Fantasy Breach

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Sex Addiction

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Submitted: January 25, 2013




Sampson Kalis stood at the huge window in his office, it let him see a full view of the beautiful flower garden his wife had designed and worked on and now bloomed in the mid-spring days. He watched with interest as his son led Cherie into the garden, his arm around her waist, her head laying on his shoulder.

They were in love, he thought. Very much in love. His wife placed a hand on his shoulder, sighed. “It’s what I always wanted for him, but he’s just so young.”

“At least we know now that he’ll commit to one woman. Having sex with all those girls, one after the other, all the angry calls and visits from their parents about him taking their virginity, the pregnancy scares… and now it’s just her.”

Chaz leaned in and kissed Cherie, and he’d never seen him kiss a girl that intimately, that intensely. She was his life now, he realized. Chaz had made her a part of the family, and because Chaz loved her Sampson did too. He’d finally gotten the daughter he always wanted. When Chaz moved in, Sampson raised an eyebrow, and couldn’t help the grin as he watched his son move in on his wife, to start the seducing.

 It was clear that Chaz’s intention was to make love to her in the garden, and Sampson was enjoying watching his son put fire in Cherie’s eyes.

“Let them have their privacy.” Julia murmured. “You know how newlyweds are.”

“My son and my house, I’ll watch if I want. When will I get the chance again to see my son’s mating ritual? I just want to see how he gets her to look at him that way. She’ll do anything for him.” He murmured. “It’s fascinating to be a bystander. This is my son, and look at how he makes her feel.”

“Just like his father.” Julia murmured, and now she was interested herself to see her only child seduce a woman. “They could break each other.” She murmured as Chaz ran his fingers over a large and dark hickey on Cherie’s neck.

“They won’t. He’d die first before he broke her heart. I can see she’d do the same.” This Sampson was sure of.

“He could hurt her if he loses control.”

“He’s been very careful lately. He’s stocking blood constantly, not letting it dwindle down until he needs more. He’s taking every precaution-“

“You know that’s not what I mean. Sampson, he has a sex problem. He loses control… remember the werewolf girl? The mermaid, the witch? He loses control and then he won’t take no for an answer. We were lucky those girls weren’t emotionally scarred by it, just intrigued.

 But they weren’t human. And Cherie is nothing like them. She thinks it’s a joke to tease him just once, and things can shatter. I doubt he’s told her yet, and right now they’re in the honeymoon stage, so she won’t refuse him, but if he breaks her he hurts himself too. If he loses control and hurts her it will ruin them both.”

Sampson and Julia both turned away as Chaz moved on to removing Cherie’s clothes. Sampson nodded. “I’ll talk to him about it. We’ll get him help.”

“You know he won’t. And it’s even worse now, you heard what he did to her father. His violent nature has its limits, he has control there, but you know how he is about sex. He won’t be refused. She’s not just his wife, she’s his mate. He’ll kill for her if he has to, but is it enough to keep him from losing control if she resists him?”

Sampson just sighed. “I’ll talk to him.” He repeated.


I stopped short, squeezed my eyes closed, opened them again. I was walking down the street, Chaz holding my hand, and I didn’t know why now, why all these people were coming from my past.

One of the men who’d had his fingers in me when I was maybe fifteen. I remembered him because he’d always make it hurt. He’d always be rough about it. Their sons, when the men brought them over, they were the nice ones, the gentle ones. The men were rough and mean and laughed.

 But this man, Elmer, he was ruthless, he wanted me to hurt and to cry out in pain. My parents couldn’t have cared less what he did to me and didn’t care whether I fought him or not. So I had but often it had only provoked him. He was mean but he was patient too.

 He’d wait until I’d come unwillingly into his hand. He loved it, watching my body turn against me, watching me do something I didn’t want to do. When I made myself shake the memory away, Chaz was watching me, and glancing up at Elmer.

“Who is he and what did he do to you?” Chaz whispered.

“Let’s just go.”

“I won’t ask again. You tell me or I’ll assume the worst and kill him now.”

I knew Chaz would kill him anyway if he knew. “He was just one of my parent’s friends.” I whispered.

“No, he’s more than that.” He said slowly, his voice a growl and eyes burning.

“Chaz, it will hurt me to talk about it.” I whispered.

“You’re thinking about it anyway.” He replied, his voice getting darker.

I inhaled deeply, then let out a breath, and told him about the things my parents friends and friend’s sons did. His hand tightened on mine, and I could tell he was trying hard to not accidentally break it. “You’re going to kill him aren’t you?” I whispered.

“Not here, too many witnesses.” He murmured. “He doesn’t have long though.”

