White Tent

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 5 (v.1) - First Kiss

Submitted: July 28, 2010

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Submitted: July 28, 2010



Brie couldn't sleep. She was still deciding whether or not she was going to school Monday. She decided a shower would help her think.

She pulled off her shirt then heard tapping on the window. She looked over and saw Will. He was sitting on her roof, and grinning. She gasped and quickly pulled her shirt back over her head.

She went over to the window and opened it. "Will, what are you doing?"

"I thought this might be romantic." he replied. He slid inside quietly then closed the window. "What do you think?" he whispered.

"It would be romantic if I liked you." Brie replied. "Go home Will."

"Actually, I thought we would go swimming. My parents aren't home and I've set up my pool. Get your swimsuit, come on."

"Will, no. I want to go to bed." Brie replied.

"You've been pacing since I climbed up here. I won't bite, Brie." he paused. "Well I might. But I guess that depends on how far things go." He smiled.

"I don't sneak out." she replied.

"C'mon, my wife has to have a little bit of adventure in her."

"Here we go again. You need therapy."

"C'mon, let's go swimming."

"No! Go home Will."

He took her arms and pulled her to him. He lifted her chin and kissed her. He smiled down at her. "I told you I'm willing to change."

She smacked him. "Get out of my room."

He bit his lip. Then he kneeled to the ground. "Brie, I want you to fall in love with me. And I vow not to leave this room until you come with me. Please, just give me a chance. How much can you lose?"

She gasped. The pool was lit with tiki torches and an endless amount of cream white candles. The bottom of the pool was lit with a dim blue light. Will smiled and looped his arm through hers then led her to the deck. "There's wine, soda, water, and plenty of snacks and fruits."

"No whipped cream?" she murmured.

"Of course." he replied and reached under the bamboo counter and pulled out three bottles of whipped cream. "What's a date without whipped cream?"

She rolled her eyes but was smiling. "Not much of a date I guess."

He smiled back, his eyes twinkled. "You didn't deny it was a date."

She sighed. "I guess I didn't. I'm not really hungry."

"Would you like to sit?" he asked and gestured to some chairs that were made of matching bamboo.

She shrugged. "Sure, that sounds great. My feet are killing me from walking earlier."

She sat down and leaned back and closed her eyes. She sighed at the lovely heat the candles gave off.

Will sighed too, appreciative of her lovely appearance and in hopes that his plan tonight would help him claim Brie as his own. He sat down next to her. "So do you want to be a lawyer then?" he asked.

She smiled. "You're the one with all the answers, Will. Why don't you tell me?"

"You prefer human behavioral studies though."

"Yes." she murmured. "I find the reactions of humans very interesting."

"Why?" he asked, leaning forward.

She shrugged. "I don't know quite frankly. Like if I do this," she slowly stretched out a long leg and ran her bare foot over his naked leg. She slowly rubbed it up and down until she heard his breath catch. She smiled and opened her eyes. "It intrigues me to see what your reaction is. Do you think I'm a tease, a seducer? Your face says it all though." she sighed.

She closed her eyes again and returned her leg to her own chair. "The chemicals in your body are telling you that you desire sex. Am I wrong?"

He swallowed. "Not exactly."

"I didn't think so." she sighed. "But I wasn't always good at deciding what people feel at a certain moment. I was horrible at it actually. I suppose not knowing made me want to find out. As you can see, I'm much better at it now."

She hadn't opened her eyes, hadn't even peeked as far as he could tell. But she knew.

"Like right now. You're moving in to kiss me. And I'm warning you now, it's a bad idea." she whispered.

He moved over her in the chair, pressed his lips against her neck. "Why?" he murmured.

"I'm not stupid Will. I know why you brought me here."

He stroked a hand softly down her cheek. "And here I thought I knew everything."

"Please don't kiss me." she begged in a breathless voice.

He stroked her hair. "Why not? Why don't you want me to kiss you?"

She opened her eyes. "Because I might do something stupid if you do."

"How stupid are we talking?" he murmured. "Because I don't want you to do anything you'll regret."

She smiled. "The hell you don't."

He took a deep breath then grinned a sexy half smile. Then he leaned down and kissed her.

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