Captured Innocence

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Death

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Submitted: April 06, 2011



“Delilah! Delilah!” Someone was screaming her name. She was on a rocking ship and was terrified that someone was out in the ocean, drowning. “Delilah.” This time the voice was sobbing.

Her eyes opened, and Shane was over her, and he was… She had to blink a few times. Was he crying?

“Sh-Shane?” she stuttered. “What’s wrong?”

He let out a breath. “Are you alright Delilah? Are you okay?”

She sat up, trying to understand why her husband was so shaken up. “I’m fine, Shane. Baby I’m just fine. Why are you crying Shane?”

“I can’t hear her either.” Ty said from across the room.

She looked up, saw everyone was in her room. She began to panic. “What’s wrong with my husband? What happened to him? Someone better give me some fucking answers.” Her tone got more and more hot, turning to acid. If someone had hurt him then she was going to be out for their head.

“We can’t hear your thoughts Delilah.” Shane breathed. “I can’t hear anything. Are you hurt?”

She shook her head. She was a little sore from the night of rough sex, but otherwise she was perfect. She couldn’t hear them either though, she noticed. “I can’t hear you. What’s wrong with me?”

Shane hugged her, then pulled her head up and kissed her deeply. “I don’t know Delilah, but we’ll find out.”

“Oh come on Shane, haven’t you kept enough secrets from her? Just tell her, don’t beat around the bush with this one. She’ll figure it out soon enough anyway.” Larson said.

“We cannot be fore certain-”

“Cut the bullshit Shane.” Baker snapped. “Tell her.”

“Tell me what?” Delilah asked, looking from face to face with worry.

Shane hissed out a breath. “Fuck.” he murmured.

Delilah was surprised. She’d never expected that word to come from Shane.

“Shane is right, we cannot be sure it is true.” Alexander added. “This has happened before and has turned out to be nothing than a short period of strength. Or a symptom for completely irrelevant issues.”

“Just tell me what the hell is wrong with me.” Delilah commanded. She took Shane’s hand and squeezed it tightly. “I can take it.”

“It’s probably just an unusual amount of strength. As Alexander said.” Shane said quietly.

“You just fucked her brains out last night, Shane. I doubt she can even walk straight, much less keep you out of her mind. If you don’t tell her I will.” Larson said, crossing his arms. “We all know better to keep something like this from her.”

Shane sighed. He looked up at his wife. “Delilah, there is a possibility, though it is rare to happen so early after your changing, that you are…pregnant.”

Delilah laughed on reflex. “Okay.” she said. “Right.”

Shane cocked an eyebrow. He wasn’t red and puffy like you would expect. His face was wet with tears though. “You don’t believe me?” he asked.

Delilah shrugged. “It’s just…impossible. Even if I was pregnant we wouldn’t be able to tell until I had, or didn‘t have…my period.” she sighed. “Oh yeah. I’m not human anymore. Well shit. So I’m knocked up.” she bit her lip. “I don’t think I’m ready to be a mom. But after Clara- sorry Alexander- I’m not going to even consider adoption. I guess I’ll have to bear with it. Okay, I’m going back to sleep.” she laid down, facing away from everyone, looking at the wall.

Shane sighed. “Maybe all of you should leave before she comes to her senses.” he suggested.

They nodded and disappeared. Shane stroked her hair. “It’s alright Delilah, I did tell you that pregnancy was possible in this life.”

“Once every three years.” she muttered.

He kissed her hair then laid down behind her. “It’s alright Delilah, things will be fine. It may not even be pregnancy.”

“Shane, this is just too much. I can’t bring a baby into this world when we’re in the middle of a war.” She wriggled back into Shane’s chest and pursed her lips. “Do you want a boy or a girl?” she asked.

Shane laughed. “That’s not what we should be focusing on, Delilah. If you are in fact pregnant, I’m going to have you taken somewhere safe.”

