A Fast Gun Named Jesse

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Meet Markey

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



“We’ll need a wagon.” Jesse told Jenny. “We’re going to need a plow too. That other one is getting wore out.”
“We’ll have to wait a few years for that, Jesse. The crops aren’t doing so well and-”
“Jenny, I hate to tell you but you married a wealthy man. We won’t need to wait.” He walked over to some boots, looking them over, and deciding they just weren’t as good as the ones he already had.
“What do you mean?” Jenny asked. “You have some money to get started?”
Jesse looked over at her. “Is this makin’ you uncomfortable Jenny?” he asked.
“I didn’t marry for money.” she replied.
He smiled. “I know that.”
“I’ve never had money and I’ve never expected to have it.” she replied. “I guess it does make me uncomfortable.”
He laughed. “I wasn’t trying to flaunt it, Jenny, I never have. I played a lot of poker when I was younger to earn money to take care of Lucy when our parents died. I was very good at it. I earned more than I needed every time. It all added up. I just had the bank empty my money and brought it with me. It’s all honest money. Well, honest enough.”
Jenny nodded. “It will just take some getting used to.”
He leaned down. “If you want, we don’t have to spend any of it.”
She rolled her eyes. “Don’t be silly.”
He took her hand and kissed it. “Jenny, about what you said earlier. A baby is a lot to take on. Are you sure that’s what you want?”
She looked at him, looked into his eyes. “As long as it’s your baby Jesse it’s exactly what I want.”
He pulled her face up and kissed her. “You’re still a baby yourself Jenny.”
“I’m not.” she replied.
“You know what I mean.” he whispered.
“Jenny.” another voice cut in. “What’s going on? I heard you got married.”
Jenny looked over and rolled her eyes again. A man, well more of a boy, was standing about Jesse’s height, with a bit of a crazy gleam in his dark mud brown eyes. He was dressed in a fading red checkered shirt and holey dark blue pants. “Markey, it’s none of your concern.” she replied, then went to turn away.
He grabbed her arm. “I thought we was gonna get married.” he snapped.
Jesse drew his gun. “Get your damn filthy hands off my wife.” he ordered. “I ain’t afraid to blow your head off boy.”
Markey let her go and sized Jesse up. “So you’re the fast gun everyone is talking about. The one who married Jenny. She’s mine.”
Jesse knocked the butt of his gun against Markey’s skull. Markey fell to the ground unconscious. “I don’t like him.” Jesse muttered then pulled Jenny away. “Would you like a new dress?” he asked.
“I don’t have time to make one Jesse. There’s too much to be done. Besides I can never choose between the fabrics-” she stopped when he cocked an eyebrow at her. “Oh.” she murmured. “No, I’m fine.”
He stuck his finger in a hole that was in her skirt. “Are you?”
“I was getting around to patching it.” she said, defensive.
“What about this one.” Jesse asked, fingering the one in her sleeve.
“I will patch that too-”
“Jenny,” Jesse whispered, leaning down towards her ear. “Get a new dress.”
“I’m not going to get some fancy dress just to ruin it.” She spoke with her chin in the air.
“Jenny, shut your mouth, and get a new dress. I want to get out of here before Markey comes to. Now if you want to argue so we can stick around and fight him when he wakes up then so be it. But I think we both know you should just listen to me and get a new dress.” His voice was cool and calm, smooth as honey.
She opened her mouth but Jesse deepened his stare to a don’t-even-think-about-winning-this look. He gestured toward the dresses.
With a huff she walked over to the dresses, and Jesse waited until she wasn’t looking to smile. But the smile didn’t last long when he saw three Yankees come in the store. He only felt little relief when he saw one was Robby. He rested his hand on his gun. Looked over at his wife who was trying to decide between dresses.
 Robby walked over to him. “Good afternoon, brother.” he greeted.
Jesse nodded. “Afternoon.”
“Is Jenny with you?”
“She’s looking at dresses.” Jesse replied, nodding toward where she stood, taking another glance back at her in concern.
Robby held his hands up. “We come in peace.” he promised.
“Just looking after Jenny.” Jesse replied, is hand not relaxing.  “You understand.”
“Of course.” Robby replied. “It’s good to see she’s well taken care of.” He looked down at Markey. “Your work?”
“He put his hands on Jenny.” Jesse replied. “He’s lucky I didn’t shoot him.”
Robby grinned. “She is in good hands. This is Patrick and Tim.” he introduced. “This is my brother-in-law, Jesse.”
Jesse shook hands, nodded toward Jenny. “Let me introduce you to my wife.” He walked over to Jenny, who had picked a dress to his relief. “Jenny, let me introduce you.” She turned, her eyes narrowing when she saw Robby. “This is Patrick and Tim.”
She nodded to them. “Nice to meet you.”
They tipped their hats back, nodding respectively. “Nice to meet you too, ma’am.” Tim said.
Jesse slipped an arm around her waist, felt how tense Jenny was. “Well Jenny, let’s get you that dress and what else we need. Robby, do you know where we could buy a wagon?”
“I’ll look around for you.”
“And we’ll need a new plow, the other one is worn.”
He nodded. “We’ll help you carry the stuff.”
“Thank you.” Jesse said.

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