Book Two of Cycles: The Birth of an Angel

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Darkness Within

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Submitted: October 27, 2013



The Darkness Within

This like all the others...boring. I hate it even more because I can't use my powers. My turn to speak was coming up very soon. It is always interesting to talk about new weapons and battle strategies. I, at first, never really gave thought to why Glowstck continued to add factions to the Legion, but after seeing how World War one and two went down I don't blame him for stocking our forces. With this third World War starting up only a month ago, I really don't want to take any risks, we've already lost a few loved ones to the nuclear power of Korea. I don't want to label them as "bad guys" but it was unjust of them to destroy Colorado Springs. I looked up at Glowstck from my chair. Something wasn't right, I could see it in his eyes and feel it in his thoughts. A loud explosion shook the ground and I stood up almost tripping over BigDawg as he ran out of the room.

I listened as DeathGenie rambled on, "...They can't keep you contained but for only a few weeks!" That was my que, I didn't wait for Glowstck to order us out. I drew my knife and led them out of the building keeping an eye out for anything that didn't belong. I began to walk faster knowing that their survival was dependant on me alone. I stepped out of the building and instantly recognized the ship and knew what we were dealing with. I knew that if any of them died I wouldn't be able to revive them until my powers returned. The U.S. military was fighting a losing battle with the damn ship. They must've thought this was the Alliance they were fighting. I looked around at the buildings as they were leveled one by one. The ship hovered over me and a large but swift claw grabbed hold of me. I was lifted into the air. If only I had my powers, this wouldn't even be a slight problem. The claw pulled me off the ground and towards the middle of the massive ship. I watched as BigDawg ran across the sand I yelled to him telling him to make his way to the bunker, but it seemed as if he couldn't hear me. He ran, but in the wrong direction. I watched as one of the ships smaller craft pursued him. The craft's arm ran through his back, then broke off. He kept running, but before I could tell where he was headed something else drew my attention away. The claw pulled me close the bay of the ship. A man stood there watching me with what looked like a gun pointed at me. He shot me once and the bullet passed through my arm. It hurt and was painful as hell. The strange looking figure shot me once again, but this time he struck my heart. I hadn't bled this color in several thousand years. I lifted my hand to my chest and looked at the crimson red on my hand before it faded out into black. This must be what I feared most...

When I opened my eyes again I knew I my powers had returned, but for some reason I felt very drained. I tried to reach the others, but I couldn't even think to reach their minds. A massive tube was sticking from my chest and several power cords plugged into the machine parts of my body. I tried to lift my arm to pull them out, but I was restrained to the table under me. Something in the back of my mind told me that Kronos was behind this, but at the same time... He wasn't a man to use torture techniques. I began to remember how I ended up here and wondered if Glowstck and BigDawg had ended up here as well.

"You're living a dream Darkness, you have been for years. Everything around you if false, it is a lie." I yelled out at the voice telling them to shut up, but I realized I was the only one in the room. "Do you really think Zeus won't end up like his father?"

"Of course not! He is better than Kronos! He would never do what his father did!"

"How do you know he hasn't already exiled his son? Do you really know that much about what your leader does? Do you even how many children he has?"

"Yes he has five children of which he loves. I have been by his side ever since he was banished, you can not fool me nor sway my opinion of him."

"Reguardless, we will continue to use the three of you." The minute he said that I knew instantly that he was referring to me, Glowstck, and BigDawg.

"Show yourself! I demand it! As Darkness of the UnKnown Legion I demand that you reveal yourself!"

"Your power has no effect here, I do not have to listen to you any longer." I heard a click and saw a strange red liquid flow into one of the lines connected to me. Sleeping drugs don't work on me... but it there was a liquid that could make machines hibernate... I felt my body begin to shut down...damnit...they got me again. What are these people's goals.

Beep... beep... beep... System resume, Hypergate status...non-functional. Hard-drive status...partial damage... Computational capabilities, slow. System reboot in 5 seconds.

I slowly opened my eyes and waited for them to adjust to the dark, even if I am Darkness it's hard to see in the dark after a full system reboot. My thoughts began to drift from my friends, the Elites, and my wife, Persephone. Eventually all of them blurred as, what felt like someone else's thoughts, began to drift into mine. I knew of only one person who could do this without realizing it. I looked down both trails of blue light on either side of me. I still felt drained, but I had some of my power back. My senses were partially destroyed according to the report. I couldn't smell the blood, but I knew it was there. My vision slowly came back to me and I could see two other men strapped and bound as I was. One with green hair and one with blue. We were positioned like that of a triangle, symbolizing the Trinity. These people knew who we were, but who were they?

I watch a young girl be dragged to the center of the room. she looked very familiar, but my memory could have been tainted. She was bound and thrown in front of a machine with a huge blade positioned above her neck. When I realized what was happening I tried to look away, but my motors seemed to be unresponsive. My mind was filled with the thoughts of someone else, but they were sad. I didn't want to see this girl die, but there wasn't anything I could have done to help her. I saw a tear fall from her face, but only one. The blade retreated to the top of the machine ready to fall. everywhere, the darkness within everyone is ugly on most. They said my life is a dream, but if it really was, then there would be no reason to fear the dark, there would be no reason to seek the light. The man with green hair just sat there while the man with blue was reaching towards the woman as she smiled through her pain. The blade sprung, and she kneeled there with the smile on her face ready to die. On the inside, we're all dark right?

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