were before we found you” she says I was so scared at the moment I least expected that Marcus would every find me.

“How did he find me?” I ask her

“He dint exactly find you, some person along your way to Miami who you must have borrowed drugs from or sold too, came across him and he showed your picture and that guy said you got of here so he came looking for you, but I dint want him finding you so I told him I worked with a secret agency that was tracking missing women who could be drug addicts or human traficing victims and he believed me, I asked him to wait at the beach and that I would grab a few cloths from my hotel room and he could join me on my search down south” she says “So I was gone for a week trying to get him as far away from here as possible and I succeded.” She smiles a half smile and looks around at our shocked faces.

“Do you know Sasha, you just put your name in his death list” Max says

“Yes, but I wouldn’t let my best friend die” she says

“You could have said you dint see her” Sam said

“But then he would keep asking and what if he came across someone who knew Megan, what if they say it’s the same girl with only blonde hair. I couldn’t risk that” Sasha says, I was crying from the amount she risked her life to save mine, she was a true soul sister.

“Oh Sash” I say hugging her “I love you”

“I love you too silly” she says “Now lets go home”

“Wait a minute how did you find us?” Sam asked

“Did you forget Max had a gps locater on his phone and I was the one who knew the code so I followed the code and it lead me to this hospital.” She says “Let’s go now”

We happily walked out of the hospital, finally she was back and we could be normal again, but the thought of Marcus scared me. But I had to face him at any given time he finds me if he does. I shivered by the thought and it hurt all over like as if the scars were fresh.

Three years I have been missing and people at home think I am dead, I hate my family for what they did to me, they let him take me away when they knew what he wanted from me, all the time’s I refused him to do the things he wanted all the times he beat me and then left me on the ground bleading and the last time I slapped him for kissing me he wiphed me so bad that I had cuts all over, that’s when I decided I would run and never look back. I dint even want to look back, never again, he took away everything from me and so I ran for my life.


[Jason’s Prov]

 I had this bad feeling in my gut all day but I wanted to know what he had tried to do to her, I wanted to protect her, I had no idea why I felt so strongly for her but I did. I dint much pay attention in work just did it silently and then walked back to my car and to my family, my parents always forced me to quit the job but I told them that was the only one thing that I felt was real and my own. So they dint say anything, I walked up to my room silently, Rosette’s door was closed which meant she was asleep and little Nick must have been in his room but when I pushed open my door he was fast asleep on my bed, this was the first, he used to come in when I was asleep but he never slept in here I walked up to him to find that his cheeks were wet which meant he was crying before dosing off, I dint bother to move him, I let him sleep in I walked out and knocked on Rosette’s door

“Come in” she says with a faint voice, seemed like even she was crying

“Is everything okay Mrs Evans?” I ask her

“Jason” she says but then starts crying again.

“Whats wrong?” I ask her

He found out” she says “About all my affairs” she starts too weep again “I have no idea how but he did and he said he was divorcing me” she bawls her eyes out.

“Rose— Err Mrs Evans, I think its best you talk to him”

“Call me Rose only” she says

“Okay” I answer her “So talk to him”

“You tell me one thing Jason?”


“Do I look like a horrible mother to you?” her question stunned me, because behind all the men she slept with whenever her husband was away, she was a different person around Nick, she loved him very much.

“Not at all” I said

“You even though Nick is 10 years and a big boy he still is my baby and Walter wants to take away my baby from me.” She says

“I wish I could help you really ma’am but I cant but yes I promise I will try to reason with Walter” I have bonded with my foster dad faster than my mom, he was the one who helped me with everything but as for Rose she used to keep to herself always like as if she was scared about something. Nick was a big spazz but I loved him and I couldn’t see this family breaking up.

“Can you do me a favour?” she asks

“Yes anything” I say.

“Can you look after Nick tomorrow after your collage because I need to go to court to get him to cancel the divorce papers.” She tells me, I could look after him yeah but what would I do?

“Okay” I say as I cant say no after all this family is doing for me.

“Thank you” she says before lying back into bed, I walked out of her room shutting the door and into mine and slept.


[Megan’s Prov]

I woke up early so took my time in getting out of bed, today wouldn’t be any different from the others. I would go to class, do my dances and then get out and go to work, what different would it make, life was boring, just I mentally noted to be careful and watch my back, as I walked out the shower Sasha woke up giving me a smile before walking into the bathroom I got dressed and went down for breakfast, the kitchen smelt good which meant Lucas was home, I jumped into the kitchen and shouted boo, which game him a start.

“Shit Megan” he says

“Heya” I say laughing

“Don’t fu—frigging do that” he says “Good morning Max” he greets, that is why he dint swear, ha, even though Lucas was 28 and the oldest everyone was scared of 20 year old Max.

“Good morning” he said in a grumpy tone

“What makes you grumpy this day?” Sam says walking in nodding at us and poking his brother in the head.

“None of your intrest” Max says

“Ouch” Sam fakes a broken heart.

“Sam, just stop it just cause you are older doesn’t mean you get to mock me” Max yells

“Woah chill” Lucas says “Max what is wrong?”

“Really just leave it” he says

“Oh I know” I say

“You do?” both the boys ask and Max grunts

“Rebel dumped him” I say

“What that computer game date he had?” Sam asks and Lucas laughs turning the bacon in the pan.

“Oh please she wasn’t fake” Max says

“You mean to say you met her?” Sam asks

“Indeed he did” Sasha says walking in, with her presence everyone gets quite, things were weird since yesterday evening.

“Wow, so how does she look?” Lucas asks

“She is a he” Sasha says “And a gay one” she adds

“Shut up?” I state “That is why you are grumpy”

“Sasha, drop it” Max says “I had no idea it was a guy, but then when I did I told him I wasn’t gay, then he started crying, what was I supposed to do.” He says and we all burst out laughing. “Urgh, I knew it, I am off to uni bye” he says walking out of the kitchen I run after him.

“Wait” I yell

“What do you want?” he asks

“I am sorry to laugh on you but it was funny, well I just came to give you this” I say handing him a sandwich I made for him and planted a kiss on his cheek before walking back into the kitchen, where the others started eating, Max was a veggie and he did not eat bacon or even eggs, just fish so I made him a tuna sandwich, his favorite I knew a lot about my brothers, while I could say they were mine. Suddenly my phone beeped I looked down to see who it was

“Thanks for the sandwich, you saved my day. Xx”

It was from Max I decided to text him back.

“Anytime, teddy bear. Xx”

Is what I text him back before eating my back and eggs with loaf.


Shit late for class, I ran to the first lecture with Sasha by my side we reached lecture 10 minutes late.

When we walked in there were stares from all over the classroom and the Prof looked really angry.

“Ms Rose and Ms Pierce take your seats in class but provided you two don’t talk in class today.” He says and I walk to my seat, Jason looks at me with shock in his eyes but he smiles at me.

The English class passes fast and once it was done I run to my salsa class I know I must have missed a lot in this week but I had to get ready for the dance off this Saturday.

“Ms Pierce” Prof Martina calls out to me “A word in my office” she adds and I follow her into her cabin.

“Yes Ma’am” I say

“I would like if you do a duet with one student for the Dance off introduction” she says

“Ma’am, you mean to say that I be the opening act before the competition starts?” I ask her not believing what she was saying.

“Yes, you are an incredible dancer and I found you the perfect partner so I was wondering if you could do the opening act with him, he should be here in awhile— ah there he is come in” she says loving behind me and I turn to see who it was.

You have got to be kidding me? Why does this always happen with me only, he smiles at me and I just stand there like a dummy not knowing what to say next. Why did it have to be him?


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