We'll Meet Again.. So I Know..!!

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“ High school is all about living life KING size. Being the “It Girl” or the “It Boy”. Being a geek or a looser in High School leaves scares for life. That is why everyone works very hard to be “Prom King and Queen”. Like Falling in love is a part of high school and so are the break ups. This is a story of two high school sweethearts one a violinist and the other in the football team who decide to give up on their relationship for their studies. Last year of High School isn’t easy. Will they be one again or will be the end for their life time togetherness.
Isn’t is strange how two people who were once in love no matter how hard they try to hate each other deep down in their heart they hope they had a better beginning.”

Chapter 1 (v.1) - We'll Meet Again.. So I Know..!!

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011





Jane was one with the touch for music not just in her voice but in her hands too the way she played her violin was magical. As she played her lovely black hair flew till her waist and her brown eyes smiled more that her lips. She made her school proud of her. For every years Spring Fest she used to plan and sing but this year they were going to miss her. Rick thought

Rick walked back to the boys changing room after the game they lost, no more was he a good quarterback he thought he should just leave football. After all the lucky charm of his life was gone, he walks under the shower and stands with his fists closed trying to control his anger. A thought of how he and Jane met flashed infront of his eyes…..
…….. July 2nd 2006….

“Rick slow down or else you will meet with an accident” Jamie was screaming and huffing after Rick on his cycle as Rick raced down. For Rick winning was all he thought about not just football or basketball or swimming it was racing also. The cross roads were coming forward and if he lost balance he’d meet with an accident but no that dint stop Rick. Riding down in speed suddenly he saw a lovely girl on the opposite side of the road walking down in a lovely pink dress with a group of other girls looking at her he banged straight into the bench on the footpath. Jamie came running behind him leaving his cycle on d road. In just time those girls turned and giggled and the one in the pink dress met his eyes n smiled and then walked off.
“You’re an ass I hope you know that” Jamie told him
“Shut up” Rick said and looked at the cut he had on his knee and hand he knew he had also hurt his head.
“Now get up we got to go to the hospital” Jamie helped him up, just in time when David walked up to him with the cash Rick won. But now all he wanted to win was Jane’s heart…
……. Back to present day (April 2009)…..

“Man, hurry up” Jamie slams on the door. “You’ve been in the shower for the past one hour you’re not kicked out of the team just no more quarterback” he tells Rick. But gets no answer from Rick
After along shower Rick walks out and changes before going to his car. Was he ever going to get Jane Back in his life? Does she even love him anymore? Or she must have moved on when she moved away from home…

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