Captured Innocence

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Authority Wars

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Submitted: March 08, 2011



Delilah woke from a troubling dream. When she opened her eyes Shane was next to her. He smiled at her. “You’re awake…” He frowned. “Delilah, oh no…please don‘t…”

Her breath hitched, then she broke into sobs. “I want my Mom.” she cried.

Shane huffed out a breath and gathered his young wife into his arms. “Clara is-”

“No! I don’t mean Clara. I know I’m thinking of her but-”

“Shh. I see now.” he whispered. “I know you’re worried about your parent’s worrying about you…and other things, your thoughts are a mess Delilah. Baby.” he breathed, hugged her close as she hung onto him and cried some more.

She had been trying so hard to be grown up and to be a strong wife…but she was only right out of highschool and she missed her Mom and Dad. She was supposed to use this last summer to say goodbye before going to collage. She was supposed to come home and visit during the holidays and summers until she met a man then fell in love and married him.

Most of all she was supposed to have her Mom to comfort her about losing her virginity, whenever she did. She loved Shane and she was glad he was there, but since he was the one who had taken her virginity, it only helped so much. She couldn’t control the tears, and she didn’t know if it was because she lost her virginity just a few days ago and this was a late reaction, or if it was because of Shane changing her. Maybe she was just having trouble with her emotions because of the transformation.

“It’s both.” he murmured. “I’m so sorry, Delilah.”

She hiccupped. “N-No. It’s alright, Shane.” She could barely understand herself.

The door opened, and Janie’s face appeared. “Maybe I could help?” she suggested.

Delilah shook her head. She still hadn’t forgiven Janie for letting Shane take her when she had been crying for help, or for bringing her parents to the school. “No, I want my Mom.” Delilah said to Shane, looking up at him through her wet lashes.

Shane signaled for Janie to go away, but she wouldn’t. It looked like she still didn’t trust Shane. “I can’t take you there. It will be too dangerous for your parents.”

Delilah gasped. “Charles! What if he-”

“They are being protected Delilah. I made sure of that.” His head suddenly jerked toward the wall nearest to them. “No!” he breathed.

Delilah grabbed his arm. “What is it Shane? What’s wrong?”

Janie was edging toward them, also wanting to know it seemed.

“Charles, his army has gotten much larger these past few days. He has Marcus. Harold was on his way to get him… He is dead.”

Delilah looked at him. “Who’s dead? Marcus?” she asked, hoping with all hope it was him.

“No, it’s Harold. Charles has convinced Marcus to join his side. Marcus is strong, and he is very powerful. He was going to be an asset to us.”

“My bastard father, Marcus?” Delilah asked, already knowing the answer. “He’s one of us too? Does he know-”

“He wouldn’t believe us if we tried to tell him.” Shane pulled his wife into his arms, holding her close. “My school is coming, those who are willing to fight. Others are going off on their own, the ones who do not want to be involved.”

“It’s not fair to get everyone involved in our fight Shane.”

“I would have liked to keep this between Charles and myself, but he was too much of a coward to face me. I knew he would turn this into a war. I do not like having to get others involved.”

“You should have let me fight him when he popped up.” Delilah urged. “We could have stopped the whole thing-”

“Charles would have killed you. I will not hear of it. You are not strong enough or smart enough to battle yet. It take a long time to gain these skills.”

Janie looked Delilah over. Shane snarled at her. “I have not hurt her! Go back to Ty!” he commanded.

Janie puffed out her chest. “I am a Detective and I serve this country. You will treat me-”

“I will beat you.” Shane snapped. “Go back to Ty before I have him punish you.” he growled.

She narrowed her eyes. “Ty would never lay a finger on me just because you-”

The door swung open, the knob making a hole in the wall. Ty had a grim expression on his face. “Janie,” he said quietly…it was spooky. “Leave Shane alone.”

