Nick and Zac: Your Typical "Big Brother's Best Friend And Little Sister" Story

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Center

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What was her problem? How could she have changed so much? How was it she could drive that anger deep in his stomach and gut and make it come out as lust? Why did he want to throw her against a wall and ravage her? This was Zac, not some woman he’d met at a bar or on the street. Even if he could stand her for more than thirty seconds, even if he did throw her against the wall and do as he pleased, he couldn’t. He shouldn’t. Zac was his best friend’s little sister, and that was just crossing a line.

 But when he thought of her, of who she was before and who she was now, he didn’t see fourteen-year-old Zac and seventeen-year-old Zac as the same person. She looked like that girl he used to know, but she was so different. Why the hell did she have to grow up? Why did he want her so damn badly? She drove him crazy.

“Hey, you okay?” Reece asked.

“No.” Nicholas sighed. “I’m not fucking okay. She’s making me insane.”

“You’ve got it bad, Nick. You want to pound her and hard. Can’t say I blame you.” He leaned against the doorframe. “She’s really not that bad, you’re the only one who fights with her.”

“Because she wasn’t supposed to be like this! She was supposed to be that tomboy I left three years ago to go to collage. Dammit, she was supposed to stop growing up and wait for me to get back.”

Reece laughed. “You really loved her then didn’t you?”

“Yeah. She was the little sister I never had. She and Josh were family, were my buddies. She was this little kid who I used to love to tote around, had fun with. We’d wrestle, play football, baseball, would ride dirt bikes and four wheelers.”

“She still likes to do all of that stuff. She just dresses up more. And has some awesome knockers and a body like an angel.”

“Yes, thank you, Reece.”

“She is still Zac, you just haven’t given her a chance to show that because you’re too obsessed with the changes. So she has more of a dirty mouth, honestly she had a bad vocabulary at fourteen too.

She used to cuss all the time, around me anyway. She just didn’t cuss around Josh because he’d always nagged her about it. He told her she had to wait until she was sixteen to cuss. He’s never nagged her about it since her sixteenth birthday. You’re just mad at yourself because you wanna bang a girl you once considered as a little sister.”

“It’s sick.” Nicholas muttered. “It’s so wrong.”


“It’s not. She’s not your little sister, dude. She’s a woman now. She’s still got some growing to do obviously, but a woman. No one blames you for wanting what every guy in town wants.”

“Every guy in town?” Nicholas asked. “How am I supposed to compete with that? Hell, what am I saying? Even if I did try something with her, she’s Josh’s little sister. You know the rule, you don’t fuck with your best friend’s little sister.”

“No, you don’t fuck with your best friend’s Mom. There’s exceptions to the rule with the sister. Josh trusts you, he might not like it at first, but he’s also a cool older brother and he hates fighting with Zac because he loves her so damn much.

And hates it when she’s mad at him. Did you see that look she gave him? If she’d asked him to slit your throat he probably would have done it. If she told him you were hurting her and asked him to make it stop, Josh would do it. He’d gut you before she suffered.”

“Good to know.” Nick muttered.

“Hey, don’t get me wrong, he’d be sorry for it, he’d probably hesitate about it. He’d still do it though. But you know you’d do the same. So would I. Zac has that kind of pull on you. Once you’re in the family, you learn pretty damn fast that she’s the center. So my point is if she wants to be with you, and she tells him that, he might fuss about it for a little while but in the end he’s gonna roll over and make her happy.
Just like we would do if she dating some bastard we didn’t like.”

“And I’m the bastard.” Nicholas clarified.

“Hey, any guy who dates Zac is a bastard, especially to Josh.”

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