'Iris Academy'

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 06, 2013




Chapter Three

Bryceon stepped into the old musty smell of books. He reached into the inside of his navy jacket and pulled out a piece of paper. Ten-thirty, study hall. He shook his head and shoved the paper back into his jacket.  To be a school for the supernatural, it seems like a regular High School. He started towards an empty table, but a small hand stopped him. He pivoted until he was face to face with a blonde beauty.

  “Bryceon Salem?” Her rosy lips moved swiftly, before she took her bottom lip into her mouth. He slowly lifted his gaze over her smooth olive complexion, until he reached her eyes, which were a deep clear blue.

  “Uh, yeah, and you are?” He stammered, gathering himself.

“I’m Elodie, I’m part of the Welcoming Committee.” She smiled and cupped his cheek, his first thought was to back up, but suddenly he felt warm, then ice cold.

  “Hmm, interesting.” She pulled her hand away slowly. Bryceon shifted his weight a couple times before finding a comfortable position. “No need to feel uncomfortable, I’m a witch. You know, special powers.”

“Don’t get too comfortable, though. Wouldn’t want you stealing my girl, would I?” Another voice came into play. It was a tenor voice, so probably male. A body came from the shadows of the library to fit the voice. The guy was built, seriously built. He was a dirty blonde with brown eyes. The air in his aurora said he was a shifter, and a powerful one at that.

“Calm down, Lucas. No need to get overbearing.” Elodie simply raised a hand to him, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, speaking of overbearing, I should start studying. First day here, and I’ve got four assignments due Friday.” He waved goodbye and walked off towards the tall bookshelves. He grabbed a book on witch breeding and took a seat at an empty table.

The book was undeniably boring, and was putting Bryceon to sleep. Before he knew it, his head was buried into the pages of the book, and she was solemnly drifting to sleep. 

“I see you’re getting a lot of work done.” The harmonic voice erased any previous thoughts of sleep, and he lifted his head to see Aislinn carrying a ton of books.

“Huh, oh yeah. Work. I was definitely working.” He flipped through the pages in the book, as if he was looking for something. “You, uh, need some help with that?” He gestured to the stack of books covering everything above her waistline.

“Nah, I’m fine. It doesn’t even look like I’m struggling does it?” Her legs were wobbling a little, and before he knew it, he was out of his chair. Bryceon’s hand reached for the books, but simply glided across her hand, and to her forearm. A shock stunned him, as well as her, and the books fell to the ground in a thundering thud.

 Aislinn’s hands quickly went to her arms, and she gripped them protectively.

“I’m sorry, I mean, I guess I-I ,uh,” Bryceon stuttered.

  “Hmm, I wonder what idiot dropped these books on the ground.” Elodie, waltz into the room and stood with a scolding look. It was directed at Aislinn. “Was it you, asswipe? Were you trying to run another student away?”

“Elodie, leave me alone.” Aislinn’s voice was low, like she was trying to hold back anger, fear, and gore all in the same corner. Shit was about to get heavy.

“And why on Earth would I do that?” Elodie played a sickeningly sweet voice. Then, all hell broke loose. Aislinn grabbed Elodie by the neck and basically threw her into the wall, causing a dent to form were Elodie’s head had been.

  A bone-cracking sound echoed through the library, followed by a ferocious roar. Bryceon already knew who it was, Lucas. He turned his attention back to Aislinn who was banging Elodie’s head into the table. Repeatedly.

Bryceon muttered a nice fuck under his breath as he made his way over to Aislinn.

“Uh, hey Aislinn. Just thought I’d let you know that there’s a huge fucking lion coming towards us, okay. And I think we should get out of here.” He started pulling her away, and she was dragging Elodie by the head, with her. Then, he saw it. The lion was galloping towards them, and the first thing he did was raise his hands; which wasn’t the best choice of action, since he dropped Aislinn, who dropped Elodie, which made the lion even angrier.  

He acted on his impulses and thought up a spell. Stop. Then, everything froze. He ran a hand though his hair and sighed. He stood Aislinn up and gently tapped her face. She didn’t stir. He tapped a little harder. Nothing. Then, he slapped her. Aislinn’s eyes darted open and, she pounced on him, sending them both to the floor. She started pounding and scratching at his face and chest.

“It’s me! Aislinn, it’s me!” He finally got a grip on her hands. “It’s me.” Then, all the hellfire drained from her eyes, and left them a golden brown. She smiled at him.

  “Hey.” Bryceon smiled back.

  “You know, if your shirt hadn’t been splattered with Elodie’s blood, this position would be considered a major turn-on.” His smile turned into a wolfish grin, and she bit her lip in return.  In a rough, but passionate way, he guided her head towards his. Their lips were so close. Snap! Snap! Snap!

“Bryceon!” It was a loud whisper,  but it woke him up even though he wasn’t fully awake. “Who the fuck is Aislinn?” That opened his eyes. He was staring directly at a sterned face Jessila.

“Why do you care?” He relaxed a little and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

 “Uh, because we’re supposed to be dating remember.” She flipped her hair behind her.

Bryceon sucked at his teeth, “It’s not like I want her to have my kids.”

 “We need to talk.” She stood and reached for his hand, and Bryceon gripped hers nonchalantly.


The courtyard was almost empty, the occasional randomers were common. Their hands were still linked as they walked on the cobblestone path. Bryceon spilled the beans on the whole Aislinn problem.

  “Okay, so, Aislinn likes you. Well, you know you can’t like her back.” Bryceon looked heavenward, staring at the sky. “I know how to end that. Kiss me.” Bryceon looked down at Jessila, who stood with her eyes closed waiting for him. He was confused, but he knew better than to not listen to her.

Bryceon leaned in close, closing the space between them, and planted his lips on hers. Jessila wrapped her arms around his neck, and on impulse, he gripped her waist. She deepened the kiss, flickering her tongue over his bottom lip. He pulled back a little, but she kept him in place. He opened his mouth to say something, but she took it as an advantage. Her tongue dared his to play along, but he couldn’t bring himself to. He finally pulled away, and pushed her into the wall, gently. His hands were planted on either side of her head.

“What. The fuck. Was that?” Jessila looked away from him to gaze at something to her right. Bryceon followed her gaze. Then, he saw her. Aislinn, just standing there, dumbstruct. Then, to add insult to injury, Jessila nibbled on his ear and hugged his neck. Then, Aislinn swung right through the double doors.

Bryceon dropped his head, and his arms. He tore Jessila off of him, and hurried in the direction Aislinn went. 

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