He took my hand, pulled me along.

“Don’t hurt Bryce.” I told him, Elmer’s son. “I mean it Chaz, don’t lay a finger on him. He’s not a bad guy, he was just a confused kid. And he stopped when I asked him too. He didn’t understand what was happening. His father had made it out as if I liked it, he didn’t know any better and he didn’t do it again. He tried to help me. He even stood up to my father once, but it… didn’t end well.

He was hurt badly, and I didn’t see Elmer or Bryce after that.”

Chaz nodded. “Alright, I won’t hurt him.”

I hugged him, there in the middle of the street. “Chaz, a lot of bad things happened to me, and you can’t fix them all. Killing Elmer isn’t going to change what he did. Chaz I don’t want his disgusting blood on your hands. I don’t want that on your conscious.”

“He hurts you just by seeing him and if he ever somehow manages to even talk to you again that will weigh heavier on my conscious than his death.”

Chaz pulled me along, keeping me close to his side. “Why did they have to be so cruel to you? What kind of parents just let these thing happen to their child?” He ran a frustrated hand back through his hair. I didn’t reply, just decided to otherwise occupy my mind by glancing at the shop windows. Bad things were always going to happen to me, that was how my life was set. I just wanted to leave the past in the past and enjoy this new life. I was a wife to a man who really loved me. That was enough.


“Chaz, we need to talk.” Sampson said, approaching his son in the library. “Where is Cherie?”

Chaz closed his book and stretched out on the sofa built into the window. “I gave her a massage then put her down for a nap. She’s had a long day and needs her rest.” He explained.

“We’ll come back to the ‘putting your wife down for a nap’ later. We need to talk about your problem.”

Chaz raised an eyebrow. “My problem? Is this about football again? I’m finishing the season-“

“This isn’t about football. Chaz, you’ve raped three girls before. You have a sex problem.” He pulled a cushioned chair next to the sofa. “I’m worried for Cherie.”

Chaz’s eyes narrowed to a glare. “I would never hurt her and those girls wanted it-“

“Yet they didn’t ask for it. I know Cherie is important to you. I just want to be sure that you realize she isn’t always going to want to sex when you do. That if you make her do something she doesn’t want to do it will ruin you both when you realize what you’ve done to her. She trusts you.”

“Cherie is different. And I’ll have you know that those three girls and I talked about that before anything happened. They were the types that liked to be forced and they had consented, and even begged for me to take them by surprise. Some women are just like that. Yes I like sex and I have a lot of it but I would never stoop so low as to take it from someone who was unwilling. I could have had any girl I wanted, I didn’t need to rape anyone. All of them were smiling by the end of it.”

“I see. I was unaware of that.”

“Next time maybe you shouldn’t make assumptions about me.” Chaz snapped. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go kill a man, who unlike me, didn’t have consent when he shoved his filthy fingers into my wife. Cherie has had a long life of punishment by beatings and sexually forced acts that she didn’t deserve. Do you really think I would ever do something like those disgusting bastards did? You really think I don’t know what ‘no’ means? I’m not sure if you don’t have respect for me or for yourself and how you’ve raised your son.”

Chaz stood and left the room in a fast, angry walk, slamming the door hard behind him. As he was intent on storming out of the house, he came across his mother who was purposely standing in his way. His father came out after him. “Chaz I’m just looking out for you.” He explained. “The way you’re so commanding with Cherie, how could I have been sure-“

“Cherie deserves the guidance she never got from her parents. And I never ask her to do anything that would be uncomfortable. Cherie was suicidal, she had planned on running away in Vegas just so she would be killed. So yes I am a bit protective and bossy but mind you I have my reasons to be. I am a good husband.” He spat in fury.

Samuel’s gaze softened. “Chaz, I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t.”

“She’s everything to me.” his voice had lowered. “I’m so scared of losing her. I’m not trying to be controlling or trying to smother her, I just want her to know she is loved and that I care for her. She deserves that. I am a good husband.” He repeated. “And I understand that is going to be the rest of my life. Being a good husband, and taking care of her and any children we may have. Taking care of my family. I just didn’t realize that all along that was what I wanted. I can’t believe how much I actually love being a husband and calling her my wife. She’s mine. She’s in my arms, no other man is ever going to have her. We’re going to have our problems, we’re going to have to work through things, I understand. It would make me angry to know that anyone thought I was mistreating her, but it downright fucking hurts that you thought I was capable of that. I’m not one of those men who has to hurt what he loves.”

Samuel grabbed his son and pulled him into a tight hug. “Chaz, I’ve never been more proud of you.” 

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