She looked at him in shock. “No! I don’t think he should be left alone with Delilah-”

Ty grabbed her arm and jerked her out of the room, cutting Janie off with his fury. Shane was vibrating with the same fury, though his thoughts were also maliciously happy that she was going to get what was coming to her.

Delilah flinched as she saw through Shane’s mind what Ty was doing to his wife.

Shane cut the connection off, and looked at Delilah, examining her scared and confused face.

“I’ve been inside his head for the past few days. Where exactly does he hide that anger?” She asked.

Shane sighed. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let you see that-”

“She deserves it.” She muttered.

“Maybe you’ll know not to disobey me.” Shane added, a little too casually.

She grinned at him. “I would just get turned on.” she replied, mimicking Larson.

Shane grinned at her. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

She shrugged. “A little. I’m sorry I broke down. I had been doing so well.”

“It’s alright, I understand.” he said then kissed her gently. “We need to talk to Alexander about Marcus.”

Since Delilah encouraged walking, Shane stood and they walked hand in hand into the next room. Larson was in deep conversation, mentally, with Baker, another man Shane had changed. They both looked over at her in annoyance when her mind joined theirs.

Larson groaned and sat back in his chair, cutting off what he had been thinking towards Baker. She blushed in embarrassment. She was still trying to figure out how to control her thoughts and keep out of their minds.

When Larson’s mind returned to normal, he was thinking about Delilah, and what she looked like naked in a cold shower.

Shane rolled his eyes. “You are so unimaginative.” he accused Larson.

Delilah was trying hard not to think of what she looked like naked in the mirror. Larson’s mind was encouraging it though and it was hard to keep the image from coming. She began humming an eighties tune to distract herself.

Larson frowned. “Not fair.” he complained.

She glared. “Don’t you think of anything other than sex?” she asked.

“You’re one to talk.” he shot back. “I swear if I see Shane naked one more time I’m gonna walk right out of here.”

Delilah sat down with her arms crossed, looking down to hide her embarrassment. Then she realized she could only hide it from one person, the rest could read her mind.

“What are we going to do?” Shane said to Alexander. Delilah realized that they had been having their own conversation and Shane had been able to keep her out of it. She couldn’t wait to learn to do that. She was an open book.

Larson was still trying to picture her naked and Baker was laughing at the different images he was coming up with.

“Would you two grow up!” she snapped. “We have some serious things going on right now!”

She felt bad as she remembered her crying just moments ago, and felt like a hypocrite. Baker sighed and walked over to her. “I’m sorry, Delilah. I know it’s serious. We’re just trying to ease the situation a little.”

Baker looked at her with his puppy dog brown eyes and smiled his cute and charming little smile. His hair was unnaturally blonde, but it looked good on him. She didn’t even know their kind could dye their hair. Or that they would bother to.

“I know.” she sighed, not able to help forgiving him. “I’m glad I have you and Ty as my stepsons. It’s just him I really don’t like.” she muttered.

“Hey, that hurts.” Larson complained.

“Well, you haven’t done anything that makes me want to be within a thousand feet of you.” she snapped.

“You should be flattered that I think you’re so hot.” he said matter-of-factly.

“Are you going to be flattered when I decide to cut off your penis for your own good.” She conjured up a mental image of that and had him, Baker, and Shane shuddering.

Shane gave her a look. “Could you never think of that again?” he said, his tone more bossy than pleading.

“Will you tell him to control his thoughts?” she whined. “It’s driving me insane.”

“I’m a man. I can’t help it.” he replied.

She gave him an image of chopping of his balls. Shane glared.

She put her hands up. “Hey, it wasn’t his penis that time.” she defended.

Alexander cocked an eyebrow. “I don’t want to know.” he replied. “Shane, perhaps you could get your children under control?”

Shane sighed. “Maybe I should punish the three of them.” he agreed.

Delilah grinned. “Okay!” she agreed, thinking of Shane naked when it was her turn to get punished.

