Captured Innocence

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Shower Stratagy

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Submitted: August 08, 2010



The clothes she wore smelled delicious, she thought as she curled under a thick blanket that Charles had brought in for her. They smelled like a man. Somehow she found comfort in that smell, though it belonged to someone who’d threatened to kill her.

She shivered and pulled the covers closer to her. Why was it so cold? She’d never get to sleep freezing like this. But she was too scared to ask Charles for another blanket. She tucked the blanket under her but continued to shake.

She could use a hot shower, she thought. But she didn’t want to make the run to the bathroom or endure the cold when she was wet and trying to get back to bed. She huffed out a breath, and saw it in front of her.

Damn it was cold.

Unable to stand it any longer, she stood up with the blanket wrapped around her and regrettably put her feet on the cold stone floor. She went into the office and searched for a thermostat or something. She sighed in defeat when after searching all the walls she was unable to find one.

She sat down in the cushy chair behind the desk and pulled her feet up then tucked them in the blanket. Soon she found she couldn’t feel her lips or the end of her nose. She put her face inside the blanket.

"Delilah?" a low voice murmured. "What are you doing up?"

She looked up at Shane. "H-How c-can you s-sleep w-when it’s th-this cold?" she said, her teeth chattering now.

"I don’t sleep." he replied. "And I find the temperature very comfortable. If you signed the contract you would also."

She glared at him. "I-I’ll f-freeze th-thank you."

He chuckled then walked over to her and picked her up from the chair. His body was deliciously warm and she gratefully took the heat. "Y-You’re s-so w-warm." she sighed and pressed her face into his chest.

He walked into the other room, somehow managing to shut the door behind him. He sat down on the bed with her tucked into his chest. He pulled the blanket securely around her and she didn’t even care if he was going to kill her or not. She was just glad to be warm. The heat from him soaked into her blankets and she sighed in content and finally felt herself become tired.

"Thank you Shane." she whispered before falling into a comfortable sleep. ******

When she woke the room was warm. But Shane was gone. She sat up and looked around the room sleepily. There were a pile of clothes sitting at the end of the bed. She looked through them and found that they were mainly blouses and skirts or jeans.

All in her size.

She grabbed a pair of jeans a baby blue shirt then headed toward the shower. For the first time since she’d arrived she looked at the details of the place. The bathroom floor was tiled, unlike her room or the office.

It was a creamy tan color that played in the whole room down to the soaps. It was all the same, warm color. She turned on the shower, making it hot. She was ready to chase the last of the chill from her bones.

Forgetting where she was, if only for ten minutes, was exactly what she needed. As the hot water poured over her she felt as if she were in a familiar place. And in a way she was. She’d spent a lot of time under a spray of hot water.

She closed her eyes and pretended to be back at home. To be in her shower before she’d ever heard of the Raveline Collage. The smells might be different, the atmosphere may be different, but water was the same wherever you went to shower. From the sprayer, over your body, down the drain.

It was all the same.

Finally, she opened her eyes and sighed. She had to get out of here. She couldn’t spend all day in the shower. But even if she got out, she thought, could she escape from Shane? Wouldn’t he just find her and bring her back?

She’d been so excited to get that unexpected letter. Her parents had been so proud of her. Now look where she was.

She got out of the shower and dressed. When she walked into the bedroom she looked around. She hadn’t cared to examine it before, but now she felt it was important. Though she didn’t know as to why yet.

The bed was covered with a rumpled white sheet, and the white comforter Charles had brought in. The floor, walls, and ceiling were all built from large, gray stones that were smooth to the touch. Beside the bed was a white table with a white lamp.

What was with all the white? She went into the office and realized the themes. This office had the same gray stones, but any furniture seen was black. Black and odd, she thought. It was fucking freaky, she corrected. Odd just didn’t explain it.

Maybe the black and white didn’t seem so strange to most people, but she had a feeling that there was a reason for it. A really freaky reason.

"Did you enjoy your shower?" a low voice asked. She whirled around and faced Charles. He was sneering at her. "You took long enough."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "I, for one, take personal hygiene very seriously. Someone like you wouldn’t understand that." She threw that phrase out again, remembering how much it had pissed him off before.

He glowered at her. "Mr. Jacobs has instructed me to tell you how you will pay off your debt to the school."

She snorted. "That’s a bunch of bullshit. I’m not-" she stopped herself when she remembered Shane’s words. I can hurt you, Delilah. She huffed out a breath. "Alright, what do I have to do?"

His glare turned into a smirk. "You can start in the bathrooms."

Author's Note: I know this capter is a little slow but promise the next one will be more up beat. I'm almost finished with it and I'll post it ASAP.

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