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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Cruel And Unusual Punishment

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Submitted: March 08, 2012



“It’s not that I think you have bad taste,” Cynthia explained, later that afternoon as the bus had gotten back from Vegas. Cynthia had rounded up the others and arranged an “emergency” trip to the mall. “You just need more clothes.” She snatched Chaz’s credit card from his hand and gave it to the cashier. “You’re a good husband.” She told him.

Ryan snickered. “Be careful, Chaz, she’ll spend all of your money if you let her.”

Cynthia shot him a look and gave him a shove. “One more remark like that and you’re next, Mister.”

“Nice try, but I’m broke.” He retorted.

Jade ran over to the counter and threw three dresses on it. “She needs these. She’s got great legs and she needs some things to show them off.”

Chaz studied the red dress and picked it up. “I agree, I’d definitely like to see this on you.” He didn’t seem to even be concerned that Cynthia and Jade were spending enormous amounts of money. He’d even insisted that they had to have a few things for themselves. I’d always figured his family was comfortable, not loaded.

I tapped my fingers on the counter in boredom. I hated shopping, not that I’d ever done much of it, but I realized today that I really didn’t like it.

 “She’s gonna look hot in that.” Mason agreed.

“If I live to be two thousand years old I’ll never get the chance to wear all this.” I muttered. Of course, the way my mind worked was that you only needed one outfit a day. I didn’t realize that Chaz and Cynthia had in mind that I was going to become a fashion model and be changing six times a day.

Chaz tapped my brown boot with his black one. “Clothes are done, now we need shoes.”

I let my head fall to the counter. “Go on without me. I’ll only weigh you down.”

“You’ll make it.” Chaz assured me with a smirk.

“Am I being punished for something?” I asked. “Someone please tell me what I did to deserve this.”

“You got a tattoo, this is your consequence, deal with it.” Cynthia replied then equally divided the bags among us to carry, and we were already carrying six each.

“I’m never getting drunk again.” I muttered.

“Well you might as well cowgirl up. After shoes, which will take an hour and a half at least, we still have lotions and body scrubs to get, lingerie and pajamas and bras and panties. And yes, guys, you can sit that one out, except you Chaz, you’re coming. Then there are hair accessories, belts, jewelry. Tattoos are for a lifetime, Cherie. And that’s just today.”

As Chaz broke into laughter at the devastation on my face, I fell to my knees. “Please, please! I’ll do anything you want!” I begged her. “I’ll even sleep with you just let me go home.”

Cynthia cocked her head, thoughtfully. “Anything?”

“Yes!” I agreed quickly, nodding my head.

“There is one thing.” She replied.

“Name it!”

“Spend the next four hours shopping with me, and you’ll get to go home.”

Chaz pulled me to my feet, still laughing. “You poor thing.”

“Make her stop.” I whined.

“But Baby, I’m having fun. Off to the shoe store.” He said then grabbed two bags.




I sat on the bed, my eyes taking in the one hundred twenty-seven bags of clothes, jewelry, hats, lotions and only God knew what else taking up a lot of floor space. Chaz opened the door to a second walk-in closet- that at the moment was completely empty.

Cynthia nodded her head in approval as Jade walked in to study the mammoth-sized space. Mason and Ryan seemed used to spending all day shopping and still had energy in them to explore mine and Chaz’s room.

 “This is awesome.” Mason exclaimed.

“I wouldn’t look in the refrigerator if I were you.” I said to Ryan as he walked into the kitchen.

“We’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow.” Chaz murmured.

“How are your parents going to feel about you spending all this money?” I demanded to know.

“It’s my money, Cherie. I earned it myself. I can do whatever I like with it.” He replied and gave me a look only a man could pull off.

“This is lunacy.” I murmured, lying back on the bed.

“The first shopping trip with Cynthia is the hardest.” Mason explained. “You get used to it.”

“I have to get used to it?” I moaned. “This is going to be a regular thing?”

“It sure is, Mrs. Kalis.” Cynthia muttered.

“Well I need you to keep this Wednesday open. There’s a party- political type mainly- that my wife and I will be attending. Part of the business I’m in is socializing and I’d like to introduce Cherie.”

“Hey, if you’ve got so much of your own money why do you still live here?” Mason asked.

“My parents insisted, then demanded that I did at least until I graduated. Now that I’m married I think I will be moving out sooner. I’d like for Cherie and I to have our own house.”

“There you again, breaking my heart.” Julie walked into the room, a tray with snacks and drinks in her hands. “What will I have to do to keep you two here just a bit longer? I’m not ready to let go of my new son and I’m only just getting to know my new daughter. I’ve always wanted a daughter, and now that I’ve gotten one you’re going to take her away?” she asked, setting the tray on the counter in the kitchen.

“Mother, you’ll see us as much as you like.” Chaz reminded.

