White Tent

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Best Interest for Brie

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Submitted: August 07, 2010



Brie nodded and watched her mother stand then follow her father out of the room. She sat down on the bed in silence and listened for the third voice. She figured it was probably a divorce lawyer. The thought made her sad.

"Mr. and Mrs. Michaels, I need to speak with you about a very important matter. These are for you Mrs. Michaels." Brie gasped and stood up from the bed. She still remembered her father’s orders, so she was quiet as she crept toward the stairwell.

She peeked into the foyer and saw Will hand her mother a bouquet of roses. "I brought these for Brie." he said and held out the white lilies, Brie’s favorite flower.

"I’ll put these in some vases." her mother said, then left the room.

"Sit down, Will." her father invited and gestured to a chair.

"Thank you, Mr. Michaels." Will said then sat as her father did.

"I was surprised you didn’t want Brie to be in the room when we discussed this."

"I’ll explain that. Besides, I thought she would be in school today. I wanted to talk to the two of you about an important issue."

Her mother reentered then. "Would you like a drink Will?"

"No thank you." he replied and waited for her to sit uncomfortably next to her father.

"I came to talk about Brie." he began. "Because talking to Brie directly is quite difficult. It’s about marriage. I know Brie is young, but please hear me out."

Her father nodded. "Go on."

"I realize Brie is going to Harvard, and I would never want her to miss that. But I am also going to a collage, and I need a wife to join me. After collage I’ll be focusing on my career and I won’t have time to search for a wife."

"And why is it that you want to marry Brie?" her mother asked, crossing her legs.

"As her parents, I’m sure you both realize what a wonderful woman she’s grown up to be. She would be the perfect wife for support me in my career."

"Do you love her?" her father asked.

Will sighed. "It’s not about love between us, Mr. Michaels. It’s about comfort. Brie is a smart and vibrant young lady and I can support her and take very good care of her financially, as she deserves."

"But money is only half of what my daughter needs. Brie needs to be financially and emotionally stable. Brie is our child, Will. We’re not going to force her to marry or even try to persuade her to marry unless she has both financial and emotional comfort.

And as you said, she is still young and I’m sure my wife agrees when I say that waiting a few years for her to marry anyone would be a better and wise decision."

"I do agree on that. But Brie is her own woman. She’ll make her own choice in the end." her mother added.

Will sighed. "That’s the problem. Brie doesn’t see clearly what she needs. She may make the wrong choice."

"Who is to say you’re the right choice?" her dad asked, glaring at Will now. "She’s our baby and no man is or will ever be good enough for her. But the man that tries his best to be is the kind of guy I want to be married to my daughter."

Her mother smiled. "I couldn’t have said it better myself. Mr. Michaels is right about everything. We understand that you can offer our daughter financial comfort but I’m afraid she just needs more than that. And it’s not our decision to make. You’re young Will, and I respect that you’ll want to be focused on your career, but you do have four years of collage to make a more...thought out decision."

"Mrs. Michaels, I’ve spent the entire year thinking about this. I’ve only just recently let Brie know. Brie is perfect for the kind of woman I want to marry."

Her father leaned forward. "Mr. Harris, I have to ask you. Just what exactly are your intentions with my daughter? She’s not a woman who will be used as some sort of trophy wife. She’s a person, Will Harris. Not a toy."

Will sat up straight. "Yes, I know very well that she is a person-"

"Then start acting like it." her mother cut in. "If you want Brie to marry you then talk to her instead of going behind her back and coming to us. We’re not going to force our daughter to marry and you’ve just presented yourself with another problem by betraying her trust like this. Not only do you have to convince Brie that you’re a good husband, but Mr. Michaels and I will also be waiting for convincing."

"Please, Mr. and Mrs. Michaels-"

"We’ve heard enough." he father snapped. "I’ll show you the door." He stood up and Will stood up too, a shocked look on his face.

Brie herself was astonished. She’d never seen her parents be so rude to someone. And it had been awhile since they had agreed on anything. Her father let will out then slammed the door in his face when he turned to say something else.

Brie went back to the bedroom where she and her mother had been packing...and she laughed.

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