Captured Innocence

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - The End Of Part One

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



The students poured in throughout the day, refilling the halls with talk, and Delilah about snapped off anyone’s head who had their innocence in chains. Shane hadn’t been seen since she’d woken this morning. He was gone, and she wondered why. Perhaps he was still heart-broken.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him walking down the hallway towards her. She smiled. “Shane-“

“Not now Delilah.” He replied coldly as he walked right past her. He disappeared and she found herself in shock. Was he angry with her? How could that be, when last night he had begged for her.

She thought about getting angry herself. But she didn’t, couldn’t. She was tired, she realized. She was so, so tired. Instead she sat down and leaned against a row of lockers. It was then she realized where she was. This particular spot was so familiar.

The first day she came here, the first day she found this hell. This is where she first met Sarah and the evil man who was coming after her. And there it was, the exit. Slowly, she stood. She stared at the door. It looked so simple then. She could walk right out and leave it all behind.

This school, this life, this evil. Freedom was just a few steps away, and so she ran to it, and jerked the door open as fast as she could, and stepped into the sunlight. She ran farther, on the sidewalk, then stopped, turned back and stared at the school.

It wasn’t the school that had been her first step into hell. It was Shane. He saw her, in a crowd, on a street. Somewhere he’d seen her, and he’d lured her here. Her life had been so normal, and so easy. She was going to collage to major in law. She was going to be a lawyer. Before she’d stepped into that building she’d been happy, her life was going exactly as planned.

She had it all planned and that man, the one she now called her husband, had dragged her away from it all, he’d changed her into what, some kind of monster, made her believe she needed him and that she loved him.

Before, Shane had been the good guy and Charles the bad man, but weren’t they both evil? Shane had never really given her a choice. She’d been forced into all of this, and what kind of love was that?

But hadn’t she already done this? Hadn’t she already questioned him enough times? She was married to this man. It wasn’t just as easy as walking away, it had never been, but she’d married him willingly. But if she had asked to walk away, would he have let her?

The point was that it didn’t matter now, because she couldn’t. She had a husband, friends, family here now, and she couldn’t just walk away from them. She’d already done that to her parents, and to her friends back home… or whatever it was now.

As she stood there, torn between leaving and staying, she wondered where Shane was, why he wasn’t there to help her. He was probably listening to everything she was thinking now. Why wasn’t he coming out to help her? Did he even care?

Did it matter if he cared or not?

Was he giving her this? The chance to leave? Granting her freedom. She wanted to break free of these chains. She didn’t want to be in a war, in chaos like this. She had signed on for a life of fighting, but by the word of mouth. By evidence and proof and truth. She had dreams to save innocent people from having their lives taken away, like hers had been taken away by Shane.

Shane had been her prosecutor and he’d shown little mercy. Charles was captured, her birth mother was dead. There were people who loved her here, but it wasn’t enough. It should have been, but it was just the thing that now tore her in half.

She knew that dream of being a lawyer was gone. She knew that if she left she couldn’t go back home and see her parents. But what she did know, was that she could walk away. She didn’t have to say goodbye, she didn’t have to tell anyone she was leaving. She just had to leave.

Delilah stared at the large stone, castle-like building. She let out a slow breath and took in the well-built walls, the green grass. She had come here feeling excitement and a new beginning. Now she turned and left, and she felt the mourning of the end.

As she walked away to freedom she felt little for her new beginning. But it was more important that she didn’t turn back.

(Yes, this is the end... for now. Come on, I'm a better writer than to leave so many loose ends! I want to apologize for my disappearance. A LOT has happend in the past year. I mean A LOT! Let's see, I moved across the country, I've had two different jobs and I lost my brother to a car accident. It's been a very long year for me. Writing isn't as easy as it used to be and good things seem to have come more and more scarcely but I'm keeping my head up! I hope you'll all forgive me for this very long delayed ending. Please keep reading if don't already hate me.)

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