Brother & Sister

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Kayla Hathaway finds herself tangled in the messy strings of forbidden love as she falls in love with the man that will forever be in her life. Will she find her way out or live her life normally, like she yearns for?

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Submitted: May 07, 2011



A/N: This is the first time I've written about something like this. Falling in love with someone that you're not supposed to has grave consequences. That was what inspired me to write this story. I hope you guys will enjoy!


Chapter 1: Nightmare

It was raining. Like itusually was in Seattle, Washington. It was mid-May. I just woke up, realising that it was four in the morning. I stayed in sitting position on my bed, breathing heavily. I had a nightmare, again. The same nightmare.

Mum, Dad, Keith and I were in the Jeep. We were going for a picnic. It seemed like a good summer day. It didn't seem like it was going to rain. How wrong I was! Just when we were about to reach our destination, it began to rain. "Oh, no. I guess we'll have to come again another day." Mum sighed from the front passenger seat. She turned around to look at Brother and me. "It doesn't matter, Mum. We're good. Aren't we, Kayla?" Keith asked me. I nodded, though I was disappointed. Dad, who was driving,sighed and started to turned around.

BANG! A huge lorry crashed right into the side of the driver's seat. I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, so the impact of the crash sent me flying out of the window. The glass scraped my skin and some dug deep. I was alive. "DAD!" I screamed. No answer. "Keith, Mum!" I shouted. "Kayla!" my good old brother's voice shouted. Keith clambered out from the broken window which I flew out of. His right arm was covered in blood. "Keith, what about Mum and Dad?" I screamed, struggling to get up. Keith hurried over to me and offered me his left hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me up. We ran to the Jeep and Keith opened the door of the passenger seat. Mum was unconscious. Keith very carefully leant his ear to Mum's nose. "She's alive!" he breathed. "Call the police, Kayla. Hurry." he said quickly. I dialled 911. "What about Dad?" I asked. The police picked up. I gave the all the information they needed to find us and I hung up. Keith looked at me with a grim expression.

"What about Dad?" I repeated urgently. I couldn't see Dad as Keith was blocking my view of the driver's seat. Keith sighed. "Kayla, he's gone. His whole body was ripped into two." he said gravely. It took an agonizing minute to realise what Keith said. "No. NO!" I lunged myself at Keith, trying to push away so I could see Dad. I wanted him to climb out of the seat and smile at me and say that he's okay, that he was alright. Keith grabbed onto my right arm with his left hand. "Kayla-Kayla, I'm sorry. He's really gone." Keith sobbed. I looked up at his face. He was really crying. My strong, big brother, was crying. I reached up and wiped away his tears gently.

"Keith, let me see him. I need to see him, at least for one last time." I whispered. Keith looked at me. "I'm going to regret letting you see." he muttered thickly. He moved away. I stared at Dad, or at least his remains. The sight was horrible. His body was literally ripped into two. The lorry had crashed right into him and the impact caused the top half of his body, from his head to the middle of his torso, to disconnect with the lower half. I clapped my hand over my mouth to muffle the pained cry that escaped. I dropped to the ground, onto my knees. My heart broke into two. "Kayla..." Keith's voice sobbed from behind me. I couldn't hear the words he was using to soothe me. Blessed darkness closed over me just then and I fainted.

That wasn't just a dream. It was real life. That happened two years ago. I'm 16 this year and Keith is two years older than me. He's 18 this year. Mum's still alive, if you're wondering. She can't used her left arm though. The accident scarred her for life. The accident scarred me for life. I had to go for counselling and therapy. I'm still on medication. Yeah, it's that serious.

Keith acted and looked like he was okay. Yet, I could see that the sight of Dad like that haunted him still. It hurt me to see Keith like that. I know that he was acting like that for me. So that I won't be worried about him and continue my treatment. Keith was different after the whole incident. He was more quiet and usually closes himself from the world. He even treats Mum differently. Like he was colder, older. He was only warm to me. He loved me. I know he does. I love him too, as a brother.

Keith and I share a room together. I know, weird right? But it doesn't bother us. I bit my lip. It took me time to realise that I was crying. I sniffed softly and wiped away my tears, facing the window. Arms slid around my waist. I leant my head against Keith's shoulder, thankful for his warmth. "Nightmare?" he asked in a whisper. I nodded, closing my eyes. "The same one?" he continued whispering. I nodded again. I felt his lips apply pressure on the top of my head. (Yeah, I know. We're REALLY close.) "Kayla, you should go to sleep. We have to wake up at six later for school." he sighed, his arms loosening from my waist. "Wait!" I whispered urgently, my eyes shooting open. I grabbed his right hand. "Sleep beside me, will you?" I asked, pleading with my eyes. Keith smiled weakly. He slid under the covers with me and I lied back down. He stroked my cheek and whispered, "Sweet dreams, Kayla." "Good night, brother." I whispered back and closed my eyes, falling back into peaceful slumber with my brother lying beside me.

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