Fantasy Breach

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It's not important. The name. I'm your typical pathetic human attending high school my senior year. But I don't care about not being noticed. It doesn't matter. There's only one thing that matters. And that is getting out.
Father is a careless asshole who loves his drugs. Mother is a drunk. They both beat me. But that doesn't really matter either.
I'm in the band, and no, I don't love it. It isn't because it's such an outlet. I am in the band because every year after the homecoming game the football team, the cheerleaders and the band goes to Vegas.
And this year when we go, I'm not coming back.
A few things to get out of the way:
1.) My school is not your normal high school. There seventeen total humans in it. The rest... well, they act human enough. But don't be fooled.
2.) I'm the bottom of the food chain here... but that's okay. being human is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It keeps me out of Chaz's hands. Chaz is the most popular guy in school, he's half vampire, and he hates humans and refuses to have anything to do with them. Even if he is, himself, half human.
3.) I got really drunk last night, and I there's a guy in bed with me. And I think we got married.
Which is going to make running away a hell of a lot harder.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fantasy Breach

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



Dedicated to Rae... My Baby Girl.

The entire school was going wild, cheering, yelling, as if they didn’t know who was going to win the current football game. We always won. These games were so predictable. The only reason I was here was because I was part of the band. And the only reason I was part of the band was because every year the football team, cheerleaders, and band went to Vegas after the big homecoming game for the weekend. And that was worth it.

But seriously, in my school made of humans, vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks and ghosts, was it really a big shocker that we won every single football game? Apparently it was. I’d also like to point out that listing humans first isn’t really accurate because in my particular school humans were the minority.

I was one of seventeen. In this school, humans are mostly known as nerds. Because fifteen out of the seventeen are in band with me. And the other two are, surprisingly, popular. But not all that popular. They’re both cheerleaders and followers, not leaders.

So we weren’t thought so well of. But there were the nerds, and then there was me. I had a total of four acquaintances. To call them friends would be way off. We did homework together, we exchanged friendly, appropriate thoughts, but I never spent the night and I never asked to.

For the most part I was on my own. I’d had one boyfriend, freshman year, with one of the other humans. But it turned out he was just using me to make a werewolf girl jealous. And it worked, so he dumped me the moment she succumbed. And since then I didn’t bother.
So now you know who’s on the bottom of the food chain here, let me go ahead and tell you who is the Mufasa to our pride.

Chaz Anthony Kalis.

The biggest jerk, the monstrous asshole, the cocky dickhead, the ultimate player. And I don’t mean just football player. He drilled through women and girls that even all the decent looking girls in school weren’t virgins by his hand.

He must have run out by now, I thought. Because one, he didn’t date or screw humans and two, that was all that was about left. He must have moved outside the school by now. He was a senior this year, like me. Oh, and I forgot to mention, he was also half vampire. Only half. His mother was human…well, used to be. As I heard it she hadn’t been human since just after he was born.

But it was kind of confusing to me, that he despised humans so much when he was half of one.

Chaz was your typical bad boy. And he hated football. The only reason he was on the team was because his father made him. Everyone knew that. But Chaz never let his Daddy down. Well, when it came to football he didn’t. But I guess for his dad it made up for all the sex and trouble he constantly got into.

Chaz was the dark brown hair, black eyes, pink full lips, constant smirk, square jaw, high cheekbones; everyone woman’s sex dream fantasy at one point in her life. And since he was quarterback on the football team, he was also every popular girl’s dream.

But me, it was one of the few reasons I was thankful that I was human and the lowest of the lows in high school. Because I’d never have to worry about Chaz turning on the charm with me, because I knew I’d melt like the rest. That I would never be able to resist. And that I could never live with myself if that happened.

The screaming grew so loud my ears rang and buzzed as Chaz ran for the final touchdown. I rolled my eyes as the band started playing to celebrate the win. 37 to 0, big surprise. I didn’t play, just stood there, clutching the flute in my hand.

I just wanted to be in Vegas already, because I had big plans once I got there. I was going to let loose, for the first time in my life, I was not going to have any morals, I was going to have careless sex with strangers, drink myself into a coma, and maybe even run away. My home life was horrible. A careless father, a drunken mother. We hardly ever had electricity or running water and I was so sick of being ignored or being beaten by them both.

Vegas was my escape to be free, to never be beaten again. To never be ignored or called worthless. This was my chance. The only one I may ever have. They didn’t expect that I was planning to run. I’d been three times before and had returned, so they didn’t have the slightest idea.

There was just one little problem. And that was Chaz. It was his job this year to keep an eye on everyone, to make sure no one went missing this weekend. And he’d get a good kick in the ass if he failed. So a week ago Chaz had come on the intercom, and announced to everyone that if anyone tried to wonder off or get away, he’d hunt them down and when he found them… Well he’d been cut off after that because the teachers knew he was going to threaten us.

But the tone of his voice said it all.

He didn’t scare me though, he was just an obstacle. I was going to get away. I was going to be free. And no one would stop me. Not even Chaz.


I was going to take my time, have a little fun before I ran. So later that night, I went to the party that had been arranged to celebrate the victory. Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Lil Wayne songs played, kept the crowd dancing.

I was here for the booze and that was all. I stuck a hand into my pocket, and tipped the brown beer bottle and took a drink. It tasted pretty awful, honestly. But I wasn't after good taste, I just wanted a buzz. I picked up some cheese and took a bite, sat down in a folding chair and stared out the window.

Vegas was pretty astonishing at night, I could admit it. But I’d trade it for a warm, starry night in Texas in a heart beat. Summer nights laying under the stars in the back of my Chevy. There was nothing else like it.

That was where we lived, where our school was. East Texas. I loved the drawls, the usually friendly people, the belt buckles. I didn’t resent the state just because my parents had raised me poorly there. I could admit I resented the town, but I loved Texas style. I wore cowboy boots, I wore Stetson cowboy hats.

But so did a lot of people. Though they tended to be more dressy. I wore brown boots and a brown cowboy hat, whereas they wore pink or blue boots, or maybe white. They wore flashy clothes and I just stuck to a pair of low rider Levi’s and a pink, red, blue or brown checkered shirt. I didn’t have glasses nor contacts. I had perfect vision.

I wasn’t all that smart either. I hadn’t made strait As since the forth grade. After that my grades went spiraling downhill and I got my first, B, D, then F. And cried after each one. I thought it stupid now, to get so upset over letters. I hardly even tried anymore. I just didn’t really care about anything but getting out.

It’s not that I wasn’t attractive, I assumed, that made me a nerdy type. I was reclusive. I didn’t really like or appreciate people, I liked being alone. And I guess that made me strange. I had blonde hair during the summer, dark blonde hair with a red tint in the spring and fall, and usually brown hair during the winter. I didn’t do anything to it hardly, it just changed with the seasons.

I cut it occasionally. That was about it. I tipped the bottle up again, took a longer drink, feeling a buzz beginning to haze my vision and thoughts. Why wasn’t he cute five minutes ago? This song is A LOT better now!

It’s really miraculous what alcohol does to you. The bottle kept tipping up, and before I knew it I was on my third beer and drunk. Once I moved onto the forth bottle…well let’s just say beer should be called “confidence in a bottle.”

The rest of the night was black.

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