Delilah sat up and looked at Shane. “No one is taking me away from you. We just got married, we should be on our honeymoon and not worrying about our entire family hearing us have sex every night. If I am pregnant I’m not leaving your side.”

“Pregnant? Is that so?”

Delilah gasped.

Shane sat up. “What’s wrong?”

She blinked, shook her head. “I’m not sure. I thought I heard… Never mind. I’m fine.”

“If something is wrong then you have to tell me Delilah.”

“I’m fine.”

“You were right, I have been listening. Pregnant already Delilah? Are you sure it’s not mine?” She bit back another gasp. Charles was in her head.

“We never-”

A memory forced it’s way into her mind, Charles over her, taking her. No, it didn’t happen. Then why did it seem so real? She shook her head. “Stop it! This is Shane’s baby, quit lying to me.”Delilah put her hands to her temples as something began to screech in her mind. “Shane!” she screamed. “Help me!”

“Quit lying to yourself. Delilah, I’m not the bad guy. Shane has been putting thoughts into your mind, he’s a bad person.”

“No! Fucking shut up!”

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Charles, he’s in my head. He keeps putting thoughts in my head! This is your baby, Shane, it’s your baby. Make him stop!”

Shane took Delilah’s face in his hands, kissed her deeply, then disappeared. “Help! Help!” The screeching wouldn’t stop. It just wouldn’t stop.

Alexander rushed into the room, and grabbed her head. “Focus Delilah. You can block him. He’s strong, but you’re stronger.”

“It won’t stop! Help me!” she sobbed. Breathing was getting harder, and just couldn’t get any air inside.

“You’re going to die Delilah. I’m going to take your weak mind and destroy you with it. You and your baby are dead.”

“No! Not my baby! No!” Her throat constricted, where was the air? Why couldn’t she breathe?

“Focus Delilah!” Alexander shouted. “Keep breathing!”

She tried to tell him she couldn’t, but her throat kept sucking closed, she couldn’t speak now. She was going to die, and so was Shane’s baby.

Suddenly everything went silent in her head. She jerked then gasped in a breath. Alexander sighed in relief, hugging her close. “Thank God.” he breathed.

She gasped in a few more breaths before breaking into hysterics. Alexander tried to calm her, shushing her. “It’s alright, you’re alright Delilah.”

“I swear Shane I didn’t know-”

Delilah saw Shane was back, with an unfamiliar man at his side. Shane held up an arm to him. “She’s still alive, so for now, so are you.” he replied. “Good job Delilah.”

“He was going to kill our baby.” she cried. She buried her face in Alexander’s shoulder “He was going to us both.” Her nails dug into his skin, and she cried hard. Alexander held her closer, not seeming to mind the pain.

“It’s aright, you’re alive, Delilah, you’re alive.”

“Charles will be killed in the next two days. Marcus, stay with your daughter. Alexander, we have some planning to do. I’ll be sending Ty in here also.”

The man Shane had brought back nodded. “Okay.”
Alexander picked Delilah up with him as he stood. She held onto him for dear life. He walked her over to Shane and Marcus. Shane stroked her hair from her face then kissed her cheek. “Charles will die Delilah. You’re strong, you’ve proven that. You will be alright, you’ll live.”

“I-I was right about th-the bond.” she whispered. “He has been watching. Kill the sonofabitch Shane.”

Shane nodded. “He will die.” He lifted her face, kissed her again, then put a hand to her stomach. “Protect this,” he moved his hand to her face. “And this.”

She nodded. “I will.”

Alexander gently put her down, and she stepped into Ty’s embrace as he appeared. “That bastard is going to hell.” he promised as he wrapped his arms around her.

“We’re going to make plans. It’s time.” Shane said. “Watch over my Delilah and make sure Janie is kept safe. She’s still young. Get her in here.”

Unlike most people in the house, Janie came in the room by the door.

“We’ll be gone a few days. We’re going to get as many people as we can, then we’re going to destroy Charles.”

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