forever? and always

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Sky moves in with Mason and his mum
will sky resist falling for him?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - forever? and always

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



Chapter 1


Skylers point of veiw


"Bye honey take care!" mum says hugging me

"ill miss you alot mum" i smile

"ill take care of your daughter well dont worry" auntie cassy smiles.

cassy isent my auntie i just call her that... thats how close me and her and my mum are ive known her since i was 4.

"bye!" i shout waving at the taxi.

my mums off to join my dad in canada.

for 2 fricken years -.-

"cmon lets go in you remember mason right?" auntie smiles guiding me into the house by placing her hand on my back

"um not really..."

I havent seen auntie since i was 6 ever since she moved to washington.

"well you two were insperable when you guys where young! oh i cant wait for you guys to meet again" auntie says excited

I walk inside and auntie takes me to my room.

"masons sleeping at his friends so i dont think you will see him today.. get some rest and unpack tomorrow im sure you tired right? you start schoolin 2 days by the way!" auntie shouts walking out of the room

dammit school.

I lay on my bed and look at the ceiling.

my eyes eventually shut and then i realise im sleeping..


2 Days later


"WAKE UP SKYLER!" auntie shouts pushing me off the bed

i sigh and rub my eyes

"auntie you can call me sky if you like" i smile

"yeah ok sure sky... school starts in 30 mins so get ready!" she says walking out

its been 2 days and i havent got a glimpse of mason at all yet,

I get ready and run downstairs

"sky schools only 4 minutes away from the house so u can walk right?" auntie asks

"yeah sure auntie" i say putting my shoes on at the doorway

"HAVE FUN!" she shouts as i shut the door.

yeah right..

i walk to school and i see nobody?


The gates are closed..

i bite my lip not knowing what to do

"what you staring at the school for" i hear sombody ask

i turn around and.... wow.........

he has jet black hair and eyes.

he casually stands there hands in pockets.

"I uhh the school uhh the gates are closed" i say

"right ok have fun trying to get in" he says walking away to the.... WALL?

"wait!" i shout

he turns around and raises an eyebrow

"what!" he shouts

i gulp

"can you uhh help me get in?" i sigh

he rolls his eyes and gets on his hands and knees

"go on my back and climb on the other side" he says

"what uhhh"

"fine dont then-"

"OK OK!"i say running up to him

i carefully step on his back and climb over the wall

"thanks!" i say as i jump off

he rolls his eyes and walks off

"jerk" i whisper

i walk into school and make my way to the reception

"heres your timetable" the lady at the office says

"thanks" i say

I walk to the maths block and god damn im lucky the teacher isent in yet

I sit in a blank seat and sigh

Then that guy with black hair walks in


"everyone! we have a new student here! her names Skyler!" the teacher shouts looking around the room

she sees me and smiles

"ahh there she is" she smiles


I shrink in my chair everyone staring at me


(after school)


I walk home and walk through the front door

"how was schools sky?" auntie asks

"ok.. i guess" i sigh

she smiles and gets her bag

"im going to work ok? i work from the afternoon till 12:00pm so dont wait up" she says walkiing out

"i flop onto the couch and flip the tv on"

then i hear the front door open

i turn my head around and i see somone coming in

that must be mason.

I stand up to get a better veiw of him

Black hair... black eyes..

"OMG" i shout

He looks at me and goes in shock

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" he shouts

"uhh i uhhh live here...."i say looking down at the floor

"GET OUT!!!!" he shouts grabbing my arm

Then auntie walks in

"sorry sky i forgot my phon-"

"ahh you guys have finally met" she smiles looking at me and mason

"wait huh?"mason asks

"skylers moving in with us. I told you my friends daughters going to live with us remember mason?" she says

"uhh no?" mason says letting go Of me



"Im moving out if she lvies here" he confesses


"Oh well i was thinking of buying you a new car but i guess sincce your moving out theres no point" auntie says smirking

Mason thinks for a while

"Ok fine but if she does anything weird or stupid im kicking her out." Mason says storming up to his bedroom


auntie gets her phone and smiles at me before she leaves for work

Oh damn...

I walk upstairs going as quietly as i can.

I dont want to bump into Mason hes scary as fuck and to think i stepped on his back today 0.0

I walk up the stairs then on the last step i trip

"SHIT!"i shout holding my foot my hand flies up to cover my mouth and i sigh

Mason comes out of his bedroom and sighs

He walks straight past me and walks downstairs.

i sigh in relief and smile

I get up to walk into my bedroom

then i hear somwon run into the house

I turn around and i see a guy with dirty blonde hair giving Mason a bear hug

"MASSOON!" he smiles

Mason peels him off and laughs

He sees me and smiles

"now whos this?" he asks

"shes some person whos staying here for a while" Mason sighs

he walks upstairs and stands infront of me

"im Jake Masons friend" he smiles

"sky" I smile back

Mason sits on the couch and plays on his Xbox

"WOOO MASON!" jake shouts cheering for him running downstairs.

I laugh and walk into my room

i got like 2 peices of homework today and i cant be asked to get detention


i love my life -.-







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