Kingdom Of Trepidation

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This is when the second Main character (Enkidu) is introduced.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kingdom Of Trepidation

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



Chapter Five - Second Side Of The Coin


There I waited, up in the trees. It was well past midnight, and any normal person would be sleeping now. The darkness provided a great place to wait for my prey to pass on by, for only small rays of light passed through the trees. I was in a crouched position , so still that I would probably pass for a stone gargoyle if the shine in my eyes didn't give me away. I closed them and then relied on my other senses to wait for my target.


The absolute darkness helped me to focus my on my other senses. My hearing, smell, the feeling of the air bushing against my face from the calm breeze that passed through the forest. It was everything a true hunter needed to stalk his prey. I waited as if unaffected by everything around me. I sifted through all the noises that my ears could catch. A nearby river, the wind rustling the leaves, small animals moving in the nearby trees...but no, my prey was no small animal.


There it was, I could feel the wind strengthen it's breeze from it's body. The low rumble from it's every footstep in the distance, every breath it inhaled and exhaled from it's powerful lungs. I had to calm myself as I felt the excitement building inside of me from the thrill of the hunt. The beast now stopped beneath me. I opened my eyes and looked down below. There stood a 10 foot tall minotaur; It's husky black fur and massive muscles holding a great battle axe. I carefully grabbed for my tanto, a small sword with a curved blade slightly larger than a dagger's.


I slowly slid it out of the scabbard , stopping halfway because the minotaur exhaled loudly through his nose. I knew he could sense me, or smell me rather. Crap, I thought to myself. The gigantic beast pivoted with amazing speed, slamming it's axe into the tree I just happened to be in. It's speed caught me off-guard as I fell awkwardly, barely managing to catch myself from slamming into the ground. I looked up and the Minotaur's giant black eyes were staring back at me with an intense hatred.


I quickly sprung to my feet as the Minotaur's roar echoed several times throughout the thick forest. Too late to turn back now, my eyes narrowing as the realization passed through my head. My vision became very focused, my breathing rhythmic, and time itself seemed to slow. My adrenalin began to build rapidly, and I felt ready for anything.


The beast raised his weapon, and I let my reflexes guide me. The axe slammed viciously into the ground as I moved to the left and then to the right like a coordinated dance. I could see the minotaur getting angrier every attack that missed. Then suddenly it paused from attacking me. His attacks went from vertical to wildly swinging it horizontally nearly catching me off-guard, as I rolled back hastily. Dammit, I thought, that's what he wanted me to do. I realized how open I was to a second attack and my only option passed through my mind. I'd have to run to keep from being hit, and even then I wouldn't be able to outrun a minotaur...but there was no time for delay. I turned my back and then I ran...I ran like Hell.


The minotaur bellowed with laughter behind me as it took chase swinging it's axe recklessly, laying waste to the tree's in it's path. My prey was larger, faster, and way stronger than I liked to admit, so how could I stop it now that my more intelligent mind was useless given the situation? My thought searched frantically for some way to stop this creature as my legs were pushed far beyond what they should be capable of. Magic! The thought suddenly passed through my mind as I began to try to think of a spell. My senses thoughts were flying by at a thousand miles per hour, so that was no easy feat, but I finally managed to grasp a spell.


I thought of the words quickly in my head and repeated them over and over. I drew my tanto and quickly turned to see the beast hot on my heels. In a fluid motion I raised my open palm and yelled, "Navi-Litora!" A bright light suddenly shattered the darkness of the forest and sent rays flying off in every direction. I closed my eyes and the light still burned my retinas. I could only imagine how my prey now felt.


A roaring cry shook the ground I stood upon. I opened my eyes as the light began to fade looking for my stunned foe. About 20 feet behind me there it was screaming in agony and swinging it's axe and occasionally stomping the ground, trying to kill me in it's blind rage. The sudden shift in the tide of battle had me smirking uncontrollably. I held onto my tanto with pride began to approach the enraged beast for the finishing blow. I got within striking distance and lowered my stance like a feline getting ready to pounce on a doe. Then without hesitation, I leaped onto it's back grabbing the black fur on it's hide to pull myself on top of it to reach it's neck. I raised my tanto to slam the blade into it's head and finish the hunt.


As I was bringing the blade down, the minotaur roared and tried to swat at me. "Dammit!" I yelled in frustration as my tanto cut through it's back, missing my intended target. The minotaur cried aloud and began to run through the forest in a frenzied state, crashing into trees, and trying to shake me off. I held firmly onto my blade, and a handful of fur in my other hand. I struggled to stay on top of the giant, as it desperately tried to break my grasp. Suddenly the minotaur skidded to a stop and began to turn it's body. It was about to slam it's back into a tree trunk with me on it. I let go quickly, and tried to jump as far away as I could, but instead was brutally backhanded by the massive fist of my foe. My body flew several feet away, and I crashed into a large tree branch on the way down.


I winced at the sound of the crack, hoping that it was only the tree branch and not a broken bone. I hit the ground awkwardly, as I stumbled and only barely managing to stay on my own two feet. The minotaur seemed pleased with it's last move, which only served to further piss me off. i was dazed, but I managed to keep my focus. My life or death survival instinct kicked in, and I could feel it. My body burned hot, as my adrenaline peaked leaving no pain to be felt.


Anger now began to consume me, because of the error in my last attack. Failure was not an option. My next attack would NOT miss my target. I began a quick walk to the primitive creature, setting it up for the kill. It raised it's axe and swung it at me with incredible force. Instead of backing away, I stepped in closer towards it's body, and grabbed hold of it's swinging arm to propel myself on top of the creature. I grabbed it's fur on the monster's head, and yanked back with all my strength, as I grabbed for my tanto, still lodged in the beast's back.


To my surprise, the Minotaur's head snapped back with more ease than I had expected. I quickly pulled out my tanto, and slammed the blade into the thick skull of the minotaur. That instantly incapacitated my prey, and it's body ceased to move. It fell over headfirst, crashing into the ground, and shaking the trees that were still left standing after our run through the forest. A great sense of joy then overwhelmed me, realizing that I had just single-handedly slain one of the most powerful creatures in the land...then reality hit me. My body screamed with pain, I felt extremely exhausted, and worst of all, I was still in the enemies home. the Minotaur Forest, or what other people called it, The Garden Of Beasts.


I still needed rest, so I pulled my tanto from the skull of my enemy, and part of it's brain pushed up through the small hole like a vacuum. I then cleaned my blade the best I could using the hide of my victim. I finally laid down beside the giant to feel it's warmth as it slowly died away as time passed, awaiting sunrise.


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