Captured Innocence

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Captured Evil

Submitted: September 26, 2011

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Submitted: September 26, 2011



“I can’t believe you’re here!” Delilah breathed, hugging onto a girl she knew well but who’s name she still didn’t know.
“Shane sent me. He didn’t like me roaming around by myself all the time.” she explained. “Sarah, my name is Sarah. I thought you should know.”
Delilah grinned. “Delilah. It’s nice to meet you.” she joked.
Sarah just hugged her again. “I know we haven’t known each other long, but we did try to kill someone together, so I think that makes us pretty close.”
“Too bad we didn’t succeed. I’m sure you’ve heard of all the hell Charles is causing.” Delilah murmured. She pulled back. “He’s a real pain in the ass.”
“He always was. It was just a matter of time.” Sarah said. “I always figured he’d flip his lid but I never knew when. So, Delilah, I hear you’re pregnant.”
She blushed and bit her lip. “Guilty.”
“And I also heard you were reunited with your father.”
“Please, don’t call him my father. He’s a pig and he’s only here because he’s a friend of Shane’s.”
“He’s kind of cute.” she murmured. “Is he single by any chance? Or does he already have an innocence?”
“You might want to know what he did to my mother before you become too interested.” Delilah warned her.
“Oh.” she mouthed.
“Delilah!” someone yelled. She turned, and saw blood thirsty eyes and Charles with a knife in his hands. Shane appeared behind him and stuck a blade through his head, the tip of it coming through the front. Delilah stumbled back a step into Sarah.
Marcus grabbed both girls and turned them away. “Don’t look.” he breathed.
“He’ll just turn into dust.” Delilah breathed, then turned, pulling away from Marcus, and was shocked to see blood dripping from Charles’ skull. She looked at Shane.
Shane pounced down on Charles’ pinning his arms behind him. Charles suddenly blinked, as if he had just been momentarily stunned from a taser. The sword wasn’t nickel, she realized. Shane began binding his hands.
 “This will all be over very soon.” he grunted. “Delilah, you’re not pregnant. Charles, he still has a bond with you. It was why we couldn’t hear you, he managed to cut off our thoughts from yours.” He picked up the blade that Charles had dropped. “It’s time to end this.”
“Shane! No!” Alexander yelled. “You cannot! If he has a bond with Delilah she will feel his death and it will scar her. You know this, do not let your anger cloud your memory.”
“He can’t live!” Shane argued, but his eyes flickered to Delilah in concern. “The bond is weak-”
“It does not matter. It could destroy her. We will lock him up in the prison in New Zealand. Until we find a way to break the bond we must keep him alive.”
Shane cursed, then nodded. “Alright. Who will take him?”
“I’d be glad to.” Baker volunteered.
“I will also.” Alexander said. “Larson, you will come too?”
He nodded, threw Sarah a smile. “So, you go to Shane’s school?”
Delilah rolled her eyes. “He’ll hit on anything with a vagina.” she muttered.
“You know, Delilah, you, me and Sarah could have an awesome threesome one of these days.” He looked at Shane. “You’re not invited.”
“Sounds sexy.” Sarah joked then winked at Larson.
He grinned then helped Baker pull Charles to his feet. Charles glared at Delilah then Shane. “This isn’t over!” He hissed.
Baker knocked his fist against the side of his face, effectively shutting him up.
“I’ll come too.” Ty said, and Delilah noticed a bit of vengeance showing, his evil side coming out again. She had a feeling Charles had it coming to him.
“Janie, Sarah, Alexander. If you’ll come with us back to the school. I’ll make arrangements to have everyone return to the school.”
Delilah’s brows pushed together. “So that’s it? It’s all over? What about the army Charles created?”
“They were manipulated, once told the truth, they’ll do what’s right.”
“I don’t I believe this. It cant be that simple.”
“Delilah, drop it.” Shane snapped.
“You’re not telling me something-”
“Shut your mouth!” he snapped. “I don’t want to hear another word from you, Delilah.”
She knew then she was right. If it was really all okay Shane wouldn’t be so pissed. But she kept her mouth closed. He’d cool down and she’d get some answers out of him then.

Author's Note: I sincerely apologize for the overdue and far too long delay. But I needed a break from the story long enough to look back at it with new perspective so I would be better able to see my work as a reader than the writer. All I can do is ask for you to understand and forgive me for keeping you so long. It wasn't fair of me to do so, but it was important that I did. I cannot guaratee that I will update often but I will do te best I can. Thank you for putting up with me and for reading my work. I appreciate all my readers.

~Cherie Arlavine

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