She walked over to where I sat, stepping over bags, then sat next to me and wrapped her arms around me. “Tell your husband how wrong it is to do this to his mother.”

Chaz’s father entered. “Darling,” he spoke to Julie. “That’s considering that he listens to his wife.”

I snickered and Chaz gave me a look. I just shrugged. “The man knows his son.”

Julie reached forward and pulled out a white lacey dress out of one the bags and studied it. “This is absolutely beautiful. It will look wonderful on you Cherie. Chaz, speaking of white dresses, it might not be wise to introduce Cherie as your wife just yet.”

“I’ve already thought about it. I know it will be a bit surprising to our friends that I’ve been married at eighteen, and so quickly. Yet I hate to lie to them.”

“Well maybe she just shouldn’t go quite yet. We’ll arrange a more formal and traditional wedding, invite them…”

“If Cherie wants to then I wouldn’t mind.” Chaz said quickly, and seemed glad that his mother brought it up.

All eyes landed on me.

“If it will help Chaz, I’m fine with it.” I replied.

I couldn’t say that I didn’t feel married already. Yet the thought of an actual wedding ceremony brought comfort.

“I think it’s a good idea.” Mr. Kalis agreed, and walked to where his wife and I sat, also avoiding stepping on bags. “Whose idea was this?” he asked as he took in the sea of store names.

“It wasn’t mine. This was my punishment from my good friend Cynthia for getting a tattoo. I don’t know why Chaz wasn’t punished, he had fun and he didn’t seem to mind spending the money.” I grumbled.

Julie grinned and looked over at Cynthia. “Well done, I think it was a punishment deserved. Tattoos are a lifetime you know.”

“Where have I heard that before?” I muttered under my breath.

“Oh it’s not over yet. We only gotten through half of the mall and there are two other malls to visit. And a few stores around town we’re going to look at. By the time I finish with her she’ll never drink again or even fathom the thought of another tattoo.” Cynthia replied, throwing her golden hair over her shoulder.

“This isn’t a punishment, its revenge.” I corrected. “I made her hug Samuel Jones.”

“It’s both.” Cynthia said. “And you deserve every bit of it and much more.”

“I’m sure I do.” I sighed.

“These are really good, Mrs. Kalis.” Ryan called from across the room, munching on the snacks she’d brought in.

“It’s Julie, and it’s just a simple recipe.” She replied, waving a hand.

Cynthia sighed as her cell phone sounded. “That’s my alarm, we have to be getting home. I’ll see you two at school tomorrow.” She said then kissed Chaz’s cheek and hugged him. She zigzagged through the bags then walked over to me and did the same. She and Julie weren’t shy to kiss on the lips in a farewell manner, they’d become fast friends it seemed.

 She shook Mr. Kalis’ hand and gave him a gentle smile. “You have a lovely home, and thank you for letting us be guests in it. Thank you for inviting us over, Chaz.”

“Not a problem. I hope to do this again tomorrow.”

“Well, there’s still a punishment to be finished now isn’t there? And don’t think you’re getting off so easily either Chaz, I’ve one in mind for you as well.”

“Oh?” he questioned her. “What would that be?”

“You’ll see.” Was all she replied with a playful smile on her lips. “Let’s get going guys.” Mason, Ryan and Jade also said their goodbyes and thank you, then they left so all that remained was the Kalis family.

 “You two should get some rest, you’ve had a long day of punishment and I believe my son has what is coming to him. Cynthia is a wonderful girl, and she loves you both immensely. I like her.” Mr. Kalis commented.

I smiled. “She’s real easy to love. She’s going to make a perfect doctor one day.”

“And I’ll see to it that she has plenty of tuition to become one.” Mr. Kalis said with a nod of his head. “They’re all lovely people. I look forward to seeing them again, very respectful.”

“And what about our Samuel Jones? Why does she not like him?” Julie asked me.

“He broke her heart. She was in love with him, gave up everything to be with him, went against her family’s wishes and dated him, then he just crushed her. He took a lot from her, including her innocence, or as I look at it he stole it.” My voice went defensive. “I can understand why she doesn’t want to forgive him. The only reason I told her to forgive him was because it was hurting her too much to hold onto it. I know she seems strong but she’s only a girl. He had no right to hurt her like that.”

“I can’t imagine Samuel doing that to anyone.” Mr. Kalis murmured.

“I was there when he broke it off. It was so mean, so cold. He just said, ‘I’m done with you’ and walked away as she broke into tears. Out of nowhere too. ‘You’ve gotten old, I’ve gotten what I wanted, I’m tired of you’.”

“Stop.” Chaz snapped. “Stop talking about him like that.”

“I only speak the truth Chaz.” I defended. “That’s exactly what he did.”