“That’s it!” Larson shouted and stormed out of the room.

Baker squinted his eyes. “Delilah, I get why you did it to Larson, but please try to consider not only myself but Ty also.” he suggested.

She bit her bottom lip. “Sorry, Baker.”

“Perhaps we could discuss what we are going to do about Charles.” Alexander suggested, sitting down at the table next to Delilah. Shane sat on the other side of her and Baker sat across from her. Ty entered the room, Janie in tow. Janie’s face was streaked with tears and her lips were quivering. Delilah’s gut tightened. She never thought she would see Detective Janie Tavak that way. She never thought Ty would be responsible either.

Ty shot Delilah a look, telling her to get her mind off it. She quickly focused on Alexander.

“I have six people coming to join us.” he said aloud. “I have invited four others, but they are still unsure. There are many more to see though.”

“I have invited twelve myself that have confirmed their joining us. I was so sure that we would have Marcus though.” Shane sighed. “Do you think we could persuade him to join us instead? Ty, you have been friends with him for a long time, perhaps you could speak with him.”

Ty nodded. “I will try.”

Delilah avoided looking at Janie, not wanting Ty to get angry again.

She didn’t really want Marcus around, but this wasn’t about her. Larson came back into the room. “I have about three on the way. Two undecided.” he added.

“Seven. The others said they didn’t want to be involved.” Ty said.

Shane nodded. “Ty, try to find a safe way to locate Marcus. Larson, Delilah, come with me.” he said, his tone full of authority and not exactly happy.

Delilah pursed her lips then followed Shane into another bedroom. Larson rolled his eyes but didn’t argue.

Shane sighed and faced them both. “I’ve just about had enough of the two of you.” he snapped. “We do not have time for you both to behave like eight years old. Therefore, I am going to play favorites. Larson, you are stronger than Delilah and you can and will control your thoughts. Upset Delilah again and there will be consequences.”

“That’s not fair.” he muttered.

“You are older than her, I will not say anymore about this to you. Next time you will be punished. Delilah, my wife,” Shane said, the words sent a chill through her body. His eyes set on hers. “I know it takes some getting used to, being in a man’s mind. As much as I understand I have no time for patience. Speak aloud about this again and you will know what it is to be punished by me. Behave, this is the last time I will tell you. Larson, you may leave.”

He nodded respectfully then ducked out of the room. Delilah went to follow him but Shane caught her wrist and pulled her back. “Where do you think you are going?”

Delilah recognized the gleam in his eyes. “If you don’t have time to deal with Larson and me then I’m very sure we don’t have time for that.”

She jerked her arm away and rejoined the room of debating men. Shane’s anger filled her mind and he let her know she was going to give him what he wanted the next time he got her alone.

“Don’t act like a child Shane. We don’t have time for it.”

Shane glared in response.

Maybe it was time Delilah showed him that she wasn’t going to be treated like a little girl. No more crying, no more arguing with Larson. Maybe it wasn’t the best time for it, but Delilah and Shane now had a war between them. She was determined to win.

“I have good reason to control you. You asked for it Delilah.”

“Don’t act like you didn’t know who I was when you married me. I stood up to you when I was human, I have more of a chance now to get my way. You’re not going to boss me around as you please. I am your wife, after all. I deserve some say.”

“I am your master. Do not start a fight between us. You will not win. I have been alive much longer. You know I will conquer.”

“Fuck you Shane.” The thought was vicious.

He smirked. “I believe that is the idea.”

“I don’t see why you’re being like this. We were getting along fine.”

“If you want to end this then you can meet me in the bedroom.”.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “I may be your wife but I am not your whore.”

“Aren’t you?” The thought was cocky.

She growled at him. “Bring it on, you sonofabitch.”

Shane grinned at her.

Delilah turned away from him as twelve men and women appeared. She wasn’t sure which war was worse. She was afraid she might lose both.

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