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One o' those, eh?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Cravings.

Submitted: December 19, 2008

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Submitted: December 19, 2008



I have a sudden craving, nowadays, to just hug someone who's closest to me. Sometimes I'll walk into the living room and then hug Daniel around the shoulders. Sure, he peels my arms off, but then since he's so loud, Marhae comes out, then I start hugging her. I used to see her as that grey-green eyes brunette who , I guess, was close to being my sister. But if that were true, then the thoughts I always have of her, the dreams- I guess this is incestuous. I have so many memories of her...Five years ago, when they had taken me in...Their parents were so nice, and everything seemed perfect.I know, cause usually, right after that, things go very, very wrong. Five years ago..

Daniel, who was sixteen at the time, when Marhae and I were ten and eleven (I was eleven, I mean) , always needed something to occupy time. I guess he didn't really mind tending to our antics. Marhae and I would pretend we were warriors, traversing the beach, or the pier, or that grove of trees at the bottom of our hill, which upon sat our fortress-like house. Marhae used a broom, which had the cleaning bristles burnt off (I'll tell you later) and I used an old curtain holding plastic pipe. I remember she bested me, sending me under the pier's waters, getting my shirt caught on a fisher's hook. And now , five years later, we don't dare go swimming, ever since their parents drowned there. Our sparring games ceased soon after, too. I don't know which I miss more- playing with Marhae and Danny, or the people I called momma and dad when I was growing up. Kind of. And then I hit puberty, and it all went uphill from there.

So today, I was fishing, when my floppy green fishing hat flings away and flies into the sea , sinking slowly, never to be seen again! I swear,I have a point! I had just caught a bass, wondering why it was in salt water, and the wind had blown my hair this way and that, now my face was covered in brown hair. Grah, No wonder she bugs me to trim it. But as I was turning,my bucket of a bass fishy and fishing rod in the other hand, I didn't really mind that my hat was gone- not. But there was no way in Hell that I even dare go after it, not after what Marhae told me the other day. She said she heard mom screaming, saw her face under the water, and when she tried to reach in and grab her out, this supposed 'mom' sank her claws into my lovely Marhae's little wrist. She was bleeding. There were claw marks.. and she had run all the way home, which was a 2 mile trek for us walking people. It's nobody's hat , now, anyway..

Oh, right, as I was saying- I was just about to walk on home when I heard this singing in the distance.. It filled me with this delicious emotion, much like the emotion I feel for Marhae whenever I feel the drive to protect her, when I wrap my arms around her and she doesn't protest...I walked slowly toward the singing, when it hit me. Marhae was probably home alone by now. Oh! Shiny green fin flipping off in the distance! I make an oath , today, to capture that fish, to make something for Marhae. Dowry..? Heh, the thought makes me burst with energy. And that same delicious happiness...On the walk home, I had been drunk with that emotion, it just made me so, so very..something. I lack the adjectives for such an emotion. But when I got home, she wasn't home. Out getting groceries, as the fridge note said. I checked the oven for food, and there was a note by Daniel of an evil smiley-face laughing . And then an idea to ask her out popped into my mind, and I couldn't help but run to my room and jump up and down like an idiot right now. So our date, a few nights later-oh right, as usual, I'm bursting with confidence- I'm already planning it out mentally..We'll meet at that fountain in the town square, then we'll picnic at one of the nearby parks, go tree climbing, then, if the night suits the mood, we'll make out on the beach. Or even at the park.

That is if she accepts.

That is, if she lets me ask her in the first place.I have so many memories with and of her, but not enough that are so special that I hold them dearest to me..

But maybe that's what makes them so important to me.

Sure , if they had been memories with Daniel, they wouldn't be as important since Daniel's of the same...species as I am. I don't know, I can't explain it, but come on! Marhae seems to be so much higher than me cause she's a ..well, you know! To anyone looking at her, they'd think there was something wrong with her, cause the school uniform gives her no justice whatsoever! It's too loose, and ugh! She should've gotten a small, and that would give her something to talk about! Yes, I know, it's stupid, but isn't it natural for a guy to think of a species like her in all of that false beauty? Something to amplify it would be nice, but she's perfect the way she is. All her little perks, broom breaking, all of those memories created out of sheer boredom, and how I could press my forehead against that wall for hours, thinking of ways I could protect her. I want to protect her with all my strength in some way, some way that is altogether .. Who knows. I want to protect her with some sort of reason. Like her guardian. Personal body guard. Boyfriend, husband, you name it. I just want to protect her, so I don't lose her. To protect her.

And not with some silly old curtain pipe.

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