Sense and Serenity

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2 sisters fall in love with one boy... But who will win his heart? 1 sister is best friends with him and might possibly have an arranged marriage to another boy and the other sister could be dying??? (sort of Pride and Prejudice based themed novel) please rate and review!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sense and Serenity

Submitted: May 08, 2010

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Submitted: May 08, 2010



Chapter 1 Annabelle
I carefully positioned myself in a way that I could see past all the trees that lined the road up to the plantation. I then saw the carriage. Yes! I cried out inside my head. I could not wait to see William. William was my childhood friend that had gone off to war against America a few years ago. The carriage then stopped right in front of me. My heart pounded. William stepped out of the carriage. I said, "William!" He walked towards me arms out wide, smiling. I was then enveloped in his hug and I took the time to evaluate him. William had grown tall, by the size of the biceps that were hugging me I could say strong too, he was well dressed in the uniform of a well decorated solider, his eyes were still the same piercing blue that gave me the chills if I looked at them too long, and his smile was that perfect goofy smile he had when he was a little boy. I suddenly realized that we had quit hugging and I was just staring at him now. I quickly looked away embarrassed. I then said, "Please come inside."

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