“And he did it to protect her. He didn’t have a damned choice in the matter. If he hadn’t broken it off with her she wouldn’t be alive today.”

I studied him closely. “What do you mean?”

“His brother, the prejudice bastard, threatened to kill her if he didn’t break it off. I was there and the sonofabitch would have done it. It was break it off with her or kill his brother. What would you have done?”

“Well this just won’t do.” Mr. Kalis murmured. “It’s time to fix things. That girl deserves a good man and Samuel is just that man. I’ll take care of his brother myself.”

He left the room, in a determined walk. “I’d better go with him, he’s terrible at covering his tracks when he gets emotionally involved. We don’t want anything coming back to us.”

Julie stood and walked after him.

I stared after them. “What just happened?” I asked.

Chaz sighed, looking after them too. “They’re going to go make a few phone calls. I hope no one gets killed.”

I stared at Chaz with shock. His eyes slowly met mine. He shrugged. “Welcome to the family. They already consider Cynthia part of this family, and they’ll do what they have to in order to protect her. They’d do the same for you.”

When I didn’t speak he smiled softly at me. “Let’s get this stuff put away then get some rest. We have school tomorrow.”


“We’re done talking about it, Cherie. I’ve said too much already. You can’t handle it.”

“Don’t tell me what I can’t handle.” I snapped. “That’s for me to decide.”

“Don’t take that tone with me.” He replied, both his stare and his voice cold. “I said we’re done talking about it.”

A small surge of fear ripped through me, and he saw it. His expression softened. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He murmured then moved over to the bed. He took my face gently and kissed me. He pushed me back slowly, his mouth staying on mine. I pushed him away. He pulled back, looked at me. “What’s wrong?” he murmured.

 “It’s my turn, Chaz.” I straddled his lap. I pushed him back, kissed him. “My turn to be in charge.”

He smirked at me. “Alright, let’s see what you’ve got.”

I held up my chin just a bit, showing I accepted his challenge, then I reached for the buttons of his shirt, annoyed with myself when I saw my fingers shaking. Chaz put his hands behind his head, grinning at me as I struggled to get the first button open. “Need help?” he questioned.

I glowered at him, then smiled as I grabbed his shirt and ripped the front of it open, making a few buttons fly off. He raised an eyebrow as he looked down at his now open shirt. “Touché.” He replied. He looked up at me. “Now what?”

I hated how amused he was by this, and I became determined to be in control. I softly ran my fingers along his throat, looked directly into his eyes. I leaned my face down towards him, until my lips were just a bit from his. He waited for my kiss, and his hands went down to my hips, taking hold.

 I moved my mouth down, denying him the kiss, and pressed my lips under his jaw. I kissed and nibbled, and I felt his stomach tighten and his crotch harden. I brushed my lips down his neck, and his hold on my hips tightened and he let out a small breath of impatience. I grinned against his skin, then moved my mouth to his shoulder.

 He groaned when my tongue tasted him. “Now.” He murmured.

“Nope.” I whispered. “I’m going to take my time.”

“Like hell you are.” He grunted. His fingers wildly grabbed for the hem of my shirt and he yanked it off. He sat up and pulled his own shirt all the way off. He reached for the button on his pants and I reached for the one on mine. Clothes came off hastily now until we were both naked. He took hold of my hips again and pulled me up onto my knees. I grabbed onto his shoulders and lowered my hips down, letting him slide into me, my grip tightening. Despite my former goal to be in charge, and despite the fact that I was doing cowgirl and was on top, it made no difference.

 Chaz took a hold of my hips and guided me, and took control. I let my head fall back as he moved under me. It felt so damn good. “Good girl.” He murmured then grabbed my wrist and jerked me down so he could kiss me. My breasts rubbed against his chest, my hands went into his hair, his mouth took mine, and I went mad with want.

 My hips met with his, my mouth was wild on his and he returned the passion with an animal-like need. He made me go faster, harder, his fingers began to dig into my skin and I cried out in pain and ecstasy against his mouth.

God I loved my husband.

“That’s it.” He kept breathing. “Good girl.”

I hated and loved the words at the same time, they were degrading but they kept me riding on, through the orgasm until he came a few seconds later, and he kept me riding through that too.

My hips felt like pistons, and finally, though I hardly realized it through all the mixed emotions, I gave out and simply collapsed. This was becoming a habit, I thought, being so exhausted after I had sex with Chaz. He demanded all my energy, all my focus, all my passion and it was downright tiring beyond belief.  

 My chest dragged in air, as if I’d been under water for hours without any. Sweat dripped and rolled onto Chaz, who didn’t get sweaty, being a vampire and all. But he was warm, he was always warm.

 He stroked my back, rubbed it as I pulled in deep breaths and released them. I closed my eyes, too tired after the long day to hold them open, and my mind collapsed into sleep.

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