A Fast Gun Named Jesse

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Family Feud

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



Jesse slept with Jenny under his arm, for precautionary reasons. He knew well that Jenny was likely to try to sneak away while he slept. Danny was keeping watch while they napped, resting for later in the evening.
The plans were set and they would be ready to go when they awoke. Jesse was shirtless but his gun still rested beside his hip, on the opposite side of Jenny. The belt was a bit uncomfortable, but it would be much less comfortable to be caught in fire and not be able to pull out his gun if need be.
Jenny began to move slowly under his arm, as if trying not to wake him. He was this close to strangling the girl. “Jenny, rest now or you ain’t gonna go with us.” he snapped.
She huffed out a breath through her nostrils then turned over onto her back and stared at the ceiling of the cave. He opened his eyes and smiled at her defiant face. He slowly propped himself up on his elbow so he was leaning over her.
Quickly, she averted her eyes, afraid she’d stare at his broad chest instead of his face and give him all the more satisfaction. So she stared at the wall of the cave. He gently cupped her jaw with his hand and turned her head like he’d done earlier. “You need to be well rested for tonight Jenny. This is your one chance to have your revenge. Your chance to help.” he leaned his face a little bit closer. “Don’t screw it up by being pigheaded and making me change my mind.” He glanced over to see Danny wasn’t in the cave. He leaned his head down and gently kissed her on the lips. “For luck.” he whispered.
Oh, she could literally feel the blood slowly fill her cheeks and forehead as she blushed. Her green eyes were wide and Jesse grinned at the girl’s face, pasted with horror.
Just to amuse himself, he leaned down and kissed her again. But this time he moved his lips against hers, and found his hand running behind her head and into her loose golden hair.
And then her hands came under his chest and she gave him one hard shove and sat up, shocked and dismayed. Her breathing was deep and rough, and only made Jesse all the more fascinated. She slapped him.
It didn’t hurt, and he didn’t blame her. If he were her, he might have done the same thing. As a lady.
But because he was a man, he saw the gesture as provoking, and shoved his fingers into her hair again, and pulled her face to his. And to finally teach her a lesson about disobeying him, plunged his tongue into her mouth to rile her.
She tried to pushed him away so he wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her close to him, and kept her locked in place. She mumbled protests and tried to get away, and he only held onto her all the more tighter.
Eventually she simply stopped, so he would stop, she told herself. Not because she liked it. She didn’t like it. Just because he was her husband didn’t mean she liked kissing him.
Lying to herself wasn’t so hard.
And it worked. He eventually let go, grinning, and let her pull away. “Are you quite finished?” she asked between gritted teeth. “Are you done having your fun? There are more serious things going on at the moment and you choose to tease me and anger me by kissing me? And you say I am the immature one.”
Man, he didn’t see it coming, she’d been smart at hiding it. But her fist was suddenly smacking straight into his jaw and he tasted the blood almost immediately. He fell onto his back and his hand flew up to his mouth.
Angrily, Jenny stood and stomped toward her saddle bag as Jesse wiped the blood from his lips. She gathered her things and began stomping toward the cave entrance, when there was a gunshot. Jesse jumped up and grabbed his gun from his hip, then ran quietly until he was in front of Jenny.
He signaled for her to be quiet and edged toward the mouth of the cave. Just then Danny appeared, holding a dead rabbit and grinning. “I’ve got dinner.”

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