Innocence Released

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The sequel to "Captured Innocence". The life Delilah has made after she left Shane has been a simple one. She almost prefers it. But it isn't as easy as walking away.
Charles is on execution, Shane is asking for something again, and Delilah realizes that her life will be difficult one way or another. She spends a lot of time wondering whether she should return to Shane or just try to live as normally as she can.
Will her past continue to come back to haunt her?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Innocence Released

Submitted: May 24, 2013

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Submitted: May 24, 2013




“You said once that it couldn’t be that simple.” Charles whispered in Delilah’s ear. “You left without getting any answers. You thought you could just walk away from everything?”

Delilah woke with a start, breathing heavily. Her dreams had been getting more and more real these past few months. For the most part Delilah had used the last two years to put her past behind her. Since she left she hadn’t heard a word from you-know-who and she had learned to keep her mind blocked from anyone who might intrude.

 She had gotten a job as a mechanic, it turned out she had a knack for cars and engines and she was a quick learner. It paid alright and she had begun a little side business of fixing up old junk cars and turning a pretty penny. In the last two years Delilah’s life had become somewhat mediocre, but she liked it. She had moved up from a one-room apartment to a nice little house on a pretty street.

 She was twenty-years-old but every time she looked in the mirror she still looked eighteen. She never changed at all. Her home was painted white, it was about five hundred and forty square feet. She had pressure washed it, painted it white, spent some time working on a little white fence for the front and back yard. She dug out a pathway from the road sidewalk to her stairs and laid down a red, brick walk way.

 She planted flowers along it and in front of the little cement porch which she had covered with strong deck wood and added a wooden railing to. She hung a porch swing and added a rocking chair to finish that off. She planted a garden in the back yard in the spring, and now her tomatoes, onions, potatoes, peas and more were blooming. She even had a small part just for herbs.

She had a corner where she controlled a honeysuckle plant to grow along the fence. After redoing her kitchen cabinets and painting the walls yellow, after putting in French doors from her bedroom to lead outside, after adding a stone patio and patio furniture… after everything, it was still very empty. And after just two years, the only thing she had left to fix was her roof. She got out of bed, leaving the rescued dog with three legs sleeping in the bed. Magnus was a gentle soul, and he’d endured a lot, too much, in his short life.

 She had been more than happy to take him in and take care of him. He was a hound dog, about nine years old. He moved slowly, slept a lot. But he was loving and even after all the torture he’d endured he had still opened his heart and loved her.

 When she cried at night because she was lonely, because she missed her parents or her friends or mostly, because she missed the husband she had left, Magnus laid beside her in comfort. He never judged her, he never asked her why she left, he was just there for her.

 Delilah was in one of the never-ending circles of thought. Where Shane’s angry face flashed through her mind, the last time she saw him, again and again, still trying to explain why he was angry with her. She used to have spirit, she used to be a fighter and she always stood up for herself. Now she just wanted peace, and she had gotten it mostly. But this peace came with loneliness. It came with guilt and it came with a broken heart that kept beating with pain.

 She didn’t want to, but she missed Shane. She would fantasize nearly every night about him coming and finding her. Day after day though, he never came. Why would he? She left him, not the other way around. If she wanted to be in his arms again she would have to return. And she would have to pray to God that he would take her back.

 She looked at the clock, saw it was a few hours before she had to go to work. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep. It seemed like she was getting less and less every night. Delilah splashed cold water on her face, looked around the bathroom. She had redone it in stone, added some spa effects to the bathtub. Even after all the money she spent remodeling her home herself, she still had more than enough to sustain her.

 She had some faithful and very rich buyers for her cars. They liked her work, and since she mainly restored old cars they paid well for her spot-on rebuilding. She researched the parts and made sure that they were all from the same year and each car was built accurately.

 She sighed, walked through the house. It was going to be yet another long, slow, mediocre day.


Delilah hadn’t revealed much about her past to her coworkers at the garage. She didn’t really talk to them much unless they asked her a question and they weren’t ones to pry. She was the only woman working as a mechanic here, so that often set her apart from the others, but she didn’t mind. She was perfectly content to work and listen to them talk about their normal lives. Sometimes they would complain about their wives or children. Or girlfriends and ex-girlfriends. Sometimes they would tell dirty jokes. She would just work and listen mostly.

 She was welding today, as usual listening to their conversations. As she finished up she looked up and saw John. She turned off the flame and flipped her mask back.

John was nineteen, had been working here since he was sixteen. He had short, dark red hair, deep blue eyes. Somewhere in her mind she registered he was a handsome boy, but she didn’t find any attraction to him, or anyone else for that matter. There was only one man she was ever going to want.

She knew John had a crush on her, had known for at least eight months now. But he had never made a move so she figured she didn’t have anything to worry about.

“Hey Delilah.” He murmured. “Um, if you’re not seeing anyone, I was wondering if maybe you would, um, want to go out sometime?”

“Oh.” She whispered. “Well the thing is-“

“Delilah.” A voice cut in.

Her head whipped around and she smiled at the face. “Larson, it’s good to see you.” She was thankful for the old friend and the interruption. She walked over to him and hugged him.

“Who is this?” John asked.

Larson looked him up and down. “I’m family.” He said shortly. ”Who are you?”

“He’s my coworker.” Delilah explained. “John. John this is my…” Stepson probably wasn’t the easiest thing to explain right now. “Cousin Larson. I didn’t know you were coming into town.”

“I wanted to surprise you. I have to say, this is the last place I expected to find you.” He leaned in close. “I need to talk to you about Shane.” He whispered.

Delilah swallowed, then nodded. “I’ll tell Tommy, my boss, I need the day off.”

“Delilah, what about us?” John asked. “You didn’t answer my question.”

She looked at Larson for help. He just crossed his arms. “You should probably answer him.”

Good old Larson. She looked at John, took her hands in his. “Look John, you’re an amazing guy. But my heart already belongs to someone else. I’m sorry.” She breathed.

She let his hands fall and walked away to find Tommy.


Larson looked around as Delilah walked him to her front porch. “Nice place.” He complimented.

“Thanks. I’ve done a lot of work on it.” Delilah murmured. She unlocked the door and walked inside, Larson following. “Can I get you anything to drink?”

“You know I’m not here for a social visit, Delilah.”

“You’re still my son.” She murmured. “I’m still your mother.”

“The real question is if you’re still Shane’s wife. Do you realize what you’ve done by leaving? We all saw what happened to Charles when his innocence left him. Did you really think it wouldn’t happen to Shane? We beasts can’t live without our innocence. We’ll turn into real monsters.”

“What’s happened?” Delilah breathed.

“Shane won’t talk to anyone. Not even Alexander. He’s grown colder and colder over the past two years. It’s starting to look like he doesn’t even have a conscious. A cop came to the school, you know how they’re always nosing into it. Shane lost it. He beat the guy then had him thrown into a locked room. He’s planning to have him executed. He’s lost his damn mind.”

Delilah stared hard at the ground.

“He has been talking to Charles. We thought he was just trying to interrogate him, like usual. But I eavesdropped on them talking. He’s planning to help Charles escape the prison. I think when he lost you he could sympathize with his pain and Charles has been manipulating him all this time. He has him convinced they’re allies. But I know the first thing he’s going to do is try to kill Shane.

Whether or not you want to you have to go back. It’s your responsibility to go back.”

“That’s not fair.” Delilah whispered. “I was dragged into this. Shane dragged me into this.”

“You know he couldn’t help it. He waited over a thousand years for you. Doesn’t that mean anything?”

Delilah didn’t know what would happen if she went back. She might make things better, or much worse. But she already knew she had to try. She sighed, nodded. “Okay, take me back to him.”

He took her hand. Delilah’s heart beat fast as she opened her eyes to the school. “He’s in here.” Larson said and led her to a room. She walked in first, and the door slammed behind her. She heard it lock, gasped.

“Sorry Delilah.” Larson called. “This is just the way it has to be.” 

© Copyright 2020 Cherie Arlavine . All rights reserved.


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