Chapter 1: Ink

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Wall...? Eyes stroll over the wall infront of me with a heavy feeling, Ive never seen this wall before. Have I? No... My eyes drop, to the ground, i dont remember that floor either. But those are my shoes... and pants. Feeling disembodied i move my legs and they lift stiffly, my joints crack and pop. Turning around i try to exam the room, but my head feels like its getting light, and I wobble, leaning up against the unfamiliar wall. Opening my mouth to try and call out to someone, but just a whisper comes. My toungue feels like wool. Rubbing my eyes waiting for my head to clear, im exhasuted. For ten minutes I stand there trying to focus myself, but it just slowly flows through me. Its not working... im just getting more and more tired. Sliding down the wall, to the ground my eyes fall shut. 

Something sharp in my side makes me jump up, out of my sleep. Grabbing my waist where I was stuck, i feel a stiff cloth, with a large bump under it. Twisting over i try and look, but there's immense pain, and holding back a shout craning my head over, perring through the darkness. i can barely see it but... it reminds me of something. Gauze? Before i can remove it to see whats under it, pain happens again, but it feels more like a shock this time. As my body tenses up and i shout out, I hear other shouts too. Three? Four? Im not sure, but as i sit up i notice im no longer in the other room, as my head hits the top of this box of sorts. Is this the black market? Did they took out my liver or something? Except im not in a ice bath... Before i can think some more, someone calls out quietly, "Hello?"

I stay silent straining my ears trying to figure out where it came from, But someone else calls out too. "Hel-'' They start coughing mufffled. "-Lo'' finishing it up cracking. Their voice is strained and not just from coughing they sound like they are in pain. 

More voices pop up, four or five maybe, all asking similar things. Where are we, who are you etc. I hear one voice directly next to me, "Everyone just stay Quiet, The light will be on soon, we can talk then." The voice sounded more calm than the others. The others kept talking though and it only lasted a second before barked "SHUT IT" And it quieted instantly. The voice sounded like it could draw blood. 

For a few minutes it was dead silence, but it didnt last whispers were going back and forth,  it was nearly impossible to tell from where the came and went. The person next to me sighs, but doesnt say anything about it again. I strained my ears to listen but only caught bits and peices, none of it would help us in our current situation, so I occupied myself with toying with the mystery bandage on my waist, trying to feel underneath it, it But something intriguing did finally pop up the guy who was coughing before called out something to the person next to me. "Hey. How do you know the lights will turn on soon?" That thought never occurred to me. And I doubt anyone else thought of it either. But just as the thought entered there minds i could practically hear there eyes turn towards the direction of where his voice came from. 

He stayed silent for a second or so then sighing again he starts to talk. "Because this isn't my first time being here. I survived the first wave of this... 'Arena' And you are all the second wave."

Someone calls out "Wave? What do you mean?" He focused on wave but I was more concerned with survived... 

He shuffles in the small cage making sliding noise like a hiss. "I don't know how to explain it to you. Just. Waves. Like rounds. Each round will have survivors at the end, but at the final-"  he wasn't able to finish as once again a pain in my side goes off and bye the shouts so did everyone else. What is that? When it ends the entire room is flooded with bright lights, Blinding me. A loud scraping noise vibrates my cagey box, I try to look out but my eyes are unadjusted still. Groaning and swears fill the room, mine included. But suddenly some relief is given to me, some one is crouching in front of my box and their arms reach in and grab my ankles, for a second I panic and I'm a bout to start kicking the blurred silhouette but it's already pulling me out dragging my back against the ground.  As soon as I'm out im let go and I'm rolling over covering my eyes. 

There's a beep over head, and a voice is heard its deep and distorted from white noise, but it's clear enough. "Welcome. To our little experiment! To get right down to business, my name? Well the media likes to call me Ink so I imagine that'll do for now. Doctor Ink." I feel as if my heart stops. I've heard of that. My dad read the paper a few weeks ago and said there were multiple bodies being found. All tortured, beaten, cut and anything you can imagine. Forensics were working hard to find who was responsible but that's all that was released to the public.

 "The rules are rather loose, so enjoy! For now if you would all head towards the door and to the main hall and we'll get down to buisiness, But lastly and maybe the most important thing is I'm planted into you abdomen is a device. It's the Enforcer. Don't disobey or else." The speaker shuts off, and the room quiets until the some of the others start to freak out. The lights dim down to a point where we can see, but I still lay there. Terrified, his voice was so calm and carefree... How... Can there really be people like. That.

"Shit, man. Thats the guy! Fuck! He's the guy who killed those guys on the news man!" looking up at the guy who was talking, it was a scrawny guy with cornrows, messed up some. Just like evryone else we had Gray Tanktops, and matching sweatpants, Barefoot. 

"He didnt kill anyone." Says the familiar voice. looking over at a guy pulling another guy out of the cages welded to the dull concrete walls. I was shocked by how his back looked. Scars stretching over his shoulders and neck and fresh red welts peeking over the sides of the cloth.

"Then who the hell did man? He said it hims-" suddenly a spasm goes through his body and he crumples to the ground grabbing his waist. Fit only last a few seconds, and then hes groaning, sweat beading on his forehead.

"You need to clam down. The Enforcer will do that if you act up." He walks over to the guy on the ground kneeling down to him. "And Ink has never killed anyone." he helps him up to his feet and pats him on his shoulder. The one with cornrows, holding the gauze bandage walks over to a group of guys, all looking at eachother terrified out of their mind. 

I get up off the ground now, knees creaking And take a look around the room. There were a lot of people here, All guys. None of any race or much of anything in common... except age. none look younger than highschool or older than college. My eyes catch onto The Scarred man, helping up the last person, a small guy looking like hes only a sophomore in higschool. The cage doors slam shut into places, and The scarred man starts walking towards a gray panel with no handel but when he gets to it swings open by itself. The other 20 or so guys look at it warily but they follow him not wanting to be shocked again. I follow the group walking through the door last, and having the final glance to the room we woke up in, a near bare gray room, lined with those tiny cages. I dont know where we are going next. But i hope to god its better than that place, but i doubt it. 



Submitted: December 05, 2014

© Copyright 2020 Charlie Montgomery. All rights reserved.


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Wow, I couldn't imagine being stuck in a situation like this, it'd be horrible. Sort of like The Hunger Games, but a bit more twisted. I wish our main character well, and can't wait for what will happen next. ~Poetic

Sun, December 7th, 2014 3:17am


you probably could imagine, i mean i did, and ive never been in a situation close to this thank god eAe. Thanks for taking some time to read it, and i have an idea for the next chapter i just have to figure out how and when to do it still. thanks again!

Mon, December 8th, 2014 7:50am

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