Nick and Zac: Your Typical "Big Brother's Best Friend And Little Sister" Story

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Three years ago she was a fourteen-year-old tomboy. And he was an eighteen-year-old senior who looked at her like a little sister. And she always thought of him as a buddy or big brother.
But then he had to go to college, in Europe. And three slow years passed by, and now he's back. Nicholas comes back expecting to see his best friend and the little tomboy he left.
Zac was looking forward to seeing her old buddy. The one she used to wrestle and play football with. But Nicholas returns, and things are just not the same.
Nicholas is twenty-one, and he's built, tan, and cultured.
Zac is seventeen and she's curvy and sexy. Not flat chested and sporty.
And neither of them seem to like the changes.
Zac and Nicholas end up fighting then sharing old memories. Just because neither of them are so good at accepting change.
Josh, Zac's older brother, is trying to figure what the hell is wrong. He and Nick went right back to old times.
But Reece, Josh's other friend, has a theory about why Zac and Nick are either really polite or fighting.
And Josh doesn't like his theory at all.
(Dedicated to all of my fans and readers.)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nick and Zac: Your Typical

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



(A/N: I told myself not to do this. I wrote this story but I refused to let myself publish it because it was so typical and I have so much on my plate.

But when I look back on it and read, I find that Zac and Nicholas' story is a little bit different. And anyway, people sometimes like typical.

I love this story because it always makes me laugh, and I hope if nothing else, it makes you laugh too.

So I finally did it. I'm publishing it.

I'd like to point out right away that I am intentionally making these chapters short, that is the way i want to write this and that this story is still currently in progress.

I will update as often as I can but I am not making any promises.

I really hope you enjoy this, and please comment.

It is much appreciated, and to all my fans for my stories: "Captured Innocence", "A Fast Gun Named Jesse", "Fantasy Breach", "White Tent", "Jared Mackenzie".

This story is dedicated to all of you, to all your happiness, heartbreaks, hard work, unnappreciated deeds, love, hate, strength and weakness.

This is for you and I hope you know how much it means to me when you support me.

And I do appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you.)


“I just don’t get it. They’re either really formal with each other or they’re mean and nasty. Why can’t they just get along? I’m tired to being stuck in the middle. Nicholas is one of my best friends and suddenly my little sister hates him and he hates her. Why is that?”

Reece laughed. “Too easy. He’s your best friend, she’s your little sister, and they’ve got the hots for each other. She’s thinking, ‘Hey, this is Nick, my buddy, my friend. What the hell am I thinking?’
While he’s thinking, ‘Holy shit. Suddenly there’s this hot girl in front of me. Three years ago she was just a kid. But wait a minute, this is Zac, Josh’s little sister. Off limits. I can’t hit on her.’”

“Wait a minute. No, they hate each other. That can’t be it.” Josh argued.

“Dude, I’m telling you. Zac and Nick have got the sparks flying and since they feel like it’s not supposed to be, they’re taking it out on each other. But the thing is, eventually they’re going to go at it and end up banging the shit out of each other.”

“No way. Not going to happen. I think you’ve got it all wrong.”

“Watch. I’ve seen this before. It’ll happen.”

As Josh walked into the kitchen with Reece, he stopped, looked at the current situation. Nicholas was sitting, leaning back in a dining table chair, while I sat at the island sipping some chocolate milk, looking as uncomfortable as I felt. “I don’t see it, Reece. I think you’re wrong.” he said.

“If you want to make a bet I’m all up for it. I can always go for an extra twenty.” Reece said, smiling slyly.

“Make it fifty, I’m right about this.” Josh replied.

“Fine, but no interfering.”

“Please Reece, you don’t think enough of me.” He said innocently.

“Yeah, I’m going to start staying the night.”


I didn’t bother asking. They made so many bets over stupid things that I was sure I wouldn’t care. They made a bet over what color shirt I was going to wear once. They seemed to have a bit of a gambling problem.

“You ready to go?” Josh asked Nicholas.

He nodded, stood up. “Yeah.” He turned to me. “Bye Zac.” he muttered.

I slid off the stool, making a popping sound with my mouth, not sure what to do, just standing there tensely. Should I hug him? He was coming back in a few hours. Nicholas ran a hand through his hair, then held it out. We exchanged one, quick shake, then dropped our hands.

“Bye.” I mumbled.

“I am so going to win this bet.” Reece said, as the three of them walked out of the house.

I sighed, fidgeted. Ever since Nicholas came back from collage, I just didn’t know what to do. As soon as I saw him I knew something was different. It seemed like he sensed it too. So instead of going back to being buddies like we were when I was fourteen and he was eighteen, we were these two strangers who knew each other very well.

I sighed, wishing we could just go back to the old days. Sometimes we managed, but it never lasted too long and we ended up awkward or fighting. I mean, suddenly he was twenty-one years old, with this amazing body and these muscled arms I just wanted him to wrap around me. A muscled stomach with a six pack that just begged me to touch.

I wondered what had happened to my good friend, Nicholas, and I could bet he was wondering the same thing about me.

© Copyright 2017 Cherie Arlavine . All rights reserved.


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