Life of a Karman

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Karma [Khar-ma] Noun: An action, seen as bringing upon oneself unavoidable results, good or bad.

...But what if karma wasn't something that you believed in. What if karma was given by a person?

16-year old Nessa Willow was born and raised in California. Once Nessa was of age, she was selected to become a "Karman". A Karman's job is to give those who do good or bad deeds the punishments/rewards that they deserve. Because of this selection, Nessa was forced to move to the mountainous town of Keystone, Colorado with her family. Every morning she has a letter in her mailbox with a list of information on who she must reward and punish for that day. But what would happen if Nessa gave someone a punishment when they deserved a good deed, and it was accepted through the Karma Headquarters?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Life of a Karman

Submitted: June 30, 2012

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Submitted: June 30, 2012



Prequel (A letter to the family):

The Dearest Willow Family,

Your family is one of the lucky selected few to be chosen to participate as one of the KARMA Incorporated employees. We have been watching you here at KARMA Inc and feel that you are worthy. KARMA Inc is a company that is solely based on repaying those who have done good deeds and punishing those who have done wrong.

Every morning your family will receive a letter, one to each of the members in your family. The letter includes a time, location, and name to a person who deserves to be repaid or punished for an action they have done. The letter will specify the actions that this person is doing at that time and place, but it is up to the "Karman" to decide if they should be punished or rewarded.

Now, you and your family might be wondering, 'How do you physically use karma on someone?'. In the box that you were sent today along with this letter, you received three cell phones for your whole family. Please take a look at the cell phones and remember that this is not a personal use phone.

The rules of how to be a Karman is simple. When you are within 10 meters from a human, a new contact will appear on your karma phone. Under the new contact's name you will have the following information: the person's name and a phone number. The phone number given under the contact's name is not the contact's actual number. The number is a Karma number which is directly linked to this human's fate.

To apply the Karma to a specific person assigned to you on your letter, you must be within the distance of 10 meters. Then, you must send a text to the number given under the contact's name. After your ready the message, you will first type "Karma". If you type Karma, it will let this person's fate know that you are with KARMA Inc. If you do not type "Karma", the punishment or repayment will not be received to the human.

After you type "Karma" into your phone, you must also type a number between one and ten to determine how strong the reward or punishment given is. If you place no number, the karma will automatically be set to five.

And finally, after you type "Karma" and a number in, you type "Reward" or "Punishment" to determine this persons fate. If you type nothing, it will automatically be set to punishment, however it will be a minor punishment for those innocent.

The final rule is in order for the Karma to take place is that you must be at the location and time given in the letter. You must be able to see the person before you put the karma into use. You may not find the person at a different time and location to put the Karma into effect. However, if you are there on time or ten minutes after the set time, the karma will then take effect.

After you have sent a karma text, you will receive a text back from the number you sent to either saying "Approved" Or "Denied" determining if your karma message was effective.

As a compensation of you and your family taking on such a strong task as a Karman, you will receive a monthly pay check per assignment that you and your family has done and you will have free reign of applying karma to any human in your reach, however it must first be approved by headquarters by texting the "KARMA Inc" contact first in your phone.

We thank you for your cooperation, KARMA Inc.


So this is a little introduction to Karma. It'll be my little story that I write in my moods where I really want to write... <3 Be sure to comment and like if you enjoyed it! <3

FOR the record, the "Humor" in this story doesn't start until a certain ...someone is introduced. :D

Warning: This beginning part has quite a bit of information about what a "Karman" Is. Take it slow.

~Lots of Love, Chem

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