The Rose and the Wolf

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He walked into the elevator and he just stood next to her like there were no tears rolling down her face. He stood there and just let the doors close. He pressed the button for his floor and ignored her. She had no idea what to do and she looked at him.

She wiped her eyes with her hand and sniffled a little; a lot then she turned to him and spoke. “Could you please tell what floor the P.R. department is on?” He just stood there and continued to ignore her. She felt the tears start to stream down her face again and she turned her face away. She hated feeling this way, she felt so stupid. The elevator stopped and the doors opened but he didn’t get off. She turned and looked at him. He took a handkerchief and held it out for her to take. She took it slowly. “It is on the 15th floor and it is called Crisis Management,” he said then walked off the elevator.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Rose and the Wolf

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“Taxi!” she yelled as she walked out of apartment to the sidewalk curb.

“Come on, Taxi!” Three taxis passed by her before one finally stopped.

“Thank God,” she said getting into the taxi quickly before someone else grabbed it.

“5th and broad, please,” she dug around in her purse to find her chap stick and found that her water leaked onto her resume.

“Crap…no, no, no, this is not good.” Patience was on her way to an interview for an internship that took her two months to even get her application through the door. The constant emails and phone calls to the human resources office, she thought that the man was going to file a restraining order on her. She was relieved that he just got her the interview instead. The taxi driver pulled in front of the 6th tallest building in New York, Wright Industries. It was one of the top business firms in New York in which they bought and sold companies like they were candy. The only reason that she applied for the internship is because it was encouraged by her professor to try and get an internship since only one other person from her class got an internship there and then was fired two weeks later. She was not going to even try until her friend and roommate, Bryan bet her that she could never make it but here she was on her way to an interview.

She paid the taxi driver and walked in through the glass double doors. It was like walking into a museum almost except no one was stopping and staring at the huge Monet landscape painting of sailboats on the water on the wall. It was beautiful. She looked around and felt a little stupid as people walked past her in rush. She walked to the elevator as quickly as possible and got in then a rush of people got in with her not giving her time to press a button. She was stuck in the back corner as people got on and off the elevator. She tried to say something but everyone just ignored her.

After ten minutes, the elevator finally emptied on the 26th floor. She was about to press a button when she realized she could not remember what floor she was supposed to be on. She had less than ten minutes to get to her interview. She could not believe this was happening to her. She let the elevator doors close and pressed the button for the 15th floor then proceed to empty her bag out on the floor. She was looking for the paper with all the information on it then she remembered she left it on her kitchen table. She sat back against the elevator wall and felt herself about the cry until the elevator stopped on the 15th floor. She quickly put everything back in her purse and stood up as soon as the doors opened. He walked into the elevator and he just stood next to her like there were no tears rolling down her face. He stood there and just let the doors close. He pressed the button for his floor and ignored her. She had no idea what to do and she looked at him, he was at least 6 inches taller than her which was tall since she was about 5’8”. She had never seen one who looked so sure of himself in his grey Armani suit, not a crease out of place. He had such sandy brown hair but only if she could see his eyes. She wiped her eyes with her hand and sniffled a little; a lot then she turned to him and spoke.

“Could you please tell what floor the P.R. department is on?” He just stood there and continued to ignore her. She felt the tears start to stream down her face again and she turned her face away. She hated feeling this way, she felt so stupid. The elevator stopped and the doors opened but he didn’t get off. She turned and looked at him. He took a handkerchief and held it out for her to take. She took it slowly.

“It is on the 15th floor and it is called Crisis Management,” he said then walked off the elevator. She stood there stunned for a moment then quickly pressed the button for the 15th floor. She quickly straightened herself out and used his handkerchief to fix her running mascara. By the time she reached the 15th floor, no one would have known that she had just been a wreck five minutes ago. She walked off the evaluator to the young redhead receptionist on the phone. As soon as she approached the desk the woman put up one finger and pointed to the sitting area which looked like it had never been sat in with its two black leather couches with two gray throw pillows and a glass in table with the latest business weekly neatly sitting on its edge. She did not plan to sit there while the receptionist dilly dallied on the phone her interview was in less than four minutes.

“Excuse me? I have an interview in less than four minutes.” She continued to talk and just put up her finger. She did not have time for this. She leaned over the desk and pressed the hold the receiver. If looks could kill she would be dead by the furious look the receptionist gave her. “Now, that I have your attention, could you please let them know I am here for my interview?” She smiled and removed her finger.

“Now that is something I have not seen since...since my mother first came walking in this office with me,” he said coming off the elevator. It was surprising that he did not have a suit on but black slacks, a dress shirt with the collar button open, no tie, gorgeous hazel-blue eyes, sandy brown hair, and a newspaper under in his arms and a coffee in his hand.

“You must be Patience. Come this way.” She followed him through a set of double doors that led into an enormous, oak wood office with windows that had an incredible view of the city but the view would be spectacular at night.

“Please have a sit, Patience.” She looked at the wooden chair in front and thought of how uncomfortable it would be to sit in it then looked at the cushiony, black chair.

“No need to be rude but could we switch chairs?” she said looking at his chair and the wooden chair. He looked at her like she had two heads.

“Excuse me?”

“Well, you see I would be more comfortable in your chair.”

“You want me to give my chair?”

“Is it really hard to comprehend? You expect me to be comfortable while interviewing in that wooden monstrosity while you are comfortable in your glorious cushiness.” She stood there with her arms on her hips, not understanding what he did not get. He looked at her like she had lost her mind. He had never met a woman like her who had audacity to ask him to give up his chair so she can be comfortable while he interviewed but when he thought about it, it actually made complete sense. She was a pretty woman. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, her eyes were dark brown and she wore gold earrings. She looked very professional in her black slacks, grey turtleneck and black vest but she was not his type in liked woman shorter them him not his same height.

“Okay I understand.” He stood up and offered her his chair. She walked over and took a seat as he walked around and sat in the wooden chair.

“Comfortable?” she said as she watched try to get comfortable in the wooden chair but all he did was squirm.

“So the first question is why are so persistent on interning here?” he said crossing then quickly uncrossing his legs. Patience thought about that question for a minute.

“Well, truthfully I heard getting into this place was a challenge and actually staying was a challenge all in itself. I like challenges so I decided to go for it and here I am. Nothing like persistent,” she said with a smile.

“That’s quite interesting but the question is why do you want the job? And can you tell me what we do here?” he asked shifting slightly.

“Well, I know that you buy companies and help fix them up. The ones you can’t fix you break up and sell piece by piece. The P- Crisis Management Department here is phenomenal since no complaints against the company are known, publicly. I want the job because I would like to work with one of most non-talked about company who does one of the dirtiest jobs in America.”

“Wow, nicely said,” he said raising his eyebrow. She leaned back in the chair and folded her hands together. He stood up and looked her. He had never met a woman like her. He felt like he was the one who just got interviewed and she looked way too comfortable in his chair.

“Well that will be all. I will call within the week to know if you have the job.” Patience stood up and moved away from his desk toward the door.

“Thank you and by way you never told me your name?” He sat down in his chair making himself comfortable.

“It’s Michael Wright. Here is my card.” He handed her his business card from within his desk draw.

“You would know my name if you would have sat on the other side of the desk.” She looked at the name plate on the front of his desk.

“Well, it was either be comfortable or suffer and comfortable shall always win. Thank you for seeing me and I look forward to hearing from you.” With that, she left out of his office. All Michael could do was sit there and smile stupidly as she walked out. What an incredible woman. He had never met anyone like her. He ran his fingers through his hair then dialed his brother’s secretary.

“Yes, Michael?” Dorothy said annoyed. She was still upset with him for not calling her back last night. He had to admit she was a great lay the first night but all she wanted was for him to call her. He didn’t have the time he was so busy running errands for his brother it was ridiculous.

“Is my brother busy?”

“Yes, he is and he doesn’t want to talk to a liar who doesn’t know how to call!” she yelled into the phone making him pull away.

“I’m sorry. I told you I’m a very busy man and that I did not want a relationship. Look I’m coming up there. We will talk later.”

“Okay,” she said sniffling. He hung up the phone, ran his hand through his hair and went to go see his brother.


When Patience got to her apartment and wanted to jump for joy. She had never had one of the best interviews of her life. She felt in her bones that she was going to get the job. She could not help but sing. “I’m so excited I just can’t hide it!” She sang jumping onto her couch. “I know, I know you want to, want to!” She was so excited that she did not hear Bryan come through the door until he opened and slammed the door shut again which scared the crap out of her making he slip off the couch and fall backwards onto the wooden coffee table.

“Ow!” she yelled. Bryan came over to her quickly.

“Are you all right, sweetie?” he said trying not to laugh but Patience was already laughing and holding her head.

“That hurt like hell. Thank god for all your magazines,” she said looking at her friend of four years now. He was about tall, built, black hair, green eyes and everything Patience fell in love with until she found out that he was already dating someone who looked just as sexy and manly as him. Bryan had known that she had a crush on him and when she asked him out, he did not turn her down. He took her out on one of the best dates she ever had and when she tried to kiss him. He told her he was not into her particular gene, he performed the Y chromosome. Patience had felt so embarrassed that she avoided him for weeks until he kidnapped her took her partying and they had been friends ever since.

“Now aren’t you glad I keep them sitting there?” He helped her stand up. “Now why are you so excited and dancing on the couch like a maniac?”

“I got the job!”

“You what? Really?” he said taking off his shoes and jacket.

“Well, not yet but I know that I’m going to get. He said he would call within the week to tell if I got it or not.”

“But you don’t know if you have it or not?”


“So then when you get it we will celebrate? So what do you want for dinner?” he said looking in the freezer.

“We chicken, ribs, ground beef, or pork chops?”

“Can we order out tonight? I can go for some pizza.” She said coming to sit on the bar stool at the dark blue island in the middle of their kitchen. They did not have the biggest apartment in the world but it was comfortable with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. It was a steal and they were so joyful when they got it they did not care if was supposedly haunted even though her things were misplaced all the time.

“Yeah we haven’t ordered out in a while. Jeffrey is coming over tonight so you might want to wear your headphones tonight.”

“Why does it happen to be that you have the most adorable sweet boyfriend in the world that you have been dating for 4 years now and everyone that I get runs away because they think I’m too controlling. I’m not, am I?”

“Do you want to tell you the truth or a lie?” He took out the Ben & Jerry’s chunky monkey knowing she was going to need it in a minute. He sat it in front of her and gave her a spoon.

“The truth.” She took the lid off the ice cream and took a scoop. “You are controlling, Patience but it’s not all bad. You just ask from a lot from a man. You want to be lavished and taking cared of but you also want comfort and security.” She took another bit then spoke.

“I just want a man who has confidence and who is not insecure about who he is. Someone I can rely on when I need them. I just want someone to just be there for me when I need them like you are. If only you weren’t gay, we would make the perfect couple.”

“See that is your problem right there. You want perfect and you can’t have it. There was nothing wrong with Steve or Lucas minus the snoring. Frank was good to and what about Jake?”

“I think Steve was secretly gay and after you. One day I came home and found him in your room jacking off.”

“What?!” He looked horrified. Patience just laughed. “I was trying to keep that one a secret. Lucas did snore but he also never liked picking up his phone. Frank was good but we wanted different things he didn’t want kids or marriage. I thought Jake was the one but he found out his ex-girlfriend was seven months pregnant making him the father and I did not want him to have to choose between two families one day plus he still loved her.”

“Patience, you are too hard on yourself. Come on, we will watch your favorite musicals tonight and order pizza, okay?” He kissed her head and went to go find the pizza menu. Patience nodded and sighed. It had only been six months since she had broken it off with Jake and it still hurt a little. She was falling in love with him and then her world came crashing down. She thought she had finally found him, then she came home and he was sitting on her bed with his face cupped in his hands that’s when she knew it was over. He explained everything to her and she understood his situation. She was there for him but she knew when she met his ex-girlfriend that she was still in love with him and that he was still in love with her. He tried to convince me that he was not but she knew love when she saw it. Patience just sighed and finished eating her ice cream. She would just look forward to this job.


Michael got to his brother office and wanted to run the other way. As soon as he stepped off the elevator he saw Dorothy crying and Beatrice, her assistant, talking to her. Beatrice was his last liaison and she never had liked the way he had ended. He wanted to step back into the elevator but the door closed on him making a ding sound. They looked up right at him.

“Hello, ladies,” he said smiling. They just glared at him. He quickly walked past them to his brother’s office. He opened the door and found his brother on the phone. He quietly closed the door and sat down. He found that his brother’s chairs were more comfortable than his. His brother hung up and the phone and turned to him.

“How did the interviews go?” he said shuffling through papers looking on his desks looking for the list of potential interns. “Aw, here they are. We will go through them one at a time.”

“But I have to tell you-” his brother stopped him before he could finish.

“It can wait we will go through these first.” It was always his way, in his order. “The first one is Daniel Wainwright. How is he?”

“He was a prick who had no idea what we did and he would be better off in the mailroom.”

“Lisa Carmichael?”

“She was beautiful, blond hair and blue eyes kind of girl. She was smart got everything right except when she offered herself to me. Of course, I did not take the opportunity since I know it’s against policy.”


“I know, I know. Carolyn Mason came with the highest recommendations but her downfall is that this is her third internship in the past two years. I think she is an overachiever but I do like her.” His brother just nodded and looked down at the list.

“Stephen Richardson?”

“He was not that bad. I think you might like him. He knows what we are about and he also gave us recommendations on what needs to be fixed up as well.”

“How about the last one Patience Rosemont?”

“I interviewed her today and I can tell you now that you will not like her. She made me switch chairs with her so that she could be comfortable while I interviewed her. She has a smooth tongue and is not afraid to speak her mind. She finds our company a little disturbing but she is very impressed with our ability to keep the public in our good graces and still remain private. She hates being late and she won’t let anyone keep her from being late either.”

“Hmmm....hire Stephen Richardson-”


“And hire Patience as my new secretary since this is the third secretary that you have slept with and ruined.”

“Okay.” Michael stood up and left as his brother went back to his work. Michael thought it was odd that he hired both of them it was usually just one. This was going to be interesting, he